Wet Breeders

Wet BreedersYou get everything you need out of a pissing fetish movie from Dick Wadd’s hot new release, Wet Breeders.

Seven guys drink up, making sure there’s plenty of fuel in the tank (so to speak) when it’s time to take a piss. For these studs, there’s no better way to piss than by sharing it with each other. It gets them horny, the kinky buggers!

Once they’re all hard and ready to go, the seven spunk-cannons are put to excellent use in a raw fucking free-for-all. It’s an all-day orgy of extremely wet, sloppy proportions. If you like filthy fetish action, this is your jam.

These skinheads and other assorted pigs must be superheroes, judging by their stamina. They leave the place slick with sweat, golden juice, and man-milk, and thoroughly satisfied.

That’s what you’ll be, too… well, at least the satisfied part. If you’re a messy wanker, then be sure to have a towel ready.

Running Time:   134 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Dick Wadd
Director:   Dick Wadd
Stars:   Matt Sizemore   Mason Garet   Chad Brock   Hogan Wade   Parker   Jason Cox   Kamrun Assher
Categories: Fetish   GangBang   New Release   Pissing   Bareback   Anal   Pigs   Skinhead

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