Top Picks for the Weekend 06/16/11

Street BoyStreet Boy (Eurocreme)

Jordan Sins is a young man who’s been living on the streets. A gang of other street kids decide to give him a roof over his head, but the price of shelter is the exploitation of his cock! Hey, if he likes to fuck anyway, where’s the harm in a little rent boy action? This new release from Eurocreme is part of the ever sexy Dreamboy series and stars some of the most gorgeous twinks to be seen in European porn.

Stars:   Jordan Sins Trojan Rock Alex Stevens Lex Blond Sam Barclay Jonny Ryder Dante Knight Caleb Moreton Leo Marco Babriel Meneghin

Categories: New Release Euro Feature International Twink Anal Uncut Safe Sex

Kaden’s Recruits 3 (Active Duty) Kaden's Recruits 3

In this third installment of another hot military series from Active Duty, gorgeous Kaden Saylor has become more comfortable in his leadership role. He takes a returning recruit named Bastian across the line, first with oral and then fucking him. Then once Bastian is about to get his chance to take sweet Evan’s cherry, Kaden pulls rank and does it himself! Greedy Kaden, but who can blame him? Seniority does have many privileges, not the least of which is taking all the choice pieces of ass for yourself.

Stars:   Evan Bastian Lex Kaden Saylor

Categories: Amateur New Release Muscles Anal Safe Sex

Thugporn HazingThugporn Hazing (Pitbull Productions)

Trapboyy leads the thugs who want to join this tough frat house through an initiation they won’t forget, and he grants no quarter! He will leave them sticky, deeply dicked, and officially hazed. Everyone knows this is the toughest initiation on campus and only the bravest young thugs are willing to take their chances with Trapboyy. They have all passed the SAT, but can they pass the Trap test? If they want to be fratboy thugs, then they’ve got to pay their dues up front.

Stars:   X-Man Trap Boyy Intrique Skinny Pimp P.B. Mister Buck Train Wreck

Categories: Amateur Black New Release Fratboys Anal Thug Safe Sex

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