Mar 23

Featured star: Aussie top Woody Fox

woody fox, gay, porn, australia, big dick, model, musclesTrue to his name, Woody Fox is indeed quite foxy and he does sport some impressive wood. Woody’s a power top who has worked often with Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion Studios, and UK Naked Men among other major companies. He’s now a Falcon Exclusive model.

Originally from Australia, Woody grew up on a farm where he rode horses and tended crops. Now living in London, he works as a circus artist while he’s not filming porn. If you think that’s a little unusual, you’ll also be interested to know that he once had sex on top of a coffin. He loves guys with red hair, and in fact, his biggest sexual fantasy is a hot tub orgy with five ginger guys. Woody attributes his weakness for guys with cut cocks to his time working in America.

Woody’s early movies showed that he was already a proficient fucker well worth your loads. The way he pounds Shawn Wolfe’s eager holes in Impact from Raging Stallion Studios/Hard Friction is awe-inspiring. In Grindhouse from NakedSword Originals, he’s one of the hottest and horniest men deep within the seedy strip club scene of San Francisco.

See Woody in his home environment, London’s randy gay scene, in his gritty erotic movies for UK Naked Men. Dark Dreams. His scene with James Longhill is kinky and dirty, with plenty of ass eating. In his hot scene in the gangster-themed Fuck Loving Criminals, Woody fucks Chase Reynolds while hot French boy toy Fabio Lopez watches them on a video monitor and jerks his cock with feral desire.

One of Woody’s many must-see flicks is The Ten Spot from NakedSword Originals. He runs the Ten Spot, a legendary place in the Castro where men go to fuck. Woody charges guys ten bucks to use the apartment to fuck, which seems too cheap to be true. What they don’t know is that Woody is getting just as much out of it as they are, because he’s a voyeur.

Watch these and more Woody Fox movies streaming exclusively in high definition on all AEBN VOD theaters.

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Mar 22

Movie Review: “Quick, Fuck Me Raw,” Next Door Raw

quick fuck me raw, next door raw, gay, porn, gabriel cross, chris blades, scotty zee, ty thomas, markie more, christian bay, mickey junior, drake riley, barebackNext Door Raw’s stimulating bareback offerings continue with Quick, Fuck Me Raw, a collection of four scenes that will have you reaching for a towel.

Sweet-faced stud Gabriel Cross is browsing a hookup app, and as he’s texting with sexy Chris Blades he strokes his stiffening cock inside his shorts. Gabriel knows that this is his chance to fuck somebody hotter than his boyfriend. Chris comes right over. As soon as Gabriel answers the door, Chris pins him against the wall with urgent kisses. Gabriel drops to his knees, slurps that dick, and lets Chris skull fuck him. Chris gets Gabriel’s pucker wet with his tongue and then pushes his dick inside, grabbing Gabriel’s waist for leverage as he pounds harder and faster. They flip-flop and Gabriel fucks a big load right out of Chris. After Gabriel jizzes, he slides his cummy cock back into Chris’ hole. In the end, they plan to meet again after Gabriel dumps his boyfriend.

Going for a run gives Scotty Zee an excuse to cruise while staying in shape, and he’s especially interested in Ty Thomas, a blond stud he’s seen at the park. They get even more exercise after Scotty shoots Ty some meaningful looks and leads him back to his place. After entering the house without a word, Ty kisses and gropes Scotty up against a wall. Ty kneels and starts to suck Scotty’s hard cock. Then he spins Scotty around and eats his hole before whispering into Scotty’s ear that he’s going to fuck him raw. Ty plunges balls deep into Scotty, who pushes back against him. Eventually Scotty wants some of Ty’s ass and finds out that the stranger bottoms as well as he tops. When he’s just about ready to pop, Scotty decides that he wants to climax with Ty’s still hard, wet dick inside him. He rides Ty till he cums all over the floor, and then gets on all fours so Ty can blast his face with jizz. Scotty slurps up every drop of Ty’s seed and they make plans to “go running” again tomorrow.

Markie More encounters the boss’s son, Christian Bay, at the company gym. Usually he has the place to himself, but he tries to make conversation with Christian. The cocky college boy is used to getting what he wants, so when Markie turns down his offer of some “hard cardio” out of fear for his job, Christian’s seduction routine shifts easily into blackmail. Markie is sure that he can’t win, but he’s not going to go easy on Christian. Markie shoves Christian down and sticks his cock down the fratboy’s throat. Far from being intimidated or put off, Christian enjoys sex even more when it’s rough. He loves every moment as Markie eats his hole and pounds him raw up against the pull-up machine. Markie flips Christian into missionary position. After Christian cums on himself, Markie pulls out and jizzes on the outside of Christian’s hole. He uses his own cum to help him slide back into the boy’s hole for some more thrusts.

Mickey Junior has dozed off by the pool and is in for a world of hurt as soon as the sunburn hits him. Eager for an excuse to cop a feel, Drake Riley offers to rub some aloe on Mickey’s skin. Drake flips Mickey over to rub the backs of his legs and works his way higher up the thighs. Drake wants to grab each of Mickey’s butt cheeks and stick his tongue between them, and after a minute he can’t resist anymore. Mickey’s eyes fly open and he stares at Drake, who practically dares him to say “stop.” As Mickey hesitates in answering, Drake decides that this is a green light. He works his tongue into Mickey’s ass and makes him giddy with pleasure. Soon Mickey is all the way into it, kissing his way up and down Drake’s body and orally worshipping his cock. He begs for Drake to fuck him. In response, Drake bends Mickey over and thrusts into him raw. You can see Mickey’s never been stretched like this! Drake lets Mickey get used to it before picking up the pace. While Drake hammers his hole, Mickey jerks off onto his own chest. Drake pulls out and finishes by fucking Mickey’s mouth. He soothes the sunburn on Mickey’s face with his spunk.

Quick, Fuck Me Raw is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Gabriel Cross   Chris Blades   Mickey Junior   Ty Thomas   Drake Riley   Markie More   Scotty Zee   Christian Bay
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw 

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Mar 17

Get more of Euro stud Logan Moore

logan moore, gay, porn, dancer, model, nasty pig, musclesWith big blue eyes, a handsome face, and an eight-inch dick, featured star Logan Moore is just the kind of gorgeous man we always love to see in gay porn. He comes from the south of the Netherlands and was a professional dancer before beginning his adult industry career about three years ago, which certainly explains that muscular physique. He took the first name Logan from the X-Men character Wolverine and the last name Moore because you want to see more!

After Logan finally came out of the closet, he did so with a vengeance. His sex drive is powerful and it shows in all of his scenes for Lucas Entertainment, Men, Raging Stallion Studios, and more. We’re highlighting just a few here, but trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed no matter which one you watch.

logan moore, gay, porn, dutch, euro, dick, dancerWith an impressive range, Logan is just as stunning to watch whether he’s tapping a twink ass (Fucking Johannes Lars from Eurocreme) or flip-fucking (Lucas Entertainment’s first Raw Double Penetrations movie). But the move that might be most impressive out of all his performances to date still might be the double anal penetration orgy scene that he did with Dato Foland, Theo Ford, and Craig Daniel for Lucas Entertainment’s Raw Double Penetrations 2.

Whenever Logan has done a group sex scene, such as Brandon Wilde’s First Gangbang (Iconmale/Mile High Media), he totally loses himself in all that cock and ass. There’s no hesitation or shyness to be seen!

Most recently, we got to watch Logan pound Beau Reed’s bubble butt in Wrecked Holes from RawJOXXX/Alpha One Media.

Logan is naturally inclined to be submissive, and one of his favorite sexual quirks is giving blowjobs to straight dudes while they watch gay porn. That sounds really hot to us, too!

Get into these five Logan Moore movies… and more!

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Mar 16

Movie Review: “Hitting It Raw,” Lucas Entertainment

hitting it raw, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, bareback, dolf dietrich, ashton summers, jonah fontana, alexander volkov, dylan james, michael del ray, sergeant miles, rafael lordsLucas Entertainment’s Hitting It Raw is packed with exactly the kind of gorgeous men we all have come to expect from the studio’s gleaming, beautiful releases. It’s a Fire Island vacation that gets even hotter by night!

Ashton Summers and Jonah Fontana are up first in a scene that could give you carpal tunnel syndrome. Jonah can’t wait to stuff his long, fat cock inside Ashton’s tight asshole. As for Ashton, he takes one look at Jonah and is immediately thirsty. Ashton opens up for a deep, raw pounding and ends up covered in jizz!

Dolf Dietrich towers over Rafael Lords, and that size difference is just one of the visual appeals of their scene together. The fact that they’re both sexy as hell certainly won’t go unnoticed, either! Both Dolf and Rafael are into kink, and their energy together seems to have no limit. Even when he’s held up in mid-air, Rafael can take a deep pounding like a champ.

Sergeant Miles, always a popular star, has his own favorite stud that he can’t wait to fuck: Alexander Volkov. When Alexander hears that Sergeant has the hots for him, he’s all about it too. Alexander wants to be the top and Sergeant is eager to open his hole for the assertive stud!

Dylan James, a hot and beefy young Lucas exclusive model, is ready to find out if Michael DelRay has the goods to back up that cocky attitude that he seems to have. Michael’s dick is big and Dylan gets a nice long taste of it with his mouth, but what Dylan really wants is to breed that hot hole! Their chemistry is radiant, especially when Dylan pulls Michael in close while fucking him from behind. At the end, they swap cum and then swallow!

Hitting It Raw is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Dolf Dietrich   Ashton Summers   Jonah Fontana   Alexander Volkov   Dylan James   Michael Del Ray   Sergeant Miles   Rafael Lords
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

Mar 10

Featured star: British stud Gabriel Cross

gabriel cross, gay, porn, big dick, britishThat London accent only adds to this smooth, muscular, boyishly handsome stud’s sex appeal. This week’s featured star Gabriel Cross packs a whole lot of goodness in a 5’5″ container. He’s a versatile bottom whose athletic body looks fine as hell no matter if he’s giving or receiving.

Gabriel began shooting porn scenes for the BG East Wrestling website as a tasty twink in 2006, just a few here and there until beginning his career in earnest a few years later. His first movie is Well Suited from Freshsx, in which he and sexy young Fred Olivier are a pair of young professionals hooking up and stripping out of their suits.

In Scorched from Titan Media, Gabriel dozes off by the pool and wakes up to find his dream guy, Travis James, standing before him with a huge boner for him to suck and fuck.

gabriel cross, butt, ass, gay, porn, british, hot houseAt the gym in Towel Off from Hot House Entertainment, Gabriel and Bravo Delta are both feeling horny. When you’re surrounded by so many hot guys wearing towels or nothing at all, you just want to fuck right there in the locker room. Things get so hot and dirty between Gabriel and Delta that they need another shower after they’re done.

Falcon Studios’ Heated follows the shower sex theme with cum-tacular results as Gabriel and Dorian Ferro fuck in a bathroom. The sequel features Gabriel getting hot with Bruno Bernal in the kitchen.

Gabriel’s bareback action is a must see for those who love it raw. In Next Door Raw’s RAW Just Feels Right and Gotta Have Him Bareback, Gabriel is stunning in his skin-on-skin fuck scenes.

One of Gabriel’s latest movies is the hot and entertaining Men feature The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody. We like to see Gabriel demonstrate his acting skills as he works the sexual skills we’ve known him for all along.

When he’s not performing for the cameras, Gabriel Cross likes working that body in the gym and on the dance floor.

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