Featured Star: Kyle Wyncrest

 Sexy young jock Kyle Wyncrest started performing in 2019 and immediately drew the attention of twunk fans. Standing 5’7”, this stud is fun-sized but always in control, confidently and powerfully topping men of various sizes.

Kyle has worked extensively with Chaosmen and Next Door Studios. Some of his most popular movies include “My Stepbrother Does Porn” with Zayn Bright (Next Door Taboo), “Serviced 2” with Sebastian Hunt (Chaosmen), and “Train Hard, Play Harder” with Justin Matthews (Next Door Studios).

“Edge 12” from Chaosmen is an exquisite session of edging with incredible oral and manual stimulation. After a long bout of teasing to the brink of madness, Kyle can’t wait another second to cum, and you can practically feel it in your own bones when he’s given the chance to unleash a massive load.

In 2022, Kyle’s scene with Dakota Payne and Zak Bishop in “Work Out My Dick” (Next Door Buddies) was nominated for GayVN’s Best Three-way Sex Scene award. (more…)

Movie Review: Macho Daddy Meat

Our featured movie, “Macho Daddy Meat” from Lucas Entertainment, overflows with testosterone and will have your mouth watering for some meat, too!

Portuguese hunk Sir Peter finds bearded stud Adam Killian soaping up his muscular body in the shower and decides to join him. Adam lathers up Sir Peter, who springs a huge erection that Adam eagerly sucks. These two hyper-masc studs enjoy some oral and rimming before diving into a hot flip-fuck that steams up the room even more.

Blond stud Apolo Adrii is a gorgeous model who can get any guy he wants, occasionally two or more at a time. This is just such an occasion, as hot Latino Roque Rems and tattooed military vet Sergeant Miles find his stunning nude body and erect cock just right for a threeway. In a hot scene with plenty of footplay and a bit of other light kink, Apolo and Roque take turns spit-roasting Miles and fucking his slutty ass one after the other. (more…)

Featured Star: Finn Harding

A gorgeous face and a firefighter’s physique make Finn Harding a real dreamboat, but it’s his lusty, powerful performances that have made him such a compelling star to watch.

Finn comes from Washington State. He started shooting porn for Men in 2021 and has worked extensively with the studio ever since. Early in his career he showed off incredible topping skills in movies like “Sexercise” (with bubble-butt power bottom extraordinaire Michael Boston) and “Nirvanal” (an interracial 3-way in which Felix Fox and Finn put the moves on their hot yoga instructor Adrian Hart).

On a rare occasion, Finn will also turn his talents to bottoming. One of his most popular scenes to date has been his flip-fucking adventure with str8 guy Malik Delgaty in “Top to Bottom 5.”

Turning to bisexual porn, Finn’s intense threesome with Pierce Paris and McKenzie Lee in “Bi Couple Fantasies” from Why Not Bi was a 2022 GayVN nominee in the Best Bi Sex Scene category. (more…)

Movie Review: A Virgin No More

Disruptive Films brings its signature blend of drama and sex with this week’s featured movie, “A Virgin No More.” Two scenes of hardcore porn with a plot are here to tease and satisfy you.

Carl (silver daddy Dale Savage) gets a call from a longtime friend, asking if his son Toby (Jack Bailey) can stay at his place with his best friend Will (Scott Finn). The thought of two cute 19-year-old twinks in his home brings a knowing smirk to Carl’s face. You can see the dirty thoughts forming in his mind as he tells his friend he’ll be happy to host them. When the boys arrive, Carl shows more interest in Will than in Toby. After Toby returns from showing Will the bedroom, Carl says he was hurt that Toby got his dad to call for him. Toby says he didn’t think Carl wanted to hear from him after “what happened last time.” Carl says Toby will always be family, which isn’t what Toby wants to hear, but never mind—Carl practically drools as he asks Toby if Will is a virgin like Toby was. Clearly upset, Toby confirms that he is, and agrees to convince Will to have a threeway. Toby doesn’t want to share Uncle Carl, but it’s the only way the older man will fuck him again. (more…)

Featured Star: Trenton Ducati

Our featured star is a bad boy, a real-life cowboy, and a bull rider (in more ways than one): Trenton Ducati, a versatile, multi-talented porn icon from Texas.

By taking his last name from a motorcycle, Trenton didn’t just let us know that he’s a biker; he told us that he’s quite a ride himself. He demonstrates this in every scene.

When Trenton decided to take a new direction in life, he chose porn. His good looks, ripped muscles, mouth-watering dick, and performance skills made him a natural, and getting paid for sex with other men was a dream come true. Right from the moment we first saw him onscreen in 2011, we could tell that a great career was in his future. His early scenes come from Titan, including “Incubus” (with Francois Sagat and Jimmy Durano) and a scorching orgy in “Surveillance.”

Soon, Trenton was performing for other major porn studios, including Falcon Studios (“Insatiable”), Lucas Entertainment (“The Power of Love”), and Raging Stallion Studios (“High Voltage”). (more…)

Movie Review: Brogan Bangs

The newly released “Brogan Bangs” from Sean Cody stars the bearded, blond hunk known as Brogan in four smashing scenes. This muscular star is easily recognizable not just by his good looks, but also by the dick piercing that enhances the fucking every time.

When Brogan gets together with gorgeous dark-haired stud Presley, they can’t wait to strip each other naked and Presley is eager to taste Brogan’s dick. Presley spends a long time lavishing oral attention on Brogan until he just can’t wait another second to mount him. After sliding himself down easily onto Brogan’s raging erection, Presley soon finds himself getting slammed raw. Presley moans and begs for more, even as his cum is splashing out onto Brogan’s torso. When Brogan is ready to pop, he pulls out and coats Presley’s ass with it.

Brogan walks into a room and finds fresh-faced, dark-haired cutie Clark Reid on the couch, fingering his own ass through a hole in his briefs—a hole that Clark ripped himself before Brogan arrived. (more…)

Featured Star: Oliver Hunt

With a charming combination of cuteness, physical beauty, and sex appeal, Oliver Hunt has won over many fans since he debuted in 2020. Although he’s fun-sized (5’7” and 130 pounds), Oliver’s dick is big and he’s a talented, versatile performer with power and stamina, with skills for both topping and bottoming.

Born in Venezuela, Oliver is now a UK citizen. When he began performing in 2020, one of his first scenes was the GayVN-nominated “Man in the Suit” from Himeros TV, co-starring Kayden Gray. It’s one of the hottest video calls you’ll ever see. Oliver’s work with this unique studio also includes the powerfully emotional “Sex When Jealous” with Diggory.

In 2021, Oliver joined the elite roster of Lucas Entertainment men, starring in scenes such as “Daddy’s Bitch Boys” and “Lucas Men in Heat” early in his career at the studio.

Lucas has made excellent use of Oliver’s versatility in such unforgettable movies as “Plowed, Pounded, Pummeled” – an 11-man orgy with Rico Marlon, Manuel Skye, Nico Zetta, Marco Antonio, Vlad Stark, Valentin Amour, Pol Prince, Dante Lauro, Michael Lucas, and Ricky Hard. (more…)