The Woods

The WoodsThe Woods is a supernatural erotic mystery in the forest from award-winning director Tony Dimarco. An unexplained force is filling campers in California’s iconic redwood forests with sexual urges. These “victims” commit stunning acts of hardcore gay sex!

At night by the campfire, Ben Bach and best friend Parker Wright attract the attention of this mystical energy. With their possessed dicks pulsing, Ben and Parker fully enjoy stripping and exploring each other’s hot bodies. Parker gets a slow, deep face-fucking from Ben and then spreads wide to take Ben’s cock up his hole. Later Parker shares the incredible feeling with Ben by pinning him down and invading his ass. Ben, being the dominant one, throws Parker off to finish him with a second go at his tight hole. They cum together before the mysterious force abducts Parker.

The fog beckons camper Alex Graham out of the tent he shares with bearish Chris Tyler. Chris calls Alex back and is pleasantly surprised when Alex dives under the sheets to orally engulf his cock. When Alex wants to be sucked, Chris is happy to oblige with his lips, tongue, and hand. Alex slides his butt down on Chris’s pole and relentless fucking ensues. When Alex rolls off and they flip-flop, your jaw will drop as you watch how fast and fluidly Chris’s hips can move! Grabbing his own balls, Chris fucks back against Alex until the two of them spew copious loads.

Zeb Atlas takes cute Jimmy Fanz fishing in the woods. Even though their angling is leading nowhere, that doesn’t mean the trip is wasted. Jimmy has a big crush on his fishing companion, and when he goes to shower before they leave, he jerks off to daydreams of Zeb under the warm spray of water. When Jimmy sees the real and very hard Zeb step in the shower, he can’t believe his luck. Jimmy feels up Zeb’s muscles and kneels before him to stroke, tease, suck, and deep-throat him. Zeb answers Jimmy’s oral favors and makes his dreams come true by spearing his hungry hole from behind and below.

The supernatural force strikes again, this time on forest rangers Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye. Seeing the bulge in Tom’s pants, Cal frees it and makes it grow. Cal savors all the sensory details as he sucks and strokes Tom’s dick. Tom seizes Cal by the belt, shoves him up against their truck, and pulls down his pants and boxers to get at Cal’s engorged package, which he lavishes with oral attention. On the tailgate, Cal gets a rimjob and an ass-pounding from Tom. Cal takes it standing and lying down, and the spray of spunk he unleashes says it all. Then he catches Tom’s load in his mouth.

Forest ranger Trenton Ducati is exhausted from investigating the stream of missing person reports and calls about other strange happenings in the woods. He awakens from a deep sleep to find naked, smooth-bodied, muscular stranger Tomas Brand standing by his bed. Tomas makes Trenton levitate. When the ranger lands, he’s possessed by the same sexual need that has been influencing all the rest. But looking at Tomas, it’s clear Trenton would want that mouth, that body, that dick anyway. Trenton curls up with his knees up at his shoulders to give the stranger a perfect shot at his hungry asshole, and Tomas takes advantage of it by rimming, sucking, and fucking the ranger.

Is it all a dream? Who would have thought anal probing would be quite like this? After pounding yourself silly to The Woods, just wait till you see what’s coming in the sequel!

Stars:   Cal Skye   Ben Bach   Jimmy Fanz   Trenton Ducati   Alex Graham   Parker Wright   Tomas Brand   Zeb Atlas   Tom Wolfe   Chris Tyler
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Outdoors   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   127 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Series:   The Woods
Director:   Tony DiMarco

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