Aarin Asker, piggy power bottom supreme

aarin asker, pig, power bottom, fisting, bareback, porn, gay, boots, piss, hairyHot pig Aarin Asker’s furry hole is always asking for a breeding. Maybe that’s where he got the name?

Standing just 5’7″, Aarin is what we like to call fun size. He packs a lot of strength into that short but muscular frame. It comes in useful for the way he likes to get down on screen, which includes lots of power bottoming, bondage, pissing, and fisting scenes.

In Daddies and Piss Boys from Dick Wadd, Aarin’s fantasy of drinking the piss of several muscle men comes true with some glory hole action. As he’s sucking Lukas Cipriani’s cock, an even bigger dick emerges through a glory hole, and then another. Lukas and Aarin get drenched in golden piss and they gulp it all down. Shay Michaels shows up and pisses all over Nick Roberts’ boots, which Aarin is happy to lick clean. Once all the nasty, horny men have pissed till they’re empty, the fucking starts… but the good thing about the human bladder, if you’re a piss pig like Aarin, is that it can get full again pretty soon. Sitting in the piss tub, he’s the lucky recipient of piss from five cocks when the other men have to drain their bladders again.

Club Inferno’s Fist Pumpers shows off Aarin’s great appreciation for a man with good hands. J.R. Bronson gets Aarin’s hole ready with a dildo and plenty of lube before greasing up his gloved hand and making it disappear up Aarin’s ass.

Folsom Loading Zone is another jaw-dropping showcase for what Aarin can do, aarin asker, dick, hard, gay, porn, tattoo, bottom, pigbecause after an aggressive and downright relentless orgy with Derrick Hanson, Adam Avery, and Billy Warren he takes all their loads in his slutty hole!

Raw Road Trip from Skyn Men is Aarin’s latest, and it’s another big hit with his fans. He’s at an Orlando resort, just chilling in his room, when there’s a mixup with the front desk and Saxon West walks in, having been given the same room. Aarin and Saxon are happy to take advantage of the situation. Saxon wants to fuck that hot ass and Aarin wants to take it. Manager Nick Cross comes to the room looking to correct the mistake, and Aarin gets to enjoy another pounding and a load so big it gushes from his ass.

Aarin’s tattoos and beard give him an edgy look, but he appears to have a sweeter side as well. His perfect man would be a hyper-masculine, extremely filthy yet sweet Daddy. He describes himself as “a Midwestern boy born with a California soul.” Aarin is a Taurus with a passion for dancing (#shakinthecakes is a hashtag he’s known for on all his social media profiles) and live music.

We have plenty of hot, filthy Aarin Asker movies to make you wish you could be that Daddy for him!

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