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Movie Review, “Cheap Thrills 8,” Treasure Island Media

cheap thrills 8, treasure island media, paul morris, bareback, gay, porn, breeding, raw, andy arcade, pete summers, jimmie slater, jimmy slater, eddie kordova, eli cummings, derrick, timPaul Morris hand-picked some of his favorite inked and big-dicked fuckers for Cheap Thrills 8, a Treasure Island Media release that delivers what it promises.

Clocking in at just over half an hour, this is hard and fast action that packs so much fuck for the buck that you’ll be blowing before you know it, so don’t expect to make it all the way through in one sitting. You’ll get plenty of “uses” out of this hot bareback flick!

Pete Summers is a pig bottom who has previously been known for taking copious amounts of jizz in Viral Loads and Bone Head 2, among others. Here he is with Andy Arcade, who savors his hole with plenty of tongue first. When Pete’s hole is all wet and ready, he mounts Andy’s cock and takes a thrashing ride like some kind of sex cowboy. Andy seeds Pete’s hole with a huge load!

Porn newbie Eli Cummings is thrown in at the deep end for his first bareback fuck, which also ends up being his first jizz injection. With poppers there for his use, Eli takes a hammering from Derrick and vocally enjoys the experience! Eli is practically speaking in tongues as he gets increasingly dick drunk. Derrick delivers the seeding of Eli’s life, just like he’s always wanted.

Jimmie Slater is all about plenty of ass eating before he fucks. He seems to love it almost as much as he loves shoving his cock in there, and Eddie Kordova is the beneficiary of this oral-anal fixation in the final scene. Once his pucker is all slick with slobber, Eddie takes Jimmie’s throbbing man meat and gets thoroughly pounded, and then filled with spooge!

Enjoy three short but intense scenes of hot, sweaty, bareback man sex, exclusively on AEBN!

Stars:   Andy Arcade   Pete Summers   Jimmie Slater   Eddie Kordova   Eli Cummings   Derrick (TIM)   Travis Mecarro
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

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Feb 17

Featured star: Johnny Rapid, versatile bottom built for speed

johnny rapid, ass, ocean, beach, bubble butt, gay, porn, bottom

At 5’6″ and 135 pounds, Johnny Rapid is built for speed. He’s a versatile young stud with a foxy face, a nicely toned body, and a big, tasty dick. Johnny is a Men exclusive model who has become one of the studio’s greatest assets—emphasis on ass!

Johnny’s been known to describe himself as a power bottom, but he’s played both roles in his career since getting into porn in 2011, when he was a cute 19-year-old twink. He has been a Men exclusive ever since.

One of Johnny’s most unusual movies is Johnny in a Box, a Men movie from 2013. Set in the 1950s, it features Johnny as a lifelike sex doll. Marcus Ruhl is a young bachelor who orders a Johnny Rapid replica and gets an instant erection when he opens the box. He has a lot of fun with his new toy! Later, the Tyler Sweet 2000 model joins the new Johnny Rapid 2000 and Cooper Reed has bought them both. Cooper’s threesome with the Johnny and Tyler dolls is just as dirty and fun as you could imagine, with double penetration and more. Afterward, Johnny decides to take off on his own. He runs into the woods and finds an empty cabin where he can hide. Isaac Hardy, Jorge Fusco, and Ricky Larkin return to the cabin and find the sex doll, and Ricky is the first to figure out what it’s for. The Johnny Rapid 2000 gets an even more vigorous workout now, as the three campers share him in an orgy!

Last year, Johnny and several of his hottest friends kept the condom off for some sizzling raw action in Johnny Goes Bareback Again from Bromo. Johnny gets off on that skin-on-skin contact and it shows! It’s a fine follow-up to the 2015 release Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback.

Johnny really captured our hearts and our libidos as the title character in The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody from Men, released to VOD last month. We get to see him in both top and bottom roles in his scenes with Gabriel Cross, Pierre Fitch, and Jessy Ares.

Men has collected some of Johnny’s best scenes in Johnny Rapid: 5 Years in the Making, celebrating his time as an exclusive model for the studio. We’re looking forward to much more in the future!

With a determination and an appreciation for thoughtful gestures, Johnny is also the kind of person you’d like to know. He sounds like he’d be the kind of guy you could actually hold a conversation with in between bouts of fucking—which is, of course, also something he loves doing when he’s not in front of the cameras. Johnny’s adventurous spirit inspires him to drive fast and to travel as far as New Zealand (home of his favorite city, Wellington). He loves the outdoors and aquariums. Johnny is a Virgo.

Here are five Johnny Rapid movies that should get you in the mood for even more.

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Feb 16

Movie Review: “CF Crush: Kennedy,” Corbin Fisher

cf crush, kennedy, corbin fisher, gay, porn, barebackCorbin Fisher knows what it takes to be a crush-worthy porn star, and they’ve found a perfect one in Kennedy, the star of CF Crush: Kennedy. This college boy is so perfectly All-American Jock that you can practically smell the pheromones coming off him through your screen. We’d love to get him alone in a locker room.

Kennedy has a good-looking face, a stunningly sculpted body, an ass you’d love to grab, and a big dick. Even better than that, he’s also charming as hell and he’s got brains. You would think, given all of these winning physical and personal traits, that he would be arrogant, but you’d be so wrong. Kennedy is down to earth and seems like he’d welcome the chance to hang out with anyone. What that might lead to, well… if these scenes are any indication then he’s every bit the dream boat that he first appears to be.

The four scenes in CF Crush: Kennedy are full of muscle-flexing, ass-pounding bareback action. It all adds up to more than 100 minutes of screen time and you definitely get plenty of fuck for the buck.

In scene one, we get to feast our eyes on Kennedy, Quinn, and Colt all together in a threeway that no one should miss. Kennedy, Quinn, and Colt have a lot of explosive chemistry and they’re all delicious to look at, so a good time will be had by all. There’s some flip-fucking, some footplay, and a lot of flying cum by the end of it all. It was hard to resist the temptation to watch this first scene all over again, but there was a deadline to meet so that’ll have to be for later viewing. There was some recovery time after that, and then on to the next scene.

Next, Kennedy is hanging out on the couch with Rowan when the dicks come out and nature takes its course. Two young, virile guys this hot and horny aren’t about to pass up the chance to fuck!

Kennedy and Kellan are having some sensual massage time at first, but of course that’s just the appetizer. Watching these two suck each other off and then fuck is the delicious main course.

Finally, in the last scene, we get to see Kennedy in what was his first time fucking another guy. The lucky recipient is Harper, another gorgeous young Corbin Fisher model. You can tell that it’s working for him, and that Kennedy is a natural with that big, tasty dick!

CF Crush: Kennedy is an AEBN VOD exclusive.

Stars:   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Colt (Corbin Fisher)   Rowan (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Kellan (Corbin Fisher)   Kennedy (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher

quinn, kennedy, cf crush, bareback, gay, piledriver quinn, kennedy, colt, corbin fisher, threeway, threesome, bareback, gay, porn kennedy, harper, kennedy's first time, corbin fisher, cf crush, gay, porn, bareback

Feb 10

Featured star: Fun-sized Latin power bottom Armond Rizzo

armond rizzo, lucas entertainment, latin, bottom, gay, porn

With his compact yet powerfully built body, Armond Rizzo is what we like to call fun size. He’s a Latin bareback performer who’s known as one of the greatest muscle bottoms around. His greatest claim to fame is the way he can take even the most massive cocks with enthusiasm and a smile. It’s a skill he learned young, when a guy with a 12-inch dick fucked him on his 18th birthday. Talk about an awesome birthday/high school graduation present!

Before fucking him with that footlong, Armond’s birthday fuck buddy gave him a dildo that was the same size as his dick and told him to make sure he could handle it before they had sex. Wouldn’t we all love such a considerate and well-hung lover? That formative experience is one of the main reason Armond has such enviable bottoming skills.

While he was growing up in the Chicago area, Armond rebelled against his Mexican-born father’s strict rules against joining sports teams or other school activities. After spending several years in the US Navy, Armond made some porn industry connections online and ended up doing his first major scene with Landon Conrad in Magnetism from Raging Stallion Studios.

The gay porn industry embraced Armond, and soon he made his bareback debut in Inner Devil from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club. Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk team up on Armond for a double anal penetration that every aspiring power bottom should study for tips! It might just melt your screen.

As if his bottoming skills weren’t impressive enough, we also get to see Armond show off his charm and acting chops in dramatic vignettes like his work for Iconmale. The newest, In the Closet, pairs him up with straight, sexy blue collar stud Roman Todd. Armond is Roman’s lover that he goes to see immediately after leaving his fiancée in bed. Iconmale has used Armond many times, and our favorite movies he’s done for them include Football Hero 2 and Bad Little Boys.

Armond’s most recently released scene is a hard and deep interracial pounding with a huge-dicked Black top named Texas Bull in Bare Endowments from Raw Strokes.

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