Featured star: versatile, stunning Tayte Hanson

tayte hanson, big dick, gay, pornA self-described “Remarkably queer photo artist,” Tayte Hanson is more than your average porn stud. He regularly posts photos to his website and Instagram, and has his own YouTube channel. When he’s not fucking or taking photos, you can often find him in the gym—on duty as a personal trainer or doing his own workout—or working on his writing. Originally, Tayte moved to New York City from his native New Mexico to pursue a dance career.

Tayte began doing porn in 2013, performing exclusively for Cockyboys. His long hair helped him stand out visually from the pack, but he already set himself apart with his sensual fucking style. One of his first performances was the title role in Answered Prayers: The Actor. As he struggles to find work in his chosen profession, Tayte finds himself embroiled in the affairs of an ancient, otherworldly, warring family. He becomes a sexual plaything who may or may not fall prey to a nefarious plot.

Tasty Tayte, released in 2014, is one of the best showcases of this gorgeous man’s earlier scenes. Watch him scorch the sheets and your screen with Gabriel Clark, Brandon Jones, and Dillon Rossi.

More recently, Tayte got a haircut and some ink, but he retains an almost angelic beauty. Now, of course, he’s a bit of an edgier, darker angel—when we saw him in One Erection: Nailed Him with Jason Maddox, we couldn’t help wanting to see him in some black leather.

Tayte has also done scenes for Men, including some torrid sex with Diego Sans in The Book.

It’s a testament to his skills and natural gifts that Tayte is a viewer favorite with men and women. (His own porn viewing habits often include straight porn, though he dates and has sex with men “99.9% of the time,” as he told Manhunt Daily.) Tayte is happy to have their support and says he doesn’t think gender should dictate what people like. This thoughtful nature, as well as his sweetness, sensuality, and physical beauty, are all good reasons that his fans are so attracted to him.

We’ve got all of Tayte’s hottest movies for you in our VOD theater.

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