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Movie Review: “Cum Dumpster 6,” Machofucker

cum dumpster 6, machofucker, gay, porn, latin, bareback, planta rosa, big dick, bubble buttMachofucker Studio and Planta Rosa Productions give us eight scenes of monster-cock tops and nasty pig bottoms at their dirtiest. Cum Dumpster 6 is for those times when only a big dick relentlessly pounding a hairy ass will do.

These bottoms have muscular bubble butts that provide a nice cushion when the top is slamming into them with all their might. Their holes are flexible enough to take it deep and their mouths are always hungry when it’s time to suck cock. And, as the title says, they love getting a hot load dumped in and on their winking asshole.

Scenes include many of the men you’ve always loved to watch from other Machofucker titles, as well as newbies.

Breeding Sexy Christou: Cam Christou, an American bottom with lots of tattoos and a nicely rounded ass, is up first in a short scene that shows just how perfectly he was made for a rough, sloppy breeding.

Brutal Bugarrones 6: In this scene, Pablito is a booty call for the ferocious Francisco. With all ten thick, throbbing inches of man meat, he delivers a drilling like Pablito has never experienced in his life.

Dangerous! Forever: A hot Latin fucker named Dangerous is always going to pique our interest. (more…)

Movie Review: “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,” Falcon Studios

earthbound, heaven to hell 2, chi chi larue, falcon, gay porn, Andrew Stark, Trelino, Johnny V., Arad Winwin, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Dean Monroe, Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, JJ Knight, Gabriel Alanzo, Skyy KnoxFamed director Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios have teamed up for a sequel to one of their greatest previous classics, Heaven to Hell. One of gay porn’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, Heaven to Hell still has its fans a dozen years after its release, so it was only natural for Chi Chi and Falcon to make a part two. Enter Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, in which an angelic sex slave named Rogue (Skyy Knox) escapes the Underworld for a life of freedom on Earth. If he finds true love then Rogue can sever his ties to the Underworld for good.

Rogue is a slave to the Devil (Dean Monroe, returning from the original movie), who’s extremely possessive. Dazed but drawn to pleasures of the flesh, Rogue makes his way to a nightclub where he is hypnotized by the sight of a beautiful gogo dancer named Lucky (Brett Corrigan) twirling and shaking his ass for the crowd. Rogue swoons and falls to the ground. As the rest of the clubgoers ignore this or shake their heads at what they assume is a tweaker, Lucky carries Rogue to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the Devil discovers that Rogue has escaped to Earth and sends other minions there to track him down. Look for a cameo from the angelic Brad Patton, who appeared in the first Heaven to Hell.

Lord (Andrew Stark) is a bigwig in a different type of underworld on earth, and he’s trying to find out who’s ripping him off. Snitch (Trelino) is living up to his name and has gotten on Lord’s bad side. The “punishment” is one we’d all gladly take, though—he gets his ass eaten, probed, and pounded by the hot crimelord with the eye patch in a scene that deserves repeat viewings. (more…)

Movie Review: Anal Fuck Toys,” Boys Halfway House”

anal fuck toys, bareback, str8, boys halfway house, gay, pornThe Boys Halfway House is full of horny house managers and young troublemakers who are here because they’re either too reckless or not very good at making life choices. In Anal Fuck Toys, meet three more hot pieces of ass who take a pounding from the house managers, till their holes are gaping and dripping with spunk.

A long-term resident who once was headed down the right path has abused his lofty position of some responsibility over the newer guys. Now he needs to be punished, and fast. The new house manager is ruthless and relentless when it comes to discipline. He and another house manager teach their charge a lesson with some face slapping, face fucking, and spit roasting. It’s going to be a day or two before he (more…)

Movie Review: “Trump N’ Dump,” Dark Alley Media

trump n dump, dark alley media, raw fuck club, porn, gay, pissing, gangbang, orgy, Danny Blue, Tex Davidson, Asher Devin, Champ Robinson, Alex Hawk, Parker Allen, Arnold RizzoIn what is sure to be the most controversial gay porn release in a while, Dark Alley Media has delved into a dark and twisted fantasy with Trump N’ Dump.

Time traveler Danny Blue visits Inauguration Day 2017 from the year 2020. He’s waiting in a room at a sex club when sexy Alex Hawk appears at the door. Danny pulls Alex into the room with him. Without a word, the guys strip and Danny explores Alex’s hole with his fingers. He stuffs his hard dick into Alex’s greedy mouth before breeding his ass. These two look really hot together and that makes the scene twice as cum-worthy.

Parker Allen checks into a room on the Vegas strip, where he knows there is plenty of ass to be found. Sure enough, fun-sized Latino Armond Rizzo is waiting there like a mint on a pillow, ready to be bred. After feeding his stiff cock to Armond’s eager mouth, Parker plunges into that bad hombre’s bubble butt all the way to the hilt. He fucks him hard and deep, and then jizzes all over his freshly bred asshole.

Asher Devin has heard that the Trump Hotel (more…)

Movie Review: Mormon Boyz, “Elder Ence Chapters 1-4”

elder ence, chapters 1-4, mormonboyz, mormon boyz, gay, twink, porn, elder sorensen, president oaks, president nelson, elder dudleyDuring missionary training Elder Ence earned a reputation for misbehaving, but it was usually stuff like sneaking pizza in or skipping LGMs (Large Group Meetings).  Now that he’s out in the field the chances for misbehaving are even greater, and he’s getting into some forbidden mischief with Elder Dudley, his companion. The mission president is just about to kick Elder Ence out when the Order nominates him for recruitment instead. Elder Ence Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz is the torrid tale of his advancement through various horny boys and men to get to the inner sanctum of the Order.

Elder Sorensen is well on his way to joining the Order himself, but he needs to prove himself once more before he can be ordained. He’s deliberately been assigned to a room with Ence for one night in order to see if Ence has what it takes to recruit new boys for the mission. Nobody can resist Sorensen’s tasty cock and hole, so naturally Ence puts the moves on him, unaware that this was always the plan. Ence gets hard, believing Sorensen’s claim of virginity, and soon hops into bed with the tempting twink. Sorensen’s cock tastes good and Ence almost has him cumming too soon with his eager deep throating.  They slow it down so that they can fully enjoy the sweetness of (more…)

Movie Review: Bel Ami’s “Goodbye Kisses” to Mick Lovell

bel ami, goodbye kisses, mick lovell, last scenes, retired, kevin warhol, joel birkin, rhys jagger, ariel vanean, colin hewitt, gay, pornMick Lovell was one of Euro studio Bel Ami’s most legendary stars when he stopped performing in 2015. He left a parting gift of four scenes that are compiled in Goodbye Kisses, an AEBN exclusive reissued this week, which also includes a sexy outdoor solo up against a hot red car.

Even though Mick retired in 2012, the stunning appeal of this young American jock with icy blue eyes and the perfect penis has never diminished. Bel Ami kept that going by releasing an archive of previously unseen treasures every year at Christmas. His final four scenes in Goodbye Kisses are so good that a movie released in 2015 is still great enough to be released again in 2017, and it’s already claiming a top spot in many of our viewers’ lists of favorites.

After starting off with the aforementioned masturbation scene, the movie offers up a fun threeway with Mick and two other Bel Ami beauties we know and love, Ariel Vanean and Colin Hewitt. The action includes some ass licking and footplay, and a sandwich fuck (more…)

Movie Review: “House of Corbin,” Corbin Fisher

house of corbin, corbin fisher, gay, porn, bareback, quinn, colt, harper, noelCorbin Fisher brought a bunch of their hottest young guys together in Washington, D.C. and filmed House of Corbin on location. Mere miles away from the capitol building, these beautiful and insatiable studs discover that one of the best ways to relieve the stress of their daily political power struggles is by reveling in the sensation of each other’s firm young bodies.

Colt and Noel start the day off with sex in the shower. What better way to make sure you can deal with the fast pace of a day in the District than by beginning with an orgasm to put you in a good mood? As the water trickles down along their toned muscles, their stiffening cocks get even harder and they wrap their mouths around each other’s throbbing shafts. Colt and Noel take turns fucking each other. Their orgasms will make it so much easier to go through the day with a knowing smile. They’ll get to do it all again the next shower time.

Noel then finds stress relief with Quinn, another housemate. They get home from their busy workdays, still wearing their professional shirts and ties. The clash of their greedy mouths gives way to them pawing at each other’s shirts and sinking onto the couch, where they start to feel and kiss each other’s bodies. Quinn fucks Noel’s hungry hole till they pop.

Returning from scene one, Colt gets intimate with a different housemate, sexy Harper, in scene three. They take each other’s clothes off as they kiss and get in bed, tasting each other’s cocks and holes before they can’t wait a moment longer to fuck. Harper makes Colt’s ass his own.

Quinn and Colt have some foot fetish fun in scene four, which also includes plenty of hot close-ups of gaping holes during the action. This time it is Colt’s turn to top, and he’s just as exciting to watch in this more dominant role.

The movie concludes with Quinn and Harper, whose hard cocks rub together erotically as they kiss before they suck and fuck each other in a deeply sensual flip-flop.

House of Corbin is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Colt (Corbin Fisher)   Harper (Corbin Fisher)   Noel (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher