Wall Street

Wall Street

How can you knock back watching a porno that was voted winner of GayVN for “Best Cumshot?” Well, you can’t. There’s plenty that’s attractive about a title such as Michael Lucas’ “Wall Street,” starting with the cover of the title which makes it look like a gay “Mad Men” – where can one sign up for that corporate advertising firm?

Controversial performer, producer, and director Lucas has been rather quiet recently, so seeing this release was a welcome surprise. Despite coming out last year, it’s back on the radar because of the obvious parallels to the Hollywood sequel currently at the box office.

It was apparently Lucas’ 100th title, and he’s gone with his usual flair for streamlined porn extravagance. All the men are slick – as is the corporate attire – and it’s destined to be a favorite for porn consumers that love seeing a guy in a suit get it on with another man. This business-themed porn isn’t new, but it certainly hasn’t been capitalized on as much as many other fetishes, so shirt-and-tie lovers are in for a treat with this one.

Scene four with Ethan Storm and Arpad Miklos is a definite highlight. Miklos always seems to be paired with guys that look like they’ll be crushed under the weight of his superior muscle, but it makes for some very hot sex. Twink fans are going to love seeing Storm – he seems to be a much desired addition and the feel that this is some hot, older boss taking advantage of his young assistant amps the dynamic.

Storm starts off being bent over a desk in the office where Miklos munches on his perfect twink hole – that ass is so hot. He moves on to sucking Ethan’s cock and balls then gets the young spunk to swallow his own uncut tool. Ethan gets on his back after giving him enough oral pleasure and Arpad hammers that hole. After being thoroughly stretched, Ethan climbs on top and rides Miklos’ dick until finally he blows all over himself. By far the best scene in a film that’s trademark Lucas all over.

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