Featured: slutty power bottom Owen Powers

owen powers, gay, bottom, porn, harness, leatherIf you like your bottoms on the powerful and kinky side, then you will love this week’s featured star, Owen Powers. He’s a total slut who’s always an active recipient and has starred in more than two dozen movies since making his debut in 2014.

RawJOXXX’s Condom Break 3 was one of Owen’s first movies. When he takes on the ten-inch length and six-inch girth of Rocco Steele, Owen takes an accidental breeding because the rubber can’t withstand the size and force of Rocco! Not to be thwarted by an inconvenience, the guys keep fucking anyway and the camera keeps rolling.

Bareback Inn (Hairy and Raw) was filmed on location at Fort Lauderdale’s infamous Inn Leather. Owen is one of a half-dozen hot men who are here for some raw action. Joining him at this tropical palace of fucking are Dalton Hawg, Alex Mason, Jay Ricci, Daxton Ryker, and Bruce Bacch. In scene one, Owen meets up with Alex outside for some condomless fun. (more…)

AEBN Trending August 7-14, 2017

Movie Review: “Cum Dumpster 6,” Machofucker

cum dumpster 6, machofucker, gay, porn, latin, bareback, planta rosa, big dick, bubble buttMachofucker Studio and Planta Rosa Productions give us eight scenes of monster-cock tops and nasty pig bottoms at their dirtiest. Cum Dumpster 6 is for those times when only a big dick relentlessly pounding a hairy ass will do.

These bottoms have muscular bubble butts that provide a nice cushion when the top is slamming into them with all their might. Their holes are flexible enough to take it deep and their mouths are always hungry when it’s time to suck cock. And, as the title says, they love getting a hot load dumped in and on their winking asshole.

Scenes include many of the men you’ve always loved to watch from other Machofucker titles, as well as newbies.

Breeding Sexy Christou: Cam Christou, an American bottom with lots of tattoos and a nicely rounded ass, is up first in a short scene that shows just how perfectly he was made for a rough, sloppy breeding.

Brutal Bugarrones 6: In this scene, Pablito is a booty call for the ferocious Francisco. With all ten thick, throbbing inches of man meat, he delivers a drilling like Pablito has never experienced in his life.

Dangerous! Forever: A hot Latin fucker named Dangerous is always going to pique our interest. (more…)

Featured star: hot, nerdy Will Braun

will braun, twunk, men, gay, porn, versatile, nerd, hot
Will Braun is the hot, nerdy boy of our wettest dreams. No longer a twink, he is blooming into a twunk who sometimes sports a little bit of facial hair. Like a lot of guys in their twenties, Will loves skateboarding and video games. But the thing he’s into most of all is fucking.

He’s got a cute smile, bright blue eyes, and dark hair that add up to an attractive face. His toned muscles and seven-inch cock are definitely our favorite features. Will’s versatility is just one more reason we’ve got such a crush on him!

As a Men exclusive, he has delivered some of the most delicious older/younger scenes in recent years. Dad’s Diary from earlier this year is one of the best. He’s all over this movie, which costars Wesley Woods, Zane Anders, and JJ Knight. Big Bro with Dirk Caber is another fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why (more…)

Movie Review: “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,” Falcon Studios

earthbound, heaven to hell 2, chi chi larue, falcon, gay porn, Andrew Stark, Trelino, Johnny V., Arad Winwin, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Dean Monroe, Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, JJ Knight, Gabriel Alanzo, Skyy KnoxFamed director Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios have teamed up for a sequel to one of their greatest previous classics, Heaven to Hell. One of gay porn’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, Heaven to Hell still has its fans a dozen years after its release, so it was only natural for Chi Chi and Falcon to make a part two. Enter Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, in which an angelic sex slave named Rogue (Skyy Knox) escapes the Underworld for a life of freedom on Earth. If he finds true love then Rogue can sever his ties to the Underworld for good.

Rogue is a slave to the Devil (Dean Monroe, returning from the original movie), who’s extremely possessive. Dazed but drawn to pleasures of the flesh, Rogue makes his way to a nightclub where he is hypnotized by the sight of a beautiful gogo dancer named Lucky (Brett Corrigan) twirling and shaking his ass for the crowd. Rogue swoons and falls to the ground. As the rest of the clubgoers ignore this or shake their heads at what they assume is a tweaker, Lucky carries Rogue to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the Devil discovers that Rogue has escaped to Earth and sends other minions there to track him down. Look for a cameo from the angelic Brad Patton, who appeared in the first Heaven to Hell.

Lord (Andrew Stark) is a bigwig in a different type of underworld on earth, and he’s trying to find out who’s ripping him off. Snitch (Trelino) is living up to his name and has gotten on Lord’s bad side. The “punishment” is one we’d all gladly take, though—he gets his ass eaten, probed, and pounded by the hot crimelord with the eye patch in a scene that deserves repeat viewings. (more…)

Featured star: a versatile Czech slut named Pigboy

pigboy, uncut, cock, tattoos, punk, czech, hardcore, gayComing out of the Czech Republic with an unending lust for dick and ass in equal measure, Pigboy is a truly versatile rising star of the gay porn scene and you don’t want to miss what he can do with that outstanding ass and uncut cock.

Pigboy’s many tattoos and rough look tell you a lot about him. He’s every bit as hardcore as he looks—it takes a lot to get your face tattooed as well as most of your body, and a guy who would get guns tattooed on his thighs is definitely making a statement of toughness. We love the fact that Pigboy can back up that appearance (and that name) with his insatiable piggy style. He’s an aggressive top who can also take a pounding as well as he delivers one. When you see how hard his big uncut cock gets as he’s taking a breeding, you know he’s (more…)

Movie Review: Anal Fuck Toys,” Boys Halfway House”

anal fuck toys, bareback, str8, boys halfway house, gay, pornThe Boys Halfway House is full of horny house managers and young troublemakers who are here because they’re either too reckless or not very good at making life choices. In Anal Fuck Toys, meet three more hot pieces of ass who take a pounding from the house managers, till their holes are gaping and dripping with spunk.

A long-term resident who once was headed down the right path has abused his lofty position of some responsibility over the newer guys. Now he needs to be punished, and fast. The new house manager is ruthless and relentless when it comes to discipline. He and another house manager teach their charge a lesson with some face slapping, face fucking, and spit roasting. It’s going to be a day or two before he (more…)