The Return of Ashton Michaels

Ashton Michaels says that when he was in ninth grade, a friend showed him a picture of her older sister, porn star Jenna Presley, and it gave him the idea that if she could make a living using her body, then he could too. When Ashton turned 18, it didn’t take long for him to head for the gay porn world.


The young twink‘s love of fun and his highly sexual nature made gay porn a natural choice. We’re talking about a guy who, by his own admission, was always so flamboyant that there was really no need for him to come out to anyone. Unlike some other guys who have been in gay porn, there was never any question that he’s really into men.


Tasty Ashton only has a small number of movies to his name, but he’s bottomed for some of twink porn’s hottest tops. For the first year of his career he appeared exclusively in Helix Studios movies, two of our favorites being Ex-Boyfriends (you get to see him take on several different guys in three scenes, including a threeway) and Jail Bait Fucking (Michael Lee fucks him in this one).

For all of 2011 there were no new movies with any Ashton scenes. (After all, he’s in school and porn is kind of his side gig. Do you think it would be weird, hot, or just too awkward to be in a class with a porn star?) Then, in 2012, Alexander Pictures gave the young hottie his own starring vehicle, Ashton Michaels’ Porn Dream. In it, he and Angel Cruz play around, suck, and eventually fuck as they watch the other scenes that play throughout – it’s kind of like a movie within a movie. Not only is it an Ashton fan’s dream, but it’s also perfect for Latin and Brazilian aficionados. Ashton proves that he is still the embodiment of an ideal for a lot of porn fans. He’s now in his twenties, but he still has that twink appeal.


One day, Ashton says, he would love to bulk up and work with muscular men like the ones that Falcon Studios is known for, and we think he’s showing signs that he could be a twunk soon. Regardless of whether he turns into a jock one day or not, Ashton is a fine young piece of ass and we hope the fact that he’s finally in a new movie means that we’ll be seeing even more of him.

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