TwinkulaTwinkula is a perfect Halloween porno that’s available exclusively on the AEBN VOD theatres.

“Count Twinkula” is on the prowl for twinks. He loves their nubile bodies, the way their cocks spring to life so quickly and constantly, and the taste of their creamy loads. How much teenage spunk will the Count drain before the cops track him down and stake him?

While exploring an old house, three young guys so turned on that they want to explore each other instead. Smooth-bodied blond Brad Fitt is the first to get naked, but the equally silky-smooth Zac Todd and Marco Will aren’t far behind in their haste to get naked and have a threeway. Brad is a slut who loves being as full of cock as possible, and he enjoys a bareback cowboy-style ride before getting spit-roasted. After a fulfilling fuck, Marco and Zac leave Brad’s face dripping with spooge.

When Tristan Balboa and Kevin Atoah stop to piss in the woods, the sight of each other’s impressive dicks gives them an idea. They almost can’t get to the hostel fast enough before getting naked and working each other over. An unusual, spookily beautiful use of lighting adds to the atmosphere as Kevin fingers Tristan’s tight hole and fucks him raw, making him blow a big load on himself. Kevin accessorizes Tristan’s creamy paint job nicely with even more cum on Tristan’s face. It’s too bad this will be Tristan’s final fuck, thanks to a thirsty vampire.

Crime scene investigator Rudy Valentino is on the case, but the sexual advances of Will Jones distract him. Will is determined to have a taste of the goodies hidden inside Rudy’s snug trousers. Rudy’s cock has Will drooling even before he’s got it in his mouth. The young hotties sixty-nine each other before Will takes a ride on Rudy’s huge shaft like the slut he is. It’s really hot, but so is looking on as vampire voyeur Timmy Tyler spies on them. Getting off on somebody who’s getting off on watching others is an enormous turn-on. Rudy gives Will a cream pie, which is the cherry on top of this exquisite scene.

It’s Rudy’s turn to spy on Timmy when the vamp fucks Roger Lee. Timmy gives the CSI a good show as he dominates Roger, sucking and fingering him before bending him over a crate and pounding his ass stupid. Roger seems to be in a trance, but whether that’s some kind of vampiric mind control or just the power of a good hard fuck is anybody’s guess. Either way, Roger’s moans and gasps indicate he’s having a great time, even when Timmy follows his cumshot by taking a piss all over his dazed fuck toy.

Rudy knows he must be the one to stake the vampire. He uses his considerable sex appeal to get into Timmy’s pants and they’re quickly slobbing each other’s big knobs. Rudy, normally a top, even lets Timmy fuck him. That’s how badly he wants to slay this bloodsucker. Soon they’re flip-flopping, clearly wanting a taste of each other in every way. After all, Timmy has seen Rudy’s gorgeous cock and you can’t blame him for wanting to ride it. Soon he’s cumming… and cumming… and that’s when Rudy has the chance to take out the vamp, if he’s not too distracted by orgasmic bliss.

Twinkula is an exclusive on the AEBN VOD network!

Stars:   Timmy Tyler   Roger Lee   Marco Will   Rudy Valentino   Will Jones   Brad Fitt   Zac Todd   Kevin Atoah   Tristan Balboa
Categories: New Release   Euro   International   Twink   Bareback   Anal   Uncut   High Definition
Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Staxus
Director:   John Smith

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