Twinks and Hot Daddies

Twinks and Hot DaddiesAh, the spring-winter coupling. Since Ancient Greece the older man, young protege model has been a fixture of much fascination. These days we have less of a romantic way of describing these encounters – the ol’ Daddy adage usually just applies. But it hasn’t made it any less sexy.

Guy Hunter is the latest studio to bring the Twink and DILF together for some hot man-on-boy lovin’ in “Twinks and Hot Daddies.” These hot daddies are just dying to get their hands on some tight-bodied twinks and the twinky boys, in turn, are well and truly hungry for some daddy dick.

The Europeans always seem to get these intergenerational matches right, and that’s certainly the case with the Euro ensemble in this film. From one-on-ones to threeways of all ages, the cast let loose on camera throughout.

There are, of course, some particular scenes that should get your attention first. The opening muscle daddy on young jock is definitely worthy of first look-in. The bedroom rim, suck and fuck is a great way to ease yourself into the formula.

Without a doubt though, the threeway (two twinks on one DILF) combination in scene three should not be missed under any circumstances. There’s so much flesh on screen, it’s hard to decide where to look.

This is a great effort all up from the lesser-known studio and a real joy for lovers of the older/younger pairing.

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