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Apr 21

Featured star: Ray Diesel

ray diesel, big black dickA name like Ray Diesel is a promise of power and masculinity. You don’t call yourself something like that if you aren’t prepared to back it up. As a matter of fact, gay porn star/gogo dancer Ray Diesel is as potent and manly as his name suggests, and then some. With a huge, curved cock, this strong Black stud is a top who will deliver the pounding that every hungry bottom needs.

Ray loves nothing more than fucking raw. Bareback Cum Pigs from the studio of the same name is one of Ray’s first movies on VOD. A half dozen men fill the screen with images of pure raw man power that will make you lose your load.

In Call of Buty 3: Going Commando from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club, four soldiers on their down time in the barracks are playing a game and having some drinks, which leads to a hard-driving gangbang with double anal penetration! Ray’s always a standout in gangbangs, also appearing in Raw Fuck Club’s Alex’s Birthday Gangbang. He and Alessio Romero ream and cream the greedy hole of super bottom Aarin Asker.

Renowned bareback porn studio Treasure Island Media cast Ray as one of the tops in Fill ‘Er Up, an awesome dick pig extravaganza for the ages.

Ray’s latest movie is Wrecked Holes from RawJOXXX/Alpha One Media. Watch him power-fuck Trey Turner!

We have all of Ray Diesel’s hottest movies available in our AEBN VOD theater. Be sure and check ’em out!


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Apr 20

Movie Review: “Bareback My Boyfriend,” Next Door Raw

bareback my boyfriend, next door raw, boyfriends, gay, porn, ty thomas, jake davis, markie more, dante martin, paul canon, damian black, dalton riley, gannon, threesome, threewayNext Door Raw brings us a quartet of cum-splashing scenes in Bareback My Boyfriend.

Ty Thomas surprises his boyfriend, Jake Davis, on his birthday. He calls up Markie More to come over and fuck the birthday boy. When Markie arrives, Ty is happy to see that he looks even better than his photos, and he wants to watch the birthday festivities. Jake gets home and is surprised, but excited to “open his present.” Markie leads Jake over to a chaise lounge and starts to fondle and kiss his body. He teases Jake’s throbbing cock before sinking his face down on it. Eventually Ty, watching from a nearby chair, asks Markie to eat Ty’s ass. He does it, licking that pucker till it’s wet and ready. Ty starts to stroke his boner as he watches Jake suck Markie and then take a deep breeding. Markie penetrates and pulls out, spanking Jake’s cheeks as he fucks the hell out of him. As Jake rides Markie and takes an ever harder and deeper bareback dicking, Ty masturbates more energetically. After Jake jizzes with Markie still fucking him, Markie cums on Jake’s ass and pushes his cummy cock back inside. Ty finally cums hard, his load flying high and getting all over his shirt. Markie is going to be back for more, of that we can be sure.

It’s the next day and already Ty is calling Markie to return. Normally Ty is a top, but he came so hard watching Markie fuck his boyfriend that he wants to know the feeling of that dick inside himself, too. When Markie pushes himself inside Ty’s tight hole and starts thrusting, Ty proves to be more versatile than even he thought he was. He can’t resist pushing his ass back against Markie, riding him hard. They flip later on and Markie is just as hungry at bottoming as Ty was. Markie’s load flies and then Ty pulls out, cumming on Markie’s back. Ty asks Markie never to tell Jake, but we’ll see how that goes.

After Dante Martin goes to work, his boyfriend, Paul Canon, invites Damian Black over to fuck. They’re going at it on the couch and Damian is just about to pop when Dante returns home unexpectedly, but instead of getting angry, Dante decides to join in. He takes a seat on the couch with them, cock out and in his hand. Paul sees that his boyfriend is into it and resumes riding Damian hard. Soon Dante doesn’t just want to watch—he joins the fun and feeds his cock to Paul, who is still taking Damian inside his ass. Later they switch positions, Dante fucking Paul and getting fucked by Damian in a sandwich position. After everyone unloads on Paul’s sweaty torso, they all agree to make a habit out of this threeway!

Cheating lover Dalton Riley finds his boyfriend, Gannon, packing his things and getting ready to walk out the door. Danton sweet-talks Gannon into staying for make-up sex. As things heat up, Gannon licks Dalton’s balls and his pucker. He pushes Dalton onto his shoulders and tongue-fucks his asshole to get him lubed up. But Dalton has other plans, because he wants to remind Gannon of what he’ll be missing if he leaves! Dalton rims Gannon’s ass and thrusts his cock inside. Plunging deeper, Dalton makes Gannon moan and groan in ecstasy. Gannon mounts Dalton and grinds his hips down while jacking off. When Dalton is getting closer to cumming, he flips Gannon over into missionary position and makes Gannon cum on himself. A moment later, Dalton pulls out and aims his seed for the outside of Gannon’s asshole. Then he pushes his wet cock back inside, just past the tip. The fighting lovers kiss and make up.

Bareback My Boyfriend is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ty Thomas   Jake Davis   Markie More   Damian Black   Dante Martin   Dalton Riley   Gannon   Paul Canon
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

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Apr 17

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Apr 13

Jimmy Durano, a power top with staying power

jimmy durano, gay, porn, big dickBrazilian born stud Jimmy Durano has the kind of thick, long, uncut cock that drives us all wild. Watching him push that fuck hammer into a hungry hole is always a huge turn-on, especially in his preferred doggy style position—he’s definitely a power top. Jimmy’s stunning body is a work of art whether he’s standing still or in action.

Back in 2010, Jimmy was one of two guys who introduced rodeo cowboy and reality TV star Steven Daigle to the porn industry. The scene that Jimmy, Steven, and Jeremy Bilding share in Chi Chi LaRue’s Steven Daigle XXXPosed from Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing remains a classic to this day.

In Pantyhos from Lucas Entertainment, Jimmy delves into some fetish action with adorable blond Aaron Blake. Aaron dons some pantyhose for Jimmy, who can’t wait to rip them to get at his lover’s cock and especially his winking asshole. If you’re craving some other hot fetish action from Jimmy, check out Foul Play and Skuff: Rough Trade, both from Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno.

Falcon Studios has collected some of its greatest Jimmy scenes in My Big Fucking Dick: Jimmy Durano. It’s an awesome way to see this power top at his finest. He fucks threeway style with Chris Tyler and Connor Maguire, has another threeway with Drake Jaden and Matthew Mason, fucks Ray Diaz at a swimming pool, pounds Jeremy Stevens at a bar, has hot bathroom sex with Shawn Wolfe. That last one must have been a special favorite for Jimmy, as he has a thing for sex in bathrooms: he once fucked in a club bathroom at a party, and his choice of exciting places to have sex is in an airplane lavatory.

In his latest movie, Just Love: Part 2 from Cockyboys, Jimmy and Carter Dane tell us about their personal journeys to love and self acceptance, and then give us a sensual, romantic scene that’s as real as though the camera crew wasn’t even there.

Jimmy’s favorite foods include steak, spicy green bean chicken, and ass. The best way to make him happy, he says, is to give him your ass. I think we can all agree that would be a mutually happy occasion!

We have more than a hundred of Jimmy Durano’s movies available on demand, so there is plenty to keep your hands busy for a long time!

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