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Movie Review: “Ravaged Raw Holes,” Raw Strokes

ravaged raw holes, raw strokes, Mr. Marky, Knockout, Jaylen Frost, Julius Caesar, Cutler X, Deep Dicc, Mr. Cali, Ray Mannix, Tigger Redd, LeonardoRaw Strokes is known for its no-frills bareback scenes, including black as well as interracial fucking. Ravaged Raw Holes, this week’s featured movie, is another awesome collection of scenes that are pure wall to wall raw action.

Mr. Cali is a big-dicked black stud and Leonardo is a slim little Latin bottom. Things start off with Leonardo humping Mr. Cali as they kiss, and then sensually sucking his huge meat. Mr. Cali teases his own nipples as Leonardo goes to town on him. Then, unable to contain his hunger anymore, Mr. Cali shoves his face between Leonardo’s firm, round cheeks, soon lifting him up to hold him upside down and tickle his pucker some more. When the foreplay is over and Mr. Cali starts to drill deeply, it’s easy to see that Leonardo is getting one of the greatest fucks of his life!

Watch Deep Dicc use greedy bottom Tigger Redd in a suck and fuck that, let’s just say, requires flexibility from Tigger and strength from Deep.

In scene three, Knockout breeds and seeds Raw Strokes newcomer Jaylen Frost. Get ready for some great close-ups of the penetration in this one! (more…)

Movie Review: My Dirtiest Fantasy, “Angel Lopez Gang Bang”

my dirtiest fantasy, angel lopez gang bang, gay, porn, twinkThis week’s featured movie, My Dirtiest Fantasy: Angel Lopez Gang Bang, is a group fuck extravaganza from My Dirtiest Fantasy/Staxus. Angel Lopez is new to us, though he had already been doing “regular porn,” as he puts it, before appearing in this flick. What an awesome debut this turned out to be! Born in Paraguay but raised in Spain, Angel is totally cute and we’d love to hear him talk dirty to us in Spanish.

The interview is short and conducted in Spanish, but subtitled in English. In case you don’t feel like reading, though, it’s about how he got into porn and why he’s doing this flick. He saw My Dirtiest Fantasy after finding the studio on Twitter, and wrote to tell them that his hottest dream involves letting a group of guys use both of his holes and paint his face with their loads. MDF, of course, jumped at the chance to cast this gorgeous young guy in a gangbang!

Angel takes on one dude at first, but soon there are others who join the fun. (more…)

Movie Review: “Teach My Cock,” Next Door Studios

teach my cock, next door studios, gay, porn, Dean Phoenix, Mike Stone, Dakota Young, Jake Davis, Alex Mecum, Gabriel CrossEveryone out there who’s had an attractive teacher will know the exquisite agony of unrequited lust for those men whom we’d like to fill more than our heads with knowledge. That’s why movies like Teach My Cock from Next Door Studios are so much fun to watch. These students and teachers take their relationships to places where they aren’t supposed to go, and we love going along for the ride as voyeurs.

Jake Davis is a dedicated piano student, but his teacher Alex Mecum says he needs to put more feeling into his playing. When Alex tries to loosen Jake up with a shoulder rub, Jake flees the house. Alex is pleasantly surprised when Jake still shows up for his next scheduled lesson despite the awkward way the last one ended. It turns out Jake understands that he’s got a lot to learn about life so he can play with more emotion. Knowing that his student is putting a lot of trust in him, Alex takes things gently but firmly, using their physical passion as a teaching tool that also happens to be a lot of fun. There’s just something hot about sex on a piano. This scene just goes to show that music and fucking really go together in perfect harmony. (more…)

Movie Review: “Elder Lindsay Chapters 1-5,” Mormon Boyz

mormon boyz, Elder Lindsay, Elder Ricci, Brother Johnson, Bishop AngusThe fresh-faced, sweet-looking young men of Mormon Boyz return in another installment of erotic education and initiation in Elder Lindsay Chapters 1-5.

When slim, sandy-haired Elder Lindsay embarks on a two-year mission, he can’t believe his luck when he gets paired with the handsome Elder Ricci. He’ll get to live with this gorgeous, more experienced missionary and learn everything he knows. As it turns out, that’s going to be a lot more than mission work.

On the first night, after a day of door-to-door visits, Elder Lindsay can’t sleep after getting a glimpse of the tall, dark, and handsome Ricci in his form-fitting Mormon garments. Lindsay wants to relieve his aching erection while Ricci sleeps in the bed next to him, but he doesn’t dare. The next morning, while Ricci is showering, Lindsay grabs the garments that Ricci was wearing and smells them while slowly stroking his cock, fingering his own hole, and humping the mattress. (more…)

Movie Review: “Hot Tub Fuck Machine,” Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club

hot tub fuck machine, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, gay, porn, Sean Duran, Michael Roman, Jack Andy, Mike Maverick, Scott DeMarco, Jay Alexander, Alejandro FuscoThe men in this new Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club won’t be doing any time travel in their hot tub, but sometimes a good fuck can make you feel like you’ve transcended time and space. Hot Tub Fuck Machine is over an hour and a half of good, steamy fun inspired by the exciting sight of cocks and taut ass cheeks in skimpy briefs.

As hot, muscular Sean Duran and Michael Roman are relaxing in the hot tub, the sexual tension is overwhelming. The bulges in their briefs become too much to bear, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. They take turns sucking and fucking each other’s hungry holes.

Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy were going to hang out in the hot tub for a while, but the pool guy didn’t come by and it’s not ready yet. They’ve still got another way to amuse themselves and relax, though. Scott and Jack suck each other off and head back inside, where there’s a sex sling. Jack hops up in it and takes a deep, hard breeding from Scott. (more…)

Movie Review: “Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded,” Lucas Entertainment

fully loaded, raw double penetrations 3, lucas entertainment, Viktor Rom, Josh Moore, Ibrahim Moreno, Leo Forte, Andrey Vic, Zander Craze, Nico Deen, Gabriel Taurus, Ares Fly, Javi Velaro, Stas Landon, Devin Franco, bareback, gay, extreme penetration, double analSome bottoms excel at taking two cocks up their ass at the same time, like professional sexual athletes. We get to watch, in awe, as several of these super bottoms get reamed bareback style in Lucas Entertainment’s Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded.

Lucas Exclusive Ibrahim Moreno, for example, is a shining star in this movie with two scenes that show off his greedy, power-bottoming talents and skills. First he gets separately and simultaneously penetrated by infamously powerful Viktor Rom and Lucas Exclusives Javi Velaro and Josh Rider. All of these tops have thick dicks that would fill up any asshole well enough on their own, but for Ibrahim, one of these cocks is not enough. He’s really in ecstasy with Josh skull-fucking him while Viktor and Javi double penetrate his asshole.

 And one session like that isn’t going to please Ibrahim, either, because in scene two he’s back for more DP with Gabriel Taurus and Leo Forte, two Latin tops that are hot as hell and have nice fat cocks. Seeing how much Ibrahim is enjoying himself, Leo wants in on the double anal action too. Ibrahim is happy to switch places and help Gabriel raw-fuck Leo’s ass. Even better for Leo: Ibrahim’s cock is the thickest out of all three of them.

Bold and beautiful Zander Craze, another Lucas Exclusive, must have taken that last name because he’s crazed for cock. When he’s in an orgy with Andrey Vic, Javi Velaro, Stas Landon, and Ares Fly at the same time, Zander eagerly takes on Andrey and Javi . Meanwhile, Stas slams Ares’ hole. It’s an outdoor sex party that makes us wish we could be their neighbors and try to get invited… or at least cut a peephole in the fence.

Devin Franco is a new Lucas Exclusive with a deceptively innocent look, but that sweet smile hides a deeply debauched nature. As soon as he’s naked and facing Nico Deen and Gabriel Taurus, Devin’s inner pig comes out with a vengeance. Nico and Gabriel are both dominant types, but it’s easy enough for them to share Devin because he’s as happy getting spit roasted as he is getting double penetrated in the ass.

Raw Double Penetrations 3: Fully Loaded from Lucas Entertainment is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Viktor Rom   Josh Moore   Ibrahim Moreno   Leo Forte   Andrey Vic   Zander Craze   Nico Deen   Gabriel Taurus   Ares Fly   Javi Velaro   Stas Landon   Devin Franco
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Featured star: muscular top Myles Landon

myles landon, gay, porn, top, big dick, muscles, daddyThis 5’10” daddy is a top who always makes us wish we could be in the place of those lucky twinks who take his mouth-watering 8” cock. Myles Landon has already become a fan favorite with under a dozen movies in our VOD theater since he got his start in 2015.

One of Myles’ earliest appearances, in Guys Only Retreat from Pride Studios, really caught our attention. Josh Hunter, a younger cutie, really enjoys the way that big daddy dick fills his twink hole!

Hot college student Josh Stone has been coveting Myles, who is his mom’s boyfriend, in Schoolboy Fantasies from Iconmale. The attraction is mutual and there’s no stopping them from fucking with passion when they get a moment alone together!

Sometimes, though, Myles uses his power and size on a man more his size and age. In Dicklicious from Raging Stallion Studios/Hard Friction, he has a meeting of might and muscle with the gorgeous Bruno Bernal. Myles dominates Bruno, making him his own personal fuck toy. (more…)