Movie Review

Movie review: Bone Ready

bone ready, nate grimes, kenny host, paul morris, treasure island media, tim, bareback, gangbang, gay, pornNate Grimes just started doing porn last year and he’s already known as a super-bottom heartthrob whose beautiful ass is a work of art. Bone Ready from Treasure Island Media, directed by Kenny Host, shows him in his piggiest performance so far. Producer Paul Morris challenged Kenny and Nate to push Nate’s limits as a bottom, to create a gangbang that would showcase this new star’s true potential. The goal was to take him as far as he could go, to the point of dick-drunk, wrecked-hole exhaustion. Kenny and Nate, along with a crew of TIM’s greatest tops, head to the Chaps Inn in Palm Springs for an unforgettable bareback bacchanalia.

It doesn’t even matter that Nate has been well fucked and fisted by numerous partners in the days leading up to the gangbang, because his asshole is a modern wonder of the world. Nate’s elastic asshole is ready for the onslaught of cock and spunk that awaits him on the morning of the main event. Each new cock that enters him from either end is a thrill for this pig. (more…)

Movie Review: Hung Breeders 2

hung breeders 2, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, big dick, gay, porn, Brian Bonds, Jace Chambers, Saxon West, Michael Roman, Jack Andy, Sean Maygers, Cam Christou, Armando De Armas, Billy WarrenBrian Bonds, Jack Andy, Jace Chambers, Saxon West, Michael Roman, Armando De Armas, Cam Christou, Sean Maygers, and Billy Warren are total eggplant emoji material. Director Nick Moretti highlights their massive appeal in Hung Breeders 2 from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club.

Michael Roman, a hot top with a crew cut and toned muscles, feasts upon Cam Christou’s hole, making him even readier for a fuck than he already was. Cam holds on to Michael’s neck during one especially hot part of the scene like he’s pulling him in both physically and emotionally. It’s an intense connection between these two tattooed studs, and the loads are big and sloppy.

Sean Magyers and trashy slut Billy Warren are up next in a breeding and seeding that gets really sloppy in the best way. Billy is hungry for sexy Sean’s long, fat meat, getting a good taste of it with his mouth before it disappears up his even greedier ass. Sean wrecks that hole and fills it with cream, and gets a good mouthful of Billy’s jizz. (more…)

Movie Review: Locker Room Massages

locker room massages, gay, porn, corbin fisherThis week’s featured movie is a new exclusive to our VOD theater that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who love a good massage with a happy ending. Locker Room Massages from Corbin Fisher features hot young guys with toned muscles that are just begging for a good kneading—and other muscles that can’t get any relief without something deeper and more intimate.

Scene one sets the action in a locker room, where Tobias has been working out and needs a rubdown to help his body relax. His workout buddy, Harper, just happens to know where all the trigger points are and how to work out the knots, but having his hands on his muscular pal’s body just makes both of them horny as hell. Harper decides that Tobias needs some tongue-to-bunghole massage for further relaxation and before you know it, some hot bareback penetration has commenced. This scene has no frills, little foreplay, but plenty of fucking on the massage table. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Dick

family dick, bareback network, daddy, twink, boy, teen, gay, porn, Austin Lock, Dr. Wolf, John Smith, Chris Smith, Dillon Smith, Alex KillianBareback Network gets the hottest real videos of stepdads and stepsons exploring taboo sex together. These twinks put their trust in their Daddies, resulting in some of the most ball-draining scenarios you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for raw Daddy/boy passion, then Family Dick has five scenes of what you need.

Dillon Smith, a hot college student, comes home for the weekend to find that his stepdad (John Smith) has passed out drunk and naked. It’s frustrating to see that Dad hasn’t changed his trashy ways and is still leaving his younger brother (Chris Smith) to fend for himself. When Dillon rolls Dad over, he finds a dildo there and decides to suck his dick, which is still a little hard somehow. Dad’s got a hot bear thing going on and Dillon is curious. Chris walks in to see Dillon just about to go down on their stepdad and starts flipping out. Thinking fast, Dillon decides to recruit his brother for some threeway taboo action, making him suck their dad’s cock. Dillon fucks Chris raw right then and there and blows a load on him. Somehow they never wake up Dad, even when Dillon teabags his forehead. (more…)

Movie Review: Raw Loads

raw loads, eric raw, ericvideos, gay, porn, bareback, Teddy Torres, Nathan, Brandon, Johan, Darko, Keiran, PriamEricVideos is known for barebones, bareback scenes starring sexy guys. It’s just pure, raw sex. Raw Loads is its latest release, featuring four hot scenes of cumtastic goodness.

Teddy Torres and Brandon hook up in a park, but after a passerby sees them starting to go at it just a few feet off the trail, Brandon takes Teddy to his apartment. Teddy asserts his dominance by turning Brandon around and pressing him to the wall, his hand at Brandon’s throat. Then Brandon’s on his knees with Teddy’s huge cock in his hand and mouth. After pounding him by the front door for a minute, Teddy picks Brandon up and carries him to the couch. Teddy pulls Brandon up with his legs on either side of his head and holds him up by his sinewy thighs so he can piledrive him. Meanwhile, Brandon slams his own ass into Teddy’s cock, holding himself up with his legs hooked on Teddy’s shoulders. You can see Teddy trying not to cum, and he pulls out so he can bury his face in Brandon’s crack. (more…)

Movie Review: My Straight Roommate 12

my straight roommate 12, driveshaft, str8 bait, Steve Vex, Brody, Joe Parker, Jackson Klein, Micah Andrews, Alexander Garrett, Mitch Vaughn, Trent Diesel

My Straight Roommate/Driveshaft gives us a str8 bait fantasy this week with My Straight Roommate 12. Every horny guy who’s ever crushed on a hot straight man will understand, and of course these men are sexy as hell.

Steve Vex goes to invite his roommate Brody to go get sushi, only to find him fast asleep. It’s not often that Steve is totally free to perv on this straight boy, so he enters the room for a closer look. Steve slowly pulls the blanket off Brody and admires his bubble butt from a doorway, playing with his stiffening cock. Brody doesn’t wake up, so Steve moves in closer to feel up Brody’s firm young body while he’s oblivious. He pulls Brody’s briefs all the way off and dives in between his cheeks, tonguing that smooth hole. Brody wakes up when Steve turns him over to have a good taste of that cock. It feels great and he has to admit Steve is hot, so Brody goes along with it and then some. (more…)

Movie Review: “Black Cock in My Ass,” Next Door Ebony

black cock in my ass, next door ebony, Andre Donovan, Jacen Zhu, Leo Brooks, Darion, Brendan Phillips, Trent King, Chris Harder, Osiris Blade, leather lovers, phantom of allure, nervousness, the wait is overNext Door Ebony’s latest, Black Cock in My Ass, is a hot new release that we recommend this week.

Working as a caretaker at an old, historic theatre has its perks. Osiris Blade is starring in a private stage show with Leo Brooks, who’s playing the part of “the Phantom of Allure.” When he turns on a stage light, Osiris sees Leo gyrating like a go-go dancer, dressed only in red underwear, a black cape, and a black eye mask. Osiris and Leo meet on the stage, both masked and caped and living out a fantasy. Music is playing from somewhere as they kiss passionately, their dark, muscular bodies gyrating erotically. Osiris kneels and greedily engulfs Leo’s dick with his mouth. The costumes come off and Leo takes his turn blowing Osiris. Oral sex and ass eating lead to desperately horny fucking. Leo bends Osiris over and pumps his bubble butt hard. (more…)