Top Picks for the Weekend 08/04/11

Scenes From The VIP Room 2Scenes From The VIP Room 2 (Lavender Lounge Studios)

The VIP Room is obviously the place to be, and in this instance we think it must stand for Very Important Penis, or perhaps Visually Immense Penis in a few cases! You can enjoy five exciting solo scenes with a variety of exotically sexy amateur performers in this brand new release from Lavender Lounge. If you like a little bit (or maybe a lot) of controversy with your erections, then don’t miss the cum-on-a-Bible segment that you can see pictured on the box cover to the left!

Stars:   Ricky Ricardo   Jacob Slader   Charles   Matthew White   Garick Olsen
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Masturbation   Cumshot

Bareback Orgy Sluts (Staxus Collection)Bareback Orgy Sluts

For this collection of horny sluts, no amount of cocks can ever be enough. This unforgettable cascade of multi-partnered action will have you reaching for the rewind button (and the tissues) time and time again.

Stars:   Chris Clark   John Paul   Jimmy Clark   Martin Corvin   Julien Breeze   Robin Few   Phillipe Delvaux   Marco Bill   Marcel Bimore   Zack Hood   Zac Powers   Joe Parkes   Lukas Leung   Elden Cain   Chris Vipurs   Dean Grant   Alan Craft   Jesse Shaw   Eric Harper   Jacob Bishop   Milos Zambu   Rico Armin   Teddy Green   Neil Cross   Bram Hester   Jesse Shawn   Angel Jones   Even Kelly   Joe Dawson   Kenny Reid   Thomas Perry   Johan Volny   Patrik Dorsy   Richard Said   Ondrej Sokol   Mark Lopez   Tim Tailor   Kamil Fox   Alex Stevens
Categories: New Release   Euro   Orgies   International   Twink   Bareback   Anal   Compilation

Strawberry Cherry PopStrawberry Cherry Pop (MaverickMan22 Productions)

This is the latest addition to MaverickMan22’s most popular video line, the Virgin Cherry Pop series. Hunter and Cole decided to call Bo ”Strawberry Cherry Farm Boy” because he’s a cherry boy fresh off a farm in New England and he has a shock of thick reddish blond hair. This sexy boy is as sweet and virginal as they get. Bo was so excited the first time he emailed the Maverick Men that he sent a short stroke video to make sure they liked him. He’s a happy guy who’s willing to please. Bo loves tall, masculine guys in their 30s and 40s with hairy chests and big cocks — he came to the right place!

Stars:   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men   Bo
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Anal   Twink   Outdoors   Threeway

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