We love sexy daddy David Anthony

david anthony, cock ring, titan, big dick, muscles, gayThe combination of mature masculinity, ruggedly handsome features, and a stunning body are already enough to make David Anthony one of the hottest Titan men… well, honestly, one of the hottest men, period. But he’s got a lot more going on than that, and all of us are lucky for it.

David’s cut, mouth-watering cock stands a throbbing nine inches when fully hard. He knows just how to wield it, too, as his many awesome topping performances will prove.

Already in his forties by the time he started doing porn, David immediately reminded viewers of the vintage blue movie studs of the 1970s and early 1980s, a much seedier time. Those of us who only know it from movies romanticize it; those who were there can relive all the best parts through their fantasies.

After appearing on the cover of Men magazine, David became an exclusive Titan model. His movies for the studio are some of his finest work.

David and ebony stud Race Cooper double-stuff hot jock Kyle Quinn for an utterly sizzling threeway in Special Reserve. Like top-shelf liquor, men like these are some of life’s greatest pleasures.

The men of Jury Duty bring new meaning to the term “hung jury” in an obscenity trial that only serves to arouse the sequestered men. What is obscenity, anyway? Debating that question leads to many carnal clashes. Finally the entire room full of frustrated men works out their tensions by worshipping David’s huge, thick slab of fuck meat. Later, David fucks his way through several of his fellow cast members.

Watch David dominate muscular Shay Michaels in Full Fetish: The Men of Recon. It’s a sultry scene full of hardcore kinky acts like sounding and pissing. David’s aggressive ass pounding results in huge loads for everyone involved, including you as you watch it.

Outside of his Titan movies, David’s performance in Joe Gage Sex Files 15: Weekend In Phenix City from Dragon Media is also one of the hottest things he’s ever done. How many other black-and-white orgies have you seen? The style is no gimmick—it doesn’t need one with hot men who fuck so well.

David has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and worked in the Czech Republic for years. When he’s not fucking men’s brains out on camera out in Porn Valley, David spends time on his farm in eastern Pennsylvania. Mmm, just imagine him working the fields, his muscles glowing in the hot sun!

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