Movie Review: Make Me Your Bitch Boy

 Get your fill of aggressive yet sensual fucking this week with “Make Me Your Bitch Boy,” a hot new release from Cockyboys!

Cockyboys Exclusive Greyson Myles is a bottom who can take on all kinds of tops. Today, he’s got the pleasure of riding Noah Foxxx, a versatile stud who turns Greyson on with his impressive muscles. Greyson worships Noah’s cock with his hungry mouth, pushing Noah’s buttons in all the right ways. Then Greyson mounts that spit-lubed dick and rides him, almost to the point where Noah could just lay back if he wanted to—but he doesn’t. Noah is eager to take control when he sees his moment, and he probes Greyson’s ass with his tongue. Greyson wrestles back control of the situation like the power bottom he is, and he tells Noah just how he wants to get fucked. Noah doesn’t mind, because their back-and-forth makes for a fun dynamic. As the scene approaches the grand finale, Noah flips Greyson over on his back and drills him until he’s ready to pull out and jizz all over Greyson’s body. Then, to reward Greyson for being such a great bottom, Noah makes Greyson cum with some more fucking.

Travis Stevens is so caught up in masturbating that at first, he doesn’t notice when Cockyboys Exclusive Nick Floyd approaches him. Nick brings Travis out of his own little world with a hot kiss and a blowjob. Travis reciprocates with some passionate cock sucking and ass eating, adding in some fingering to get Nick ready for fucking. Holding Nick close, Travis thrusts and pounds, kissing his neck and giving Nick a reach-around. When Nick rides Travis, you can see Travis is enjoying the view from below. After pounding Nick’s load right out of him in missionary, Travis stands over Nick and covers him in spunk.

Achilles is one of the cutest up-and-cummers around, and here he is beautifully paired with Cockyboys Exclusive Tristan Hunter. Tristan kisses and sucks Achilles, who matches Tristan’s passion with a blowjob. Achilles gets really worked up when Tristan plays with his hole and soon insists that Tristan use his big dick instead. Tristan gives Achilles the fucking he wants with confidence and dominant energy. Achilles can’t hide his ecstasy when Tristan’s thrusts get deeper and harder, and he begs for a facial. Tristan’s got enough cum in him to cover Achilles’ face and then some. After blasting his load all over Achilles, Tristan makes sure his cute twink bottom cums just as hard.

Cute Australian newcomer Bailey Zane makes his Cockyboys debut with muscular Jordan Starr. These two have met before, and you feel that they’re still just as excited to be fucking on camera. In front of a mirror, Jordan puts his hands and mouth all over Bailey’s body, paying special attention to his ass. Bailey sucks Jordan’s cock, which just drives Jordan even crazier with lust for that hot Aussie hole. Jordan pushes his pulsing cock inside Bailey and builds up the speed and intensity of his thrusts just the right way to unleash something in Bailey. At one point, Bailey pushes back against Jordan’s cock and does the fucking himself. The men take turns sucking each other off in between positions, eager to taste Bailey’s ass whether it’s from Jordan’s dick or directly from the source. When Bailey cums from riding Jordan, he aims his load into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan uses that cum to lube up Bailey’s ass for another round of fucking, and then makes a big, sloppy mess when he blasts Bailey with his own load.

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