Top Picks for Halloween Weekend!

TwinklightTwinklight (1R Media)

Even in death love has to prevail, no matter what the cost… It’s an epic journey through love and death. The Twilight saga brought us the concept of sparkly bloodsuckers, but they could use a little sexing up. Thanks to director Afton Nills for creating an erotic, stylish, must-see gay porn interpretation full of hot guys, gorgeous sex scenes, and genuinely funny dialogue that you’ll enjoy whether you’re a Twilight fan or not.

Stars:   Krys Perez Darin Rad Matthews Skyler Bleu Levon Meeks Preston Andrews Jayden Ellis J.T. Wreck Brice Carson Aidan Chase Dustin Revees Ethan Storm

Categories: New Release Feature Twink Anal Safe Sex Parody High Definition

Bat Dude and Throbin: the Sexx CapadersBat Dude and Throbin: the Sexx Capaders (Pleasure Productions)

Stay tuned to the same bat time and the same bat channel for some of the hottest Batdude sex you’ve ever seen. To the batdude cave, Throbin! Let’s go! Follow this caped sex-capader duo as they free the world of its nasty sex criminals that rule our desires. Packed with handsome heroes and irresistible villains, “Batdude and Throbin” is a burning release from InHand video…of course. Haven’t you always wanted to see what really goes on beneath those costumes? Now you can!

Stars:   Ryan Edwards Danny Bliss Kevin Young Frank Strong Eric Digiorgio Mark Sage

Categories: Feature Classic Pre-Condom Parody

A Nightmare On Twink StreetA Nightmare On Twink Street (

In the early 1900s, a gay man named Freddy lived with his male lover near Elm Street in the American Southwest. After finding about this couple’s elopement, an unforgiving and radical community captured and punished Freddy’s lover. Freddy was able to set him free but was hung in the woods after being captured himself. Years after his death, the innocent townspeople experienced terrifying nightmares involving a man who takes his sexually driven revenge on his innocent and often virginal victims. Now, Dean Holland and his friends, Jordan Ashton, Nathan Stratus, Roxy Red, and Ashton Cody, are being haunted by the ghost of Freddy in their dreams. When each one begins to experience intense sexual nightmares that continue to increase violently, Dean and his friends realize they must find a way to stop the psychopath’s reign of terror – or never sleep safe again.

Stars:   Ryan Conners Patrick Kennedy Roxy Red Ashton Cody Dean Holland Nathan Stratus Jordan Ashton

Categories: New Release Feature Twink Bareback Anal Parody High Definition

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