Movie Review

Movie Review: My Straight Roommate 12

my straight roommate 12, driveshaft, str8 bait, Steve Vex, Brody, Joe Parker, Jackson Klein, Micah Andrews, Alexander Garrett, Mitch Vaughn, Trent Diesel

My Straight Roommate/Driveshaft gives us a str8 bait fantasy this week with My Straight Roommate 12. Every horny guy who’s ever crushed on a hot straight man will understand, and of course these men are sexy as hell.

Steve Vex goes to invite his roommate Brody to go get sushi, only to find him fast asleep. It’s not often that Steve is totally free to perv on this straight boy, so he enters the room for a closer look. Steve slowly pulls the blanket off Brody and admires his bubble butt from a doorway, playing with his stiffening cock. Brody doesn’t wake up, so Steve moves in closer to feel up Brody’s firm young body while he’s oblivious. He pulls Brody’s briefs all the way off and dives in between his cheeks, tonguing that smooth hole. Brody wakes up when Steve turns him over to have a good taste of that cock. It feels great and he has to admit Steve is hot, so Brody goes along with it and then some. (more…)

Movie Review: “Black Cock in My Ass,” Next Door Ebony

black cock in my ass, next door ebony, Andre Donovan, Jacen Zhu, Leo Brooks, Darion, Brendan Phillips, Trent King, Chris Harder, Osiris Blade, leather lovers, phantom of allure, nervousness, the wait is overNext Door Ebony’s latest, Black Cock in My Ass, is a hot new release that we recommend this week.

Working as a caretaker at an old, historic theatre has its perks. Osiris Blade is starring in a private stage show with Leo Brooks, who’s playing the part of “the Phantom of Allure.” When he turns on a stage light, Osiris sees Leo gyrating like a go-go dancer, dressed only in red underwear, a black cape, and a black eye mask. Osiris and Leo meet on the stage, both masked and caped and living out a fantasy. Music is playing from somewhere as they kiss passionately, their dark, muscular bodies gyrating erotically. Osiris kneels and greedily engulfs Leo’s dick with his mouth. The costumes come off and Leo takes his turn blowing Osiris. Oral sex and ass eating lead to desperately horny fucking. Leo bends Osiris over and pumps his bubble butt hard. (more…)

Movie Review: “First Time Fucks 2,” Corbin Fisher

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The first time for everything is special, especially sex, and even more so when it’s a straight guy fucking his first man! First Time Fucks 2 from Corbin Fisher presents four hot, curious straight guys experiencing gay sex with some of CF’s best bottoms.

Chuck is excited to fuck Dawson, a muscle bottom, who will be his first man. Dawson helps Chuck get naked while kissing his mouth and body. After some foot action, stroking, and then sucking each other individually, they get into 69. Dawson mounts Chuck, who drills him from below. Even better, Dawson gets on all fours to take a pounding from Chuck. After a break for some oral between positions, Chuck pounds Dawson in missionary, holding his legs open, until Dawson blows his load all over himself. Then it’s Chuck’s turn to cum as Dawson eagerly sucks until he gets a mouthful. (more…)

Movie Review: “Logan Moore Gang Bang,” Raw Fuck Club

Logan Moore, Scott De Marco, Jay Alexander, Timarrie Baker, Trey Turner, Sean Duran, Jace Chambers, Devin Totter, Owen Powers, gang bang, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, gay, pornRaw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media have an awesome group sex flick for us this week in the form of Logan Moore Gang Bang. The title star is a furry bottom with a tan-lined bubble butt who loves nothing more than the feeling of one cock after another plunging into his hole!

The Ramrod Bar is a great place to find some dick, as Logan Moore is well aware. He’s looking for a breeding and he’s going to get all he can take. Logan is chilling at the bar with a beer when Timarrie Baker saunters in, a slim black otter wearing a harness, shorts, and boots. They size each other up, Timarrie rubbing his dick as Logan watches. Without exchanging a word, Timarrie moves over to the pool table. Logan sets his beer down and joins Timarrie.

Their hot kisses are a symphony of smacking lips and tongue action, so if you love to hear guys sucking face it’s going to get you excited. Timarrie and Logan progress quickly from this foreplay to sucking each other’s cocks, and Timarrie’s is enormous. (more…)

Movie Review: “Seriously Hard Fucking,” Lucas Entertainment

seriously hard fucking, orgy, bareback, gay, porn, lucas entertainment, Wolf Rayet, Dominic Arrow, Jacen Zhu, Ibrahim Moreno, Zander Craze, Alejandro Castillo, Denis Sokolov, Alex Kof, Javi Velaro, Bogdan Gromov, Viktor Rom, Damien Crosse, Mario DomenechHere are some beautiful, hugely hung European men whose all-consuming desire can be summed up in the title of the movie: Seriously Hard Fucking. This phenomenal bareback fuck-fest from Lucas Entertainment is as erotic and stunning to look at as you’d expect from one of Europe’s top studios.

Lucas Exclusive Ibrahim Moreno is a greedy pig when it comes to cock. He is lucky enough to be living it up with Zander Craze, Jacen Zhu, and Wolf Rayet in a raw foursome that stretches his hungry hole to its limits, with double penetration and more! This bareback interracial orgy, set in a kind of lodge with lots of wood and stone, is visually striking with a rough, hyper-masculine quality that gives it a little something extra.

Wolf Rayet couldn’t get enough in the previous scene, so he’s back along with Dennis Sokolov to submit to the supreme topping skills of Alejandro Castillo and Dominic Arrow in a four-man orgy that will leave you totally spent, yet wanting more. (more…)

Movie Review: “Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4,” Mormon Boyz

mormon boyz, elder gardner, gay, twink, porn, bishop angus, president ballard, bareback, virginElder Gardner is a handsome young Mormon missionary who lives with a forbidden lust for older men storming inside him all day, every day. He craves the attention and approval of a hot daddy, and as luck—good or bad—would have it, all of the older men in his mission fit that description perfectly. It hasn’t escaped their notice, but casting him out is the last thing on their minds. The Brethren are excited to bring out his potential, as we witness in Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz.

President Ballard has Elder Gardner in his office for an invasive, deeply sensual inspection. In a sexy murmur, Ballard questions the young man about all of his sexual urges while pulling Gardner’s growing cock out of his garments and stroking it slowly, firmly. The thought of sex with men has been the boy’s deepest obsession for years and he can’t hide it anymore, especially not with a sexy Daddy making it impossible for him to keep the secret—and his chastity. (more…)

Movie Review: “Cum Sluts,” EricVideos

cum sluts, eric raw, ericvideos, ericraw, bareback, gay, pornCum Sluts from EricVideos is a four-scene extravaganza of semen and the men who love it. These guys crave cum like nobody else, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to get it.

Aymeric Deville and Logan cruise a hot guy out on the jogging trail, who leads them into a tunnel decorated with graffiti. The jogger pulls down his shorts, his half-stiff cock bouncing out. Aymeric and Logan take turns sucking each other to full hardness before a fast and furious threeway session that ends in hot cum eruptions.

Hairy stud Teddy Torres has hooked up with hot Spaniard Dani Robles on an app and now he’s waiting, phone in one hand and hard dick in the other. When Dani shows up, they waste no time getting down to the fun of sucking, ass eating, and dick riding. This no-strings-attached bareback fuck will have you spilling much seed, just like Teddy and Dani do. (more…)