Why we love versatile Johnny V.

johnny v, bodybuilder, porn, muscle, gay, falcon studios, versatileRipped like a lumberjack who moonlights as a bodybuilder, Johnny V. always gives us wood. His ginger good looks, sculpted muscles, and thick dick are just three of the many reasons he always has viewers standing at attention.

In his youth Johnny was a good Catholic boy from an Italian-American family who would peek at porn whenever he got the chance. It piqued his interest, to say the least. When he was all grown up, Johnny became a webcam model and go-go dancer based in Chicago. He also did some homemade porn with his partner. Falcon Studios Group noticed Johnny in 2014 and immediately spotted his star potential.

Johnny’s first official scene, in Falcon’s Naughty Pines 2, features him bottoming for superstar Ryan Rose in an outdoor shower. This collision of two hot, hard bodies had us replaying the scene over and over. There’s Johnny on the box cover in all his muscle-bound glory. (more…)

Movie Review: My Straight Roommate 12

my straight roommate 12, driveshaft, str8 bait, Steve Vex, Brody, Joe Parker, Jackson Klein, Micah Andrews, Alexander Garrett, Mitch Vaughn, Trent Diesel

My Straight Roommate/Driveshaft gives us a str8 bait fantasy this week with My Straight Roommate 12. Every horny guy who’s ever crushed on a hot straight man will understand, and of course these men are sexy as hell.

Steve Vex goes to invite his roommate Brody to go get sushi, only to find him fast asleep. It’s not often that Steve is totally free to perv on this straight boy, so he enters the room for a closer look. Steve slowly pulls the blanket off Brody and admires his bubble butt from a doorway, playing with his stiffening cock. Brody doesn’t wake up, so Steve moves in closer to feel up Brody’s firm young body while he’s oblivious. He pulls Brody’s briefs all the way off and dives in between his cheeks, tonguing that smooth hole. Brody wakes up when Steve turns him over to have a good taste of that cock. It feels great and he has to admit Steve is hot, so Brody goes along with it and then some. (more…)

Featured star: Johnny Rapid

johnny rapid, men, gay, twunkSelf-described power bottom Johnny Rapid is built for speed, with a toned body measuring 5’6” and about 135 pounds. His good looks and big, tasty dick make him one of our favorites at that Men studio. Although he’s versatile, he’s been known for his bottoming prowess since he got his start in 2011.

In 2013, Johnny appeared in the unusual Johnny in a Box, which features Johnny as realistic sex doll in various scenes of fun. In a scene set in the 1950s, Marcus Ruhl orders a doll in the mail and can’t wait to play with his toy! In a more modern scene, he’s the new Johnny Rapid 2000, who is a new toy for Cooper Reed alongside his Tyler Sweet 2000 model—threeway high jinks ensue! Afterward, Johnny takes off into the woods and finds an empty cabin where he can hide. Isaac Hardy, Jorge Fusco, and Ricky Larkin return to the cabin and find the sex doll, and Ricky is the first to figure out what it’s for. The Johnny Rapid 2000 gets an even more vigorous workout now, as the three campers share him in an orgy! (more…)

Movie Review: “Black Cock in My Ass,” Next Door Ebony

black cock in my ass, next door ebony, Andre Donovan, Jacen Zhu, Leo Brooks, Darion, Brendan Phillips, Trent King, Chris Harder, Osiris Blade, leather lovers, phantom of allure, nervousness, the wait is overNext Door Ebony’s latest, Black Cock in My Ass, is a hot new release that we recommend this week.

Working as a caretaker at an old, historic theatre has its perks. Osiris Blade is starring in a private stage show with Leo Brooks, who’s playing the part of “the Phantom of Allure.” When he turns on a stage light, Osiris sees Leo gyrating like a go-go dancer, dressed only in red underwear, a black cape, and a black eye mask. Osiris and Leo meet on the stage, both masked and caped and living out a fantasy. Music is playing from somewhere as they kiss passionately, their dark, muscular bodies gyrating erotically. Osiris kneels and greedily engulfs Leo’s dick with his mouth. The costumes come off and Leo takes his turn blowing Osiris. Oral sex and ass eating lead to desperately horny fucking. Leo bends Osiris over and pumps his bubble butt hard. (more…)

Featured star: Logan Moore

logan moore, gay, pornHandsome, blue-eyed Euro stud Logan Moore has eight inches of meat and the toned, sculpted body of a professional dancer, which is what he did before getting into porn in 2014. He comes from the south of the Netherlands and named himself Logan after the X-Men character Wolverine, with the surname Moore because you want to see more!

Over the last four years or so, Logan has demonstrated charisma, versatility, and power in his scenes for Lucas Entertainment, Men, Raging Stallion Studios, and more. We’re highlighting just a few here, but we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed no matter which one you watch.

We find Logan just as impressive whether he’s pounding the sweet, tender ass of a twink (as seen in Fucking Johannes Lars from Eurocreme) or flip-fucking (for example, Lucas Entertainment’s first Raw Double Penetrations movie). (more…)