What Goes Around…

What Goes Around...Falcon Studios is back doing what it does best, horny muscle boys. This time Tony DiMarco is in the director’s chair and he’s got an ensemble of young jocks and seasoned muscle veterans at his disposal in “What Goes Around…”.

This film is set in San Francisco and sort of centers around the concept of boyfriends who may or may not be willing to stray beyond the nest – OK they are, but let’s keep up that mystery anyway, it’s hotter pretending you don’t know.

So, these “monogamous” couples are being put to the test and the undercurrent of this feature full of couplings is there is only a certain degree of separation when couples stray within their own circles; thus the ‘what goes around…’ inevitably cums around.

Topher DiMaggio is a real asset for the film. He features prominently in the opening two scenes as a hot young top. Dayton O’Connor plays the part of his boyfriend and the pair get the film off to a steamy start.

Their anal action is so insanely hot. Topher pushes deep into Dayton doggy style, slamming his man’s hole and when Topher gets on his back Dayton rides his cock hard. When Dayton delivers a huge load all over his chest, Topher pulls out and sprays his boyfriend down too.

It’s not until the following day when his man takes off for work that Topher decides to go hunting and finds the deliciously inked Parker London – another willing bottom boy to fulfill this horny top’s insatiable hunger.

Jeremy Bilding – looking damn fine – also has some fun with Parker before getting his cock deep inside the gorgeous Angelo Marconi. But there’ll be a lot of you keen to see Falcon superstar Erik Rhodes slam Marconi in the film’s concluding chapter. They do really leave the best for last.

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