Movie Review: “First Time Fucks 2,” Corbin Fisher

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The first time for everything is special, especially sex, and even more so when it’s a straight guy fucking his first man! First Time Fucks 2 from Corbin Fisher presents four hot, curious straight guys experiencing gay sex with some of CF’s best bottoms.

Chuck is excited to fuck Dawson, a muscle bottom, who will be his first man. Dawson helps Chuck get naked while kissing his mouth and body. After some foot action, stroking, and then sucking each other individually, they get into 69. Dawson mounts Chuck, who drills him from below. Even better, Dawson gets on all fours to take a pounding from Chuck. After a break for some oral between positions, Chuck pounds Dawson in missionary, holding his legs open, until Dawson blows his load all over himself. Then it’s Chuck’s turn to cum as Dawson eagerly sucks until he gets a mouthful. (more…)

Featured star: Paul Canon

paul canon, big dick, gay, muscles, pornSexy Paul Canon is a good-looking, leanly-muscled young stud who caught our eye in his debut in 2013, Broke Straight Boys 8 (Brokestraightboys). His smile and his big dick are all we needed to fall in lust, but there’s even more reason to have a crush. He is way more than a pretty face and hot body, because his versatile performances always leave us equally satisfied and craving more.

Paul’s clean-cut image made him perfect for Mormon Undercover (Men), a story of a guy dressing up as a missionary, acting sexually curious and confused as he knocks on hot guys’ doors. Watch what happens when he meets Jake Wilder, Jason Maddox, and Jimmy Fanz in three hot scenes!

X-Men A Gay XXX Parody (Men) is perfect for everyone who loves superheroes, and that covers just about everyone we know. We love a good, hot mutant sex scene! As the literally flaming mutant known as Pyro, Paul has an instant clash with Iceman (Mike De Marco). The two suck each other off, but it’s Pyro who does the pounding. (more…)

Movie Review: “Logan Moore Gang Bang,” Raw Fuck Club

Logan Moore, Scott De Marco, Jay Alexander, Timarrie Baker, Trey Turner, Sean Duran, Jace Chambers, Devin Totter, Owen Powers, gang bang, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, gay, pornRaw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media have an awesome group sex flick for us this week in the form of Logan Moore Gang Bang. The title star is a furry bottom with a tan-lined bubble butt who loves nothing more than the feeling of one cock after another plunging into his hole!

The Ramrod Bar is a great place to find some dick, as Logan Moore is well aware. He’s looking for a breeding and he’s going to get all he can take. Logan is chilling at the bar with a beer when Timarrie Baker saunters in, a slim black otter wearing a harness, shorts, and boots. They size each other up, Timarrie rubbing his dick as Logan watches. Without exchanging a word, Timarrie moves over to the pool table. Logan sets his beer down and joins Timarrie.

Their hot kisses are a symphony of smacking lips and tongue action, so if you love to hear guys sucking face it’s going to get you excited. Timarrie and Logan progress quickly from this foreplay to sucking each other’s cocks, and Timarrie’s is enormous. (more…)

Featured star: Buck Richards

buck richards, tattoo, beard, wolf, gay, porn, gaymersWith his beard and tattoos, Buck Richards is giving us a wolf vibe that we’re into, but do you remember a time before the scruff and bulk? Buck has always been a tall, toned, good-looking man, instantly recognizable thanks to his tattoo of headphones draped around his neck and shoulders. He’s even hotter with the beard, body hair, and muscles.

Buck began performing in 2015, appearing in some web scenes. His first movie in our theater is Slam That Hole from Hot House Entertainment, an awesome flip-fuck with Logan Moore. Buck had a shaved head in this one and as much as we like him with a full head of hair, this look is sexy too.

Raging Stallion Studios’ Gaymers is a VR-themed role play fantasy in which Buck gets down to some flip-fucking with sexy Eddie West in a virtual reality fantasy while Spencer Whitman watches. It’s virtual voyeurism at its finest, and when Buck and Eddie shoot their loads all over Buck’s sweat-slick torso, you will lose your load too. (more…)

Movie Review: “TIMFuck 11,” Treasure Island Media

timfuck 11, group fuckers, treasure island media, bareback, orgies, gangbang, raw, gay, porn, B.J. Slater, Alex Ramos, Bruno Knickerbocker, Nick Nicastro, Kamrun, Matt Sizemore, Blake Daniels, Steven Richards, Seth Fisher, Jessie Balboa, Nick Moretti, Max Sanchez, Ray Dalton, Fabio Stallone, Wade Stone, Logan Stevens, Dayton O'Connor, Jake Austin, Calvin (TIM), Drew Sebastian, Ludo SanderTreasure Island Media’s membership site is known for intimate, filthy, realtime bareback scenes that feel like you’re in the room. They collect the best of these scenes and release them in the TIMFuck series. If you’re looking for some of the most intense and authentic raw sex ever captured on video, then you already know. TIMFuck 11 is the latest in this awesome series.

Seth had a fantasy about being the meat in a Drew Sebastian/Logan Stevens sandwich. TIM heard him loud and clear, so they decided to make it happen. At the beginning of the scene, Seth shows off his long, fat cock for the camera and his scene partners. He, Drew, and Logan stand in a circle, kissing loudly as they jerk themselves slowly. It doesn’t take them long to get hard and excited enough to take things further. The action is fast-paced and relentless, with all three men giving good vocals and face. After Seth’s been thoroughly used, the camera moves in close as he pushes the jizz out of his reddened, stretched asshole. (more…)