Tiger Tyson, Thugporn King

For thug porn pioneer Tiger Tyson, it’s all about the good life, including plenty of sex with other hot men.


Tiger was born on May 20, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York, making him a Taurus-Gemini cusp. You can see that dual nature in the things that he likes to do with his time, like hanging out with family, cooking gourmet meals, fishing, dancing, and driving fast cars. He’s Black and Latino (Puerto Rican), also called Blatino, giving him exotic good looks.


At age 18, Tiger was a stripper in a Manhattan gay club called the Web. That was when he met a gay porn performer who helped him make it into the adult industry. While he was filming his first scene, Tiger was supposed to be the bottom, but instead, he ended up topping the guy who was going to top him! From the beginning it was clear that Tiger would be a force of nature.


As a newcomer to the business, Tiger’s style was more romantic and affectionate than it is now, including a bit of kissing. Over time, Tiger developed a more aggressive style that commanded the respect of his bottoms. He co-founded Pitbull Productions in 2003, becoming a king of the thug porn genre, which suited his dominant style. It has clearly gone over well, as he’s always been one of Pitbull’s most popular stars. In 2008, Tiger became the first Blatino performer to be inducted into the GayVN Porn Hall Of Fame.


When he isn’t performing and showing off that big dick and the muscles he spends hours toning and honing at the gym, Tiger is standing up for safe sex education, AIDS research and gay rights. On and off the set he has always made a strong impression.


Watch any of Tiger’s fuck flicks and you’ll see that he’s a master in effect. The Take ‘Em Down series is a great place to start enjoying his fuck style, as is The Best of Thugporn 2 (which includes his famous jailhouse screw with T Malone). If you’re looking for a sampler of his hottest moments, then don’t miss Tiger Tyson’s Greatest Hits.

With Pitbull’s release of Tiger Tyson’s Lost Basement Tapes, you can now see previously unreleased footage of Tiger’s first scenes when he was still a teenager! It’s full of interracial amateur goodness.

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