White Hot

Falcon Studios has crafted White Hot with an eye for setting the mood. Rather than throwing these eight studs into just any setting and letting them bone away on some generic sofa, Falcon has put the stars into scenes of glowing whites, cool water tones, and minimal visual clutter. The men really are as hot as the title suggests and the sets are a perfect showcase for some very hot fucking indeed.  It’s the perfect setting if you’re thinking “White Christmas”.

Cover model John Magnum is a gorgeous find for Falcon and he’s keen to get his mouth, hands, and anything else on the big dick of Brandon Lewis after finding him outside playing with himself through his briefs. John can’t resist helping out with a luscious blowjob that could only be better if it were to last longer. Brandon enjoys it but he wants a taste as well, so takes John inside to a staircase and spends a considerable amount of time enjoying John’s cock before turning him around and rimming him. Right there on the staircase, Brandon takes John for a ride on his hard-on in numerous positions – gives new meaning to that old Coil song “Anal Staircase.” They flip-fuck and it’s so good with John topping him that Brandon can’t resist spilling his load all over his abs in semi-missionary/semi-piledriver sort of position at the foot of the stairs. Then John stands over Brandon and adds his own load to the mix, which is just too hot for words.

Speaking of which, we then segue into a shot of shirtless Leo Giamani strolling out onto a balcony where he proceeds to fondle his chest and cock. You wouldn’t be able to resist yourself either, if you looked like that. In a transition worthy of an ’80s Obsession advert, it’s suddenly Dayton O’Connor who is feeling up his shirtless torso and trouser-covered crotch. Then they’re both there on the balcony and Dayton pulls out Leo’s dick to stroke and suck it. Leo sucks Dayton off too, but Dayton shows more enthusiasm for oral, taking Leo to bed and licking all over his buff partner’s cock, balls, and asshole. Soon Dayton climbs on top and fucks himself on Leo’s dick, but Leo later takes control, with Dayton on his back and jerking off while Leo thrusts. As in scene one, Dayton pops on his stomach and Leo adds his batter to the mix afterward.

Blake Montana and Gavin Waters swap oral attention in a large, luxurious bathtub. It’s Blake in command once it’s time to fuck, and his thick dick seems a challenge for Gavin but one that he handles with great pleasure. Closing out the film, the very masculine duo of Josh Griffin and Landon Conrad begin by making out with a lot of passion on the sofa. Josh savors Landon’s dick first, then gets a blowjob of his own before he takes Landon’s cock anally.

“White Hot” is an aptly titled release that will be a new favorite for anyone who likes their men to look like models and fuck like they’re on a first date with the man they’ve been waiting to do for years.

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