Movie Review

Movie Review: Beaux Are Hoes

 In “Beaux Are Hoes” from Men, we follow a three-scene tale of two college guys who come out of the closet on the way to a dance, leaving their dates behind. The final scene features one of the most fun uses of a set of bleacher seats we’ve ever seen!

In an attempt to hide their true relationship, black-haired cutie Enzo Muller and blond Canadian babe Leo Louis have asked out a pair of sisters to the college formal. While taking pictures with their dates, Enzo gets frisky with Leo, but Leo is having none of it right now. Enzo wanders off and stumbles upon his date’s hot brother, Malik Delgaty, masturbating. Since Leo doesn’t want to play, Enzo takes this opportunity to suck Malik’s dick and then take a ride on it.

Meanwhile, Leo is sitting in the living room with his own date and her family. Leo offers to help the dad, Mr. Leo Bacchus, get some snacks for everyone. This gives the younger Leo the chance to check out the hot daddy’s ass while they have a moment alone. The attraction is mutual, and Mr. Bacchus can tell the blond boy has a big bulge. (more…)

Movie Review: Gods of Porn

 A bunch of gorgeous young gay porn stars are here to play in “Gods of Porn,” a hot collection of vignettes from Bel Ami. These twinks and twunks live up to the movie title, as they’re among the most divine performers on the European scene.

Starting things off with a hot mutual masturbation session are young hunks Andrei Karenin (aka Pedro Luna) and Miguel Estevez. These gorgeous boys tease each other with tongue-tangling kisses and nipple play, leading to big cumshots for both of them.

Handsome Rhys Jagger was recently promoted to production manager at Bel Ami. Unfortunately, with increased responsibility comes less time to play. Czech hunk Ariel Vanean brings fellow Czech Jason Bacall and handsome Kieran Benning with him to give Rhys some welcome distraction and fun. Jason and Kieran dominate their older fuck buddies, topping them and proving they know how to fuck a load out of a guy. After a steamy shower, Rhys and Ariel take their turn topping Ariel and Jason in a spirit of playful competitiveness. Who can fuck the best? (more…)

Movie Review: Make Me Your Bitch Boy

 Get your fill of aggressive yet sensual fucking this week with “Make Me Your Bitch Boy,” a hot new release from Cockyboys!

Cockyboys Exclusive Greyson Myles is a bottom who can take on all kinds of tops. Today, he’s got the pleasure of riding Noah Foxxx, a versatile stud who turns Greyson on with his impressive muscles. Greyson worships Noah’s cock with his hungry mouth, pushing Noah’s buttons in all the right ways. Then Greyson mounts that spit-lubed dick and rides him, almost to the point where Noah could just lay back if he wanted to—but he doesn’t. Noah is eager to take control when he sees his moment, and he probes Greyson’s ass with his tongue. Greyson wrestles back control of the situation like the power bottom he is, and he tells Noah just how he wants to get fucked. Noah doesn’t mind, because their back-and-forth makes for a fun dynamic. As the scene approaches the grand finale, Noah flips Greyson over on his back and drills him until he’s ready to pull out and jizz all over Greyson’s body. Then, to reward Greyson for being such a great bottom, Noah makes Greyson cum with some more fucking. (more…)

Movie Review – Yes Father 9: Original Sin

 The horny priests and submissive schoolboys of St. Patrick’s Catholic School are back in “Yes Father 9: Original Sin.” This series from Bareback Network has been giving fans of religious fetish plenty of sinful fantasy material for a while now, and this new release is yet another collection of dirty deeds to witness.

Adrian Hill is one of the most popular boys with the priests at St. Patrick’s. They all love the way this European-born twink stands out, even when he’s on the football field. His good looks draw in all these older men, especially Father Manuel Skye, his favorite man of the cloth. One day, Adrian passes by Father Skye in a narrow spiral stairwell, and they stop for a conversation. Without warning, the silver daddy pulls the student close and kisses him hard, leaving the youth breathless and stunned but aroused. It’s risky to act on their mutual lust in such a public place, but when Father Skye puts Adrian up against the wall and plays with his ass, there’s no stopping until they’re both drained of cum. (more…)

Movie Review: Big Dick Bottoms 2

 We love a good vers performer, and in “Big Dick Bottoms 2” from Corbin Fisher, we get to see tops show off their bottoming skills.

Rocky (Rocky Tate) and Henry are a well-matched pair: each of them is six feet tall with a lean, toned body. Henry is usually known for topping, but on this occasion, he learns how to take a deep dicking from Rocky. The result is a sweaty, cummy good time for both of them.

Elian and Max are a couple of gorgeous, passionate CF favorites with awesome chemistry. Max usually takes a dominant role, but Elian is in charge this time, and he loves every second of bossing Max around and owning his hole. Elian’s Dom top energy gets Max off big time, and it does the same for us.

At the gym together, Evan shows Elye Black (aka Dave) what it’s like to gag on a big dick and get pounded up against weight machines. Elye is in rare form (literally, given his usual tendency to top), but he takes to bottoming like a natural. Evan also indulges his foot fetish. (more…)

Movie Review: Island of Love

 An island in Greece is the setting for glorious sexual shenanigans in “Island of Love” from Bel Ami. Some of the finest twinks and twunks that European gay porn has to offer are here to make you feel the heat in this scorching new release.

The movie starts out with the whole cast having a good time. There’s plenty of frolicking, both clothed and naked, on the beach. Guys flirt and mess around. Then we get to see good-looking, sandy blond newcomer Riis Erickson pair up with curly-haired Bel Ami favorite Jerome Exupery after running late to his scheduled photo shoot. Jerome’s ready to pounce when he sees Riis start to strip for him, and the twinks waste no time indulging in some hot dick sucking. Jerome makes sure Riis gets an unforgettable welcome to the world of Bel Ami with an intense, passionate bareback fuck. Both guys look incredible, the sex is enough to steam up your screen, and the thick, creamy cumshots show just how much these two have enjoyed each other.

All the guys are hanging out at a swimming pool, but light brown-haired Czech hunk Kirk Gauguin finds dark-haired, icy-eyed hottie Allan Aimée sitting by himself. (more…)

Movie Review – Global Entry: Portugal

NakedSword Originals has been taking viewers on a virtual sexual tour of the world with its Global Entry series. The newest installment is “Global Entry: Portugal,” and the men are some of the hottest in the world. Award-winning director Marc MacNamara’s pre-scene interviews with the porn stars give you insights into gay life in Portugal, and the fucking itself is enough to bring you back for multiple viewings.

Gorgeous Portugal native Lobo Carreira teaches us how to say “I would like to suck your dick” in Portuguese. His scene with slender, foxy Rafael Ferreira is fire. Rafael enters, and they kiss as they strip off each other’s clothes. True to his word, Lobo sucks Rafael’s dick with gusto, and he’s got an excellent technique that includes plenty of licking and teasing the head while stroking the shaft. He sits on Rafael’s face, and Rafael’s dick jumps as he eats Lobo’s ass. Lobo positions himself in piledriver so that Rafael can dip down into him. Rafael is flexible and a good multitasker: he bends forward and sucks Lobo’s cock while still thrusting into his ass. (more…)