Movie Review: Beaux Are Hoes

 In “Beaux Are Hoes” from Men, we follow a three-scene tale of two college guys who come out of the closet on the way to a dance, leaving their dates behind. The final scene features one of the most fun uses of a set of bleacher seats we’ve ever seen!

In an attempt to hide their true relationship, black-haired cutie Enzo Muller and blond Canadian babe Leo Louis have asked out a pair of sisters to the college formal. While taking pictures with their dates, Enzo gets frisky with Leo, but Leo is having none of it right now. Enzo wanders off and stumbles upon his date’s hot brother, Malik Delgaty, masturbating. Since Leo doesn’t want to play, Enzo takes this opportunity to suck Malik’s dick and then take a ride on it.

Meanwhile, Leo is sitting in the living room with his own date and her family. Leo offers to help the dad, Mr. Leo Bacchus, get some snacks for everyone. This gives the younger Leo the chance to check out the hot daddy’s ass while they have a moment alone. The attraction is mutual, and Mr. Bacchus can tell the blond boy has a big bulge. (more…)

Movie Review: Precinct 69

“Precinct 69” from Men is a fun spoof of cops and perps who get into all kinds of sexual hijinks. The movie’s tone is light and funny while also delivering hot, hardcore gay sex.

Undercover officer Theo Brady is sitting at the back of the subway car when tall, sexy ginger Kyle Connors enters with a huge half-chub bouncing freely in his sweatpants. Theo appreciates the view as Kyle stretches his beefy arms above his head. Kyle is standing too close to the doors as they close, leading to a comic predicament that he plays up with his wide-eyed expression when he realizes that he can only free his ass if he rips his pants. Theo pulls out his phone and pervs out as Kyle’s pants slide down and his cock springs out. Kyle notices the phone and tells Theo to put it away, but Theo calls Agent Felix Fox to arrest him. Felix, a curly-haired Adonis, gets there before you can say “stick ‘em up” and slaps handcuffs on Kyle, then walks him out without bothering to pull up his pants. Down at Precinct 69, Felix lets his insatiable sex drive over when he returns to the interview room to find the naughty redheaded giant on the table wearing only socks and shoes, shaking his ass. (more…)

Movie Review: Get Your Dick Outta My Son!

get your dick outta my son, men, gay, porn, bareback, taboo, threeway, dad, dilf, Bruce Beckham, Michael Del Ray, Scottie McWilliams, Zander LaneAll that Michael Del Ray can think about since his new stepfather Bruce Beckham moved into the house is taking some of that big DILF dick. Having to listen to the loud sounds of sex through his bedroom walls only makes it worse. Every time Michael jerks off, visions of Bruce fucking him dance through his head. In “Get Your Dick Outta My Son!” from Men, it’s an exquisite agony to be a horny twink living under the same roof with a hot, sexually adventurous new stepfather.

One day, Michael gets a glimpse of Bruce’s naked body and is almost beside himself with lust. Finally, the two of them are alone in the house together and Michael finds out that the infatuation is mutual. Michael gets his mouth around that thick meat, gets to fondle those hefty balls, and almost swoons when Bruce returns the favor. At last, Michael experiences the ecstasy of his stepdad’s dick in cowboy, doggy style, and more! (more…)