Movie Review: Beaux Are Hoes

 In “Beaux Are Hoes” from Men, we follow a three-scene tale of two college guys who come out of the closet on the way to a dance, leaving their dates behind. The final scene features one of the most fun uses of a set of bleacher seats we’ve ever seen!

In an attempt to hide their true relationship, black-haired cutie Enzo Muller and blond Canadian babe Leo Louis have asked out a pair of sisters to the college formal. While taking pictures with their dates, Enzo gets frisky with Leo, but Leo is having none of it right now. Enzo wanders off and stumbles upon his date’s hot brother, Malik Delgaty, masturbating. Since Leo doesn’t want to play, Enzo takes this opportunity to suck Malik’s dick and then take a ride on it.

Meanwhile, Leo is sitting in the living room with his own date and her family. Leo offers to help the dad, Mr. Leo Bacchus, get some snacks for everyone. This gives the younger Leo the chance to check out the hot daddy’s ass while they have a moment alone. The attraction is mutual, and Mr. Bacchus can tell the blond boy has a big bulge. Young Leo takes out his big, fat dick and enjoys a blowjob from Mr. Bacchus. After a while, young Leo just has to find out if the older man’s ass feels as good as it looks, so Mr. Bacchus bends over and gets pounded up against the kitchen counter.

When it’s time to leave for the dance, Leo and Enzo take a ride in the limousine with the girls. It’s not long, though, before the secret boyfriends decide they’re done with staying in the closet. A horny mood takes over and they move quickly from sucking face to taking their cocks out for each other. The girls make a quick exit, giving the college boys the limo all to themselves. At last, Enzo luxuriates in the pleasure of having Leo’s cock in his mouth, and later in his ass. They could never have this much fun playing it straight at the prom!

Leo Louis returns in the final scene as a different character. While he hangs out on some bleachers with a friend, dreaming aloud about getting away from his small-town life, he doesn’t know that another friend, Joey Mills, is sneaking up on him under the bleachers. Leo has to pretend nothing is going on when he notices Joey beneath him, pulling his dick out of his shorts to give him a furtive blowjob from below! Finally, Joey climbs up from under the bleachers and Leo slides Joey’s shorts down. The two horny guys start messing around right in front of their other friend, who finally notices what they’re doing and leaves them to it. Leo eats Joey’s ass to get his hole ready for a real drilling, and then goes down under the bleachers while Joey lies down with his ass between the seats. This makes for some downright athletic acts of public sex, resulting in one of the most inventive porn scenes you’re likely to see all year.

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