The Real Pump N Dumps of New York City

The Real Pump N Dumps of New York CityDark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club have joined forces for their very own take on reality entertainment with “The Real Pump N Dumps of New York City.” It’s their fourth collection of raw encounters from RawFuckClub.Com, packed with the usual ensemble of cum-thirsty bottoms and seed-busting tops. This particular feature has four different condomless catch-up scenes featuring NYC men in pump-n-dump fantasies.

Obviously the appeal here is the amateur-esque bareback action – not that it’s shot anything but professionally, but clearly a lot of the attraction for bareback consumers is this raw (pardon the pun) quality to the kind of set-ups that are filmed. The last thing you want to see on a bareback title is high-gloss production – it devoids the taboo feel that condomless gay cinema evokes.

Granted, the idea that these are anonymous catch-ups is a bit bizarre when you consider the film stars the likes of bareback superstars Andre Barclay, Owen Hawk, and Dominik Rider – but they’re great performers, so I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints.

Highlights include Hawk’s one-on-one with Ty in scene two and the finale gangbang with the likes of Barclay and Marco Cruise. Overall, it’s a very well-shot entry in the firmly established bareback film canon, packed with good talent and some boner-inducing raw action.

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