Twinks Vs Older Men 14

Twinks Vs Older Men 14The spectacle of intergenerational sex has never been more attractive to porn fans, judging by the explosion of new movies with this theme. Twinks Vs. Older Men 14 is the latest release from a series that has proven to be one of the best in the DILF/twink niche.

Yet again, here we have athletic, slender-bodied, utterly gorgeous twinks getting nasty with men who are old enough to be their dads. Sure, we’ve seen daddy/twink porn lots of times – because it never stops being hot!

If you’ve enjoyed the other volumes of the series, then you’re going to get off on this one as well. It’s full of ball-draining bareback fucking, starring young studs with uncut cocks and the DILFs who lust for them. This is how they do it in Europe, or so the movies lead us to believe, and it makes us want to book a sex-filled vacation. If you can’t do that, then at least you can live vicariously through these fun-loving professional fuckers.

Stars:   Zvezdan   Nayden   Stas   Dobry   Maxim   Akim
Categories: Euro   Mature   International   Twink   Anal   Uncut   DILF
Running Time:   67 minutes
Released:   05/2011
Studio Name:   SBS Productions
Series:   Twinks Vs Older Men
Director:   Karl Rawenberg

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