The Silence of the Twinks

The Silence of the TwinksYou’ve got to give Raw and Staxus 10 points first of all for the creative license used to come up with the premise of this film. “Silence of the Twinks” simply has to be one of the most hilarious titles of a porn in some time. Luckily, it has plenty of action to back up the leasing of a landmark film’s premise.

Of course, there’s no cannibalism in the film, but you can expect it to reach extremes in other ways. First off, the parody is also a bareback feature, and the Hannibal in this film still has an insatiable hunger – it’s just for eating hot twink dick and ass rather than simply human flesh.

There are plenty of options on Hannibal’s smorgasbord in this film too; all of them of fine Euro-produced quality. There are hot blonds, some nice big dicks and some beautiful foreskins that the Europeans have in good supply.

Twink fans will undoubtedly recognize Czech star Denis Reed. The bisexual and versatile beauty is back in true form here after some performances with bigger studios. It’s great to see him return to his Euro roots – so to speak – and continue to see his star on the rise.

The threeway in scene two is a major standout, if only to see a hot blond twink get spitroasted and sandwiched between two other gorgeous, smooth hotties.

The two brunette-on-blonde duos in scene four and five shouldn’t be missed either. We love a bit of contrasting twink action.

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