Top Picks: May 3-5, 2013

Straight As They CumStraight As They Cum

Any hole’s a goal for these horny straight lads and nobody sucks a cock like a gay boy. There’s nothing as exciting as a hot, tight boy-hole, as these straight studs are about to find out.

Running Time:   99 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:
Director:   Jonno
Stars:   Hayden Kane   Nathan Price   Will Helm   Paddy O’Brian   Tony Axel   Malik Tn   Stefan Stewart   Yohann Banks   Luke Rivera   Dave Duke   Alan X.   Mike Douglas
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Str8 Bait   Safe Sex   High Definition


Fuck Your Friends 11Fuck Your Friends 11

Friends don’t let friends go un-fucked. Brady Jensen and Tyler Ford prove to be perfect matches for each other, as do Guy Jones and Logan Scott. Cameron Foster can’t remember how he ended up in bed with Riley Price, so Riley reminds him with an extended fuck session. Darius Soli and Dylan Roberts start the action even before the cameras are rolling, while Ethan Rock delivers a high-flying cumload in a bonus extra solo scene.

Running Time:   113 minutes
Released:   03/2012
Studio Name:   Cocksure Men
Series:   Fuck Your Friends
Director:   Jake Cruise
Stars:   Tyler Ford   Brady Jensen   Cameron Foster   Riley Price   Guy Jones   Dylan McLovin   Logan Scott   Ethan Rock   Darius Soli
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex


Hard At WorkHard At Work

Hard-working guys all bursting with energy need to let off steam sometimes. They can always fit a fuck in their schedules.

Running Time:   80 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Cazzo Film
Director:   Jörg Andreas
Stars:   Aybars   Leo Helios   Felix Barca   Harley Everett   Lutz Phoenix   Sergi Serrano   Marco Jovovic   Aaron Mark   Edward Fox   Breno Lopes   Ashton Sorrensen
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar

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