Urine Fist Fest

Urine Fist FestMichael Lucas is a man of extremes – whether it be budget or subject matter in regards to his films. But this is certainly one of the more fetish-laden features we’ve seen from the porn master behind Lucas Entertainment.

“Urine Fist Fest” is filled with horny Euro boys at their true filthiest. We’re talking extreme penetration, pissing, the works. Lucas himself even makes an appearance in the kinky film, dispensing his golden fury all over young Brice Farmer.

One of the biggest surprises is fan favorite Peto Coast making an appearance in the movie. Usually a star in porn of the condomless type, it’s great to see him in a mainstream feature – albeit a particularly dirty one – to suit his extreme pleasures.

In scene three, he’s coupled with hot muscled Aaron Mark, who is incredibly piss thirsty – a thirst Peto seems only too willing to appease. When the golden shower fun is over, Peto fucks Aaron with his famous monster cock as the two splash and fuck in what can only be described as watersports heaven.

Fisting fans shouldn’t go past scenes two and four, for all their stretching needs. The couples in those scenes are just as wired for kinky fun as their piss-loving counterparts.

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