Trapped in the Game

Trapped in the GameYou can usually rely on Lucas Entertainment to provide style along with substance – and “Trapped in the Game” is another slick example of this. It’s Euro muscle at its best in an almost biographical journey for the feature’s star.

Furry beauty Jonathan Agassi has moved to Berlin and this release is a bit of an insight into his new adventures. It features four scenes, each with its own gorgeous looking hunks steaming up the lens – and Agassi certainly seems to be getting up to all the same mischief with the relocation.

How could you top a welcoming gift like porn star Adam Killian? Actually, Agassi seems to have no trouble topping him. After Adam wrestles Jonathan to the bed and feeds him some armpit, it’s not long before those finely tuned physiques are on full display and Jonathan is sucking on Adam’s cock. This evolves until Jonathan is feasting on Adam’s muscle butt.

Jonathan then fucks the muscle jock good before Adam flips him over and dives in his ass too. Then it’s all one until the buff beauties explode all over each other like a welcome cheers.

Agassi fans like me will definitely want a look at the threeway between him, Rob Nelson, and Giuseppe Pardi in scene three. The fuck train they form is well and truly steam-powered and is not to be missed.

Blond boy lovers shouldn’t miss the hot one-on-one between Aaron Mark and Carsten Anderson in scene two either. There’s some real chemistry there and some throat fucking that’ll have you gagging for more.

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