Jun 23

Featured star: Markie More

markie more, gay, pornNext Door Studios exclusive Markie More has met many hopeful models on the casting couch, and we’re jealous of every single one of them. This blue-eyed, brown-haired stud has a body that’s been sculpted to perfection in the gym, and he’s been an important part of our favorite movies from the popular studio.

The company’s popular Next Door Casting series features Markie as the presenter and audition scene partner. In his hosting duties, Markie shows that he’s got a lot more than sexual skills. He engages the hopeful new models with his charm before they even start fucking. Markie’s so confident and generous as a performer that he’s happy to share the spotlight. In Next Door Casting 6, the most recent installment, he tries out a cute redhead named Alex Tanner, a hairy vet named Damien Michaels, a cocky jock named Jordan, a shy straight boy named Scotty B, and a bubble-butt hottie named Blake Ryan.

It’s not just the Casting series that has made us love Markie. In Bareback My Boyfriend he’s a delicious birthday surprise for Jake Davis, whose boyfriend Ty Thomas has hired him to come over and bareback Jake. The next time Ty calls Markie, though, he wants to find out for himself what his boyfriend got to enjoy.

Dudes, Muscles, and Cocks stars Markie and his “stepbrother” Brendan Phillips fucking out their frustrations after Brendan catches Markie jerking off while huffing his jockstrap.

In his most recent film, Straight Guys Try Cock, Markie is a man married to a woman who acts on his repressed desires for other men with his therapist, sexy Blake Barnes.

We’ve got all the hottest Markie More titles for you to get off to, and here are five of our customers’ favorite movies to get you started. We think you’re going to become every bit as obsessed with him as we already are!

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Jun 22

Movie Review: “House of Corbin,” Corbin Fisher

house of corbin, corbin fisher, gay, porn, bareback, quinn, colt, harper, noelCorbin Fisher brought a bunch of their hottest young guys together in Washington, D.C. and filmed House of Corbin on location. Mere miles away from the capitol building, these beautiful and insatiable studs discover that one of the best ways to relieve the stress of their daily political power struggles is by reveling in the sensation of each other’s firm young bodies.

Colt and Noel start the day off with sex in the shower. What better way to make sure you can deal with the fast pace of a day in the District than by beginning with an orgasm to put you in a good mood? As the water trickles down along their toned muscles, their stiffening cocks get even harder and they wrap their mouths around each other’s throbbing shafts. Colt and Noel take turns fucking each other. Their orgasms will make it so much easier to go through the day with a knowing smile. They’ll get to do it all again the next shower time.

Noel then finds stress relief with Quinn, another housemate. They get home from their busy workdays, still wearing their professional shirts and ties. The clash of their greedy mouths gives way to them pawing at each other’s shirts and sinking onto the couch, where they start to feel and kiss each other’s bodies. Quinn fucks Noel’s hungry hole till they pop.

Returning from scene one, Colt gets intimate with a different housemate, sexy Harper, in scene three. They take each other’s clothes off as they kiss and get in bed, tasting each other’s cocks and holes before they can’t wait a moment longer to fuck. Harper makes Colt’s ass his own.

Quinn and Colt have some foot fetish fun in scene four, which also includes plenty of hot close-ups of gaping holes during the action. This time it is Colt’s turn to top, and he’s just as exciting to watch in this more dominant role.

The movie concludes with Quinn and Harper, whose hard cocks rub together erotically as they kiss before they suck and fuck each other in a deeply sensual flip-flop.

House of Corbin is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Colt (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Noel (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher 

Jun 20

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Jun 16

Featured Star: Hairy, muscular top Tex Davidson

tex davidson, gay, porn, big dickMuscular and furry top Tex Davidson is this week’s featured star because we just can’t get enough of him these days.

Raging Stallion Studios, Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video, Titan Men, and Kink Men are just a few of the studios that have spotted this stud’s talent and made excellent use of it.

Tex has been in the business for two years. As you can guess from his first name, he comes from Texas. It’s a cliché to say that things are bigger there in the Lone Star State, but in his case it’s true. In one of his first scenes, Men on Edge: Texan Stud Receives His First Edging in Bondage, Tex looks so sexy while writhing around in those ropes, trying desperately to cum as he fucks Jessie Colter’s mouth.

In another early appearance, Tex plays a journalist who gets a scoop in Cauke for President. This spoof of politics, featuring Matthew Bosch in his porn debut, is all about a repressed and homophobic presidential candidate who gets caught on tape fucking a man. Tex is the reporter who releases the blackmail video even after getting sexual favors from campaign manager David Benjamin. This movie was a big hit that helped send Tex on his way to the top of many porn fans’ list of favorite stars.

Taxman Cumeth from Titan Men makes great use of Tex’s slightly scruffy yet studious look. He can really pull off the white collar thing well. His scene with Eric Nero will make you get stiff over the thought of getting your taxes done—probably the first time that’s ever happened in your life, unless your accountant is as hot as these two.

Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club’s Street Meat: L.A. is one of Tex’s hottest scenes to date, a bareback fuck with power bottom Adam Russo. These two look so hot together, both of them bearded and furry, with sculpted muscles.

Tex clashes with the equally sculpted and gorgeous Teddy Torres in Raging Stallion Studios’ Erectus. In this historical porn parody, we revisit the Golden Age of the Champion when men were beautiful heroes and demigods. It’s pure hedonism at its finest, which is why it is currently Tex’s most popular movie.

We’ve got all of Tex Davidson’s best scenes. Here are his top five.

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Jun 15

Gay Movie Review: “Hot Mess,” Fraternity X

hot mess, fraternity x, fratboys, gay, porn, amateur, gangbang, college, fratFraternity X, a new amateur studio featuring real college dudes getting down to some hardcore bareback action, presents its second title, Hot Mess.

Watch these fratboys in a hot Arizona summer as they find a way to pass the time when Phoenix gets too hot to go outside in the daytime. School isn’t in session for these young guys just yet, but there’s going to be some sexual education for the freshmen who are moving onto campus before classes begin. The upperclassmen have their eyes on the new talent and they’ve invited some of the hottest guys to their house for a party. Little did these newbies know that they were in for a lot more than some drinking in a frathouse basement, where it’s nice and cool.

The fratboys invite the freshmen potential pledges over and get them drunk. They let them use the weights and compare muscles. But when the action in this video begins, the dick sucking is already in progress. No use waiting around to see how they get to the action when we already knew it was inevitable, right?

In Hot Mess, there is plenty of jousting with two or three cocks for one hungry mouth. There’s ball-nuzzling, shaft-licking, knob-swallowing action. Dudes inspect the sweet young ass that’s just waiting for a dick inside it. And then the fucking begins in earnest, with a drunk dude named Sean taking a raw gangbang that he will hopefully sober up enough to remember the next day. It would be a shame to wake up with a sore asshole without any memory of what a good time you had getting that way.

Hot Mess from Fraternity X is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Studio Name:   Fraternity X 

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