Movie Review

Review: Rocco Steele’s “Dad Goes to Prison”

dad goes to prison, rocco steele, dirk caber, dragon media, barebackWhen you click on Rocco Steele’s Dad Goes to Prison” from Dragon Media, settle in for some deep, hard, rough bareback sex with mature men. You can almost smell the pheromones and feel the smooth, hard metal of the bars through your screen.

Dirk Caber has been thrown in the slammer. By the way, it’s called that for a good reason! The scenes of condom-free ass slamming are so intense that you must see them to believe them. From the moment the cell door closes behind Dirk, a.k.a. Dad, he’s in for a world of butt hurt that is strangely enjoyable for him. It’s definitely enjoyable for us, the audience, as the prison guard takes out his cock, tells Dad that he’s been a bad boy, and gives him a whole other level of punishment.

When men are stuck together behind gates and bars, they look around for some relief from their blue balls. Waking up with wood is a daily occurrence for these inmates. It’s a good thing they and the guards are all down for some raw man sex. (more…)

Movie Review: Let Me Fuck You

Next Door Buddies, Michael Del Ray, Markie More, Ricky Ridges, Jackson Reed, Tom Bentley, Mark Long, Quentin Gainz, Spencer LavalRocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile direct a hot cast of muscular young studs in “Let Me Fuck You” by Next Door Buddies.

Markie More is dating Michael Del Ray’s best friend. One day, Michael tells Markie that he’s got permission from said best friend to fuck Markie if they ever decide they want it. Well, Markie has definitely thought about it, but he doesn’t believe his boyfriend ever said that, so Michael makes a phone call so Markie can hear it firsthand. Markie’s boyfriend confirms Michael’s story, and the two guys waste no time jumping on their chance. Michael whips out his cock and assumes the dominant role, telling Markie to suck it. Markie pushes past the point where the massive member threatens to gag him, making Michael stiffen and grow even bigger in his mouth. Michael bends Markie over and buries his face in between those ass cheeks. Once he’s gotten the hole all wet with his tongue, Michael penetrates Markie and gives him a deep, powerful fuck in several positions. It looks like Markie gets a real shock from the size and girth! (more…)

Movie Review: Helmut’s Accidental Lovers

helmut's accidental lovers, Bel Ami, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Torsten Ullman, Antony Lorca, Jarrod Lanvin, Jeroen Mondrian, Phillipe Gaudin, Terry Torson, twink, Euro

Helmut Huxley is beautiful in the way that all Bel Ami boys are beautiful, which is to say that he looks like he shed his angel wings and stepped off a canvas to walk among humans. It would be no accident if anyone were to find himself in bed with this gorgeous specimen of Czech twunkdom, but let’s just suspend our disbelief while we consider “Helmut’s Accidental Lovers” from Bel Ami. Each scene is filled with golden-skinned, full-lipped, smooth-bodied gorgeousness.

After an interview full of dry humor, a retelling of several injuries he’s had on ski/snowboarding trips, and a joking plea for money to help him replace the snowboard that he broke, we get to watch Helmut sensually play with himself. He puts on a good show of slowly pulling out his uncut cock and stroking it to full hardness, thrusting as though fucking an imaginary ass in front of him while two-handing it. In the end, he tastes some of his load and lies back down, softly moaning. (more…)

Movie Review: Get Your Dick Outta My Son!

get your dick outta my son, men, gay, porn, bareback, taboo, threeway, dad, dilf, Bruce Beckham, Michael Del Ray, Scottie McWilliams, Zander LaneAll that Michael Del Ray can think about since his new stepfather Bruce Beckham moved into the house is taking some of that big DILF dick. Having to listen to the loud sounds of sex through his bedroom walls only makes it worse. Every time Michael jerks off, visions of Bruce fucking him dance through his head. In “Get Your Dick Outta My Son!” from Men, it’s an exquisite agony to be a horny twink living under the same roof with a hot, sexually adventurous new stepfather.

One day, Michael gets a glimpse of Bruce’s naked body and is almost beside himself with lust. Finally, the two of them are alone in the house together and Michael finds out that the infatuation is mutual. Michael gets his mouth around that thick meat, gets to fondle those hefty balls, and almost swoons when Bruce returns the favor. At last, Michael experiences the ecstasy of his stepdad’s dick in cowboy, doggy style, and more! (more…)

Movie Review: Servicing Daddy’s Dick

servicing daddy's dick, Lucas Entertainment, Manuel Skye, Blaze Austin, Drake Rogers, Lucas Leon, Michael Lucas, Rafael Carreras, Shawn Andrews, Stas Landon, Devin Franco, Aaron PerezEvery good stepson in this new release from Lucas Entertainment loves “Servicing Daddy’s Dick” and making him happy. As if the sights and sounds of their stepdad’s enjoyment didn’t give them enough satisfaction, they also get the pleasure of feeling that big daddy dick stretching their tight holes!

Manuel Skye’s got two stepsons: wide-eyed newbie Drake Rogers and bootylicious Blaze Austin. They need a lot of guidance and they might even test his patience, sometimes, but Manuel always enjoys being there for them—especially when it comes to teaching them the birds and bees. The best way for Manuel to dole out a bit of discipline is some hands-on training, some lessons in respecting their elders. Drake and Blaze have been misbehaving on purpose just so their step-DILF will make them take turns sucking his cock and getting fucked in the ass! Manuel teaches Drake how to top, using Blaze’s bubble butt for practice. Drake does such a good job that Daddy Manuel fucks his hole. (more…)

Movie Review: A Stepbrother’s Obsession

a stepbrother's obsession, icon male, taboo, condoms, safe sex, gay, porn, Chi Chi LaRue, Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox, Hunter Smith, Brendan Patrick, Wesley Woods, Link Parker, Aaron BlancoLegendary director Chi Chi LaRue’s newly released “A Stepbrother’s Obsession” (Iconmale) serves some of the most passionate scenes we’ve seen in a while, starring gorgeous men. Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox, and Hunter Smith play three horny stepbrothers who like to fuck, including each other. We see some other sexual conquests before they meet up, but the real drama and sexual tension is right there at home.

Tattooed, bearded Brendan Patrick goes down on bearded, curly-haired Link Parker’s raging erection as Wesley Woods watches. Brendan and Link don’t mind putting on a show for their voyeur, but they ask him to keep a lookout as they fuck. Before long, Link is reaching over to cop a feel of Wesley’s crotch, bringing him in for a spontaneous threeway. Lying back against the arm of the couch, Link slowly inserts, pulls out, and inserts himself into Brendan’s hole while Brendan sucks Wesley’s cock. The action heats up, with the three of them enjoying a variety of configurations. (more…)

Movie Review: Brother Crush 3

brother crush 3, bareback network, taboo, gay, Michael Del Ray, Connor Halsted, Zach BrentonBen, Alex, and Dean are stepbrothers who have an especially tight bond. There’s never a dull moment around the house when at least two of these young men are together, and in “Brother Crush 3” from Bareback Network, we see four raw taboo scenes so hot you’ll almost feel guilty about how much you get off on them. Don’t let that stop you!

Alex (Connor Halsted) is taking a bath when Dean (Zach Brenton) asks if he can join him. There’s no way that Alex will pass up a chance to be naked with this twink’s bubble butt right there in front of him, so he says yes. As Dean soaps up, Alex’s cock stiffens. Soon, Dean stands up so Alex can access his ass. Alex probes Dean’s pucker and starts to finger-fuck him. Dean sucks Alex’s uncut dick until Alex can’t wait another second to bend his stepbrother over and stick it in his little hole, pounding hard and filling him with a hot cream pie. (more…)