Apr 12

Movie Review: “Lucas Men 2.0,” Lucas Entertainment

lucas men 2.0, lucas entertainment, gay, bareback, porn, antonio miracle, sergyo caruso, damon heart, vlad larin, alex kof, derek allan, javi velaro, rafael carreras, viktor romLucas Entertainment introduces us to a new crew of exclusive models and pairs them with established stars in Lucas Men 2.0. As you’ll see, the men of Lucas continue to be some of the most gorgeous and horny on the planet.

Alex Kof is beautiful and well hung, as so many of his fellow Russians in the industry tend to be. His dick is thick and long, just totally mouth watering. It deserves to have a dildo or even a sculpture molded from it. Alex has immediate, explosive chemistry with Derek Allan, a hot Mexican stud who’s no slouch when it comes to dick size himself. When they strip naked, Alex is eager to take a ride on Derek’s dick. Later, though, we get to see just what kind of ass reaming Alex can deliver with that outstanding cock of his! Watching the way they go eat each other, sucking hungrily and then taking turns topping and bottoming, you’ll believe you’re watching two sex-crazed guys hook up for real, and the camera just happens to be filming it. Don’t miss the sloppy ass-to-mouth, cum-swapping kiss at the end!

Newcomer Vlad Larin is a blond Russian twink who is going to fit right in at Lucas Entertainment, as his debut scene with the mountainous Viktor Rom shows. Viktor is infamously dominant and the contrast of his muscular frame with Vlad’s limber, lean body is visually striking. Vlad likes a man who’s bigger and dominant, which makes this a perfect pairing. Viktor is exactly Vlad’s type: he likes to bend a twink to his will and dominate every hole. Vlad’s asshole needs some stretching first, so Viktor prepares him for fucking with a big black butt plug while skull-fucking him vigorously. Once Viktor is ready to fuck that twink ass, the butt plug comes out and Vlad bounces his butt on top of his new daddy’s big, hard cock!

Damon Heart and newcomer Javi Velaro are both eager, talented bottoms, and they prove it when they take on the legendary Rafael Carreras in a full-throttle threeway. The first bottom to offer up his hole is Damon. One highlight of this stunning scene is the sight of Damon, lost in a dick-drunken haze, fucking back against Rafael at the same time he’s plunging into Javi in a sandwich position. Later, it’s Javi’s turn to take on both Rafael and Damon at the same time, and nothing can beat watching Javi’s hole getting stretched with double anal! With exquisite close-ups on Damon’s and Javi’s holes getting stuffed, the moans and grunts of man sex, and the slippery sweat of their bodies, the scene will almost make you feel like you’re there.

Sergyo Caruso decides to scrap his original goal for the day, which was simply to lay out in the sun and read, when he sees the gorgeous Antonio Miracle. Like Viktor Rom, Antonio is huge and has that Latino sex appeal. Sergyo soon finds out that Antonio has a delicious uncut cock and knows how to use it. Even better, Antonio is also versatile. As much as he loves getting fucked, though, Antonio is the one doing most of the pounding in this situation and that definitely suits the piggy Sergyo, who gets on all fours to allow for deeper penetration.

Lucas Men 2.0 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Antonio Miracle   Sergyo Caruso   Damon Heart   Vlad Larin   Alex Kof   Derek Allan   Javi Velaro   Rafael Carreras   Viktor Rom
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

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Apr 10

#AEBN Trending April 3rd – April 10th


Apr 07

Featured star: Boomer Banks

boomer banks, boots, big dick, gay, porn, latino, cockyboys

Tattooed, muscular porn star Boomer Banks is a versatile top whose ten-inch, uncut piece of fuck meat is always ready for a hungry mouth and a greedy hole. A little bit hairy and decorated with lots of ink, this gorgeous Latino is everything you could want a professional sexual athlete to be. Just look at that dick! It’s almost as long as his forearm, and girthy enough to stretch any hungry hole. We’ve stayed obsessed with Boomer ever since his first movie came out in late 2013.

Boomer made his screen debut in Raging Stallion Studios’ Timberwolves, in which he spontaneously takes Marcus Isaacs up on his offer to enjoy a hot tub and his hot ass. For a time, Boomer was a Falcon Studios Group A-Team Exclusive and appeared in classics such as Open Road 2 and Foreskin Mafia.

As one of the muscular fuckers that are featured in Monster Bang/Raging Stallion’s orgy fest Into Darkness, Boomer is nothing short of spectacular. It’s not easy for one performer to stand out in such a large cast and Boomer always manages to catch your eye.

Some of Boomer’s best Falcon Studios scenes have been collected in A-Team All-Stars Boomer Banks.

Now that he has signed on as a Cockyboys exclusive, Boomer has starred in a showcase title, Boomer Has a Big Fat Dick. Watch him paired up with Dillon Rossi in a scene that you can watch over and over again. His other Cockyboys movies include Boss, in which he dominates sexy Tegan Zayne, and Hung Flip Fuckers with Dato Foland.

Boomer’s latest release is the sensual, romantic, yet hardcore Just Love Part 1 from Cockyboys. Subtitled “A Porn Star’s Guide to Sexual Freedom,” his scene with fellow exclusive Ricky Roman is a celebration of everything that the two men love about themselves. Being that its release is meant to celebrate Pride month, there is a lot of good stuff in this movie about self acceptance and learning to love who they are… as well as some truly smashing sex, of course!

We’ve got all of the hottest Boomer Banks movies for you in our VOD theater.

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Apr 06

Movie Review: “Fit for a King,” Next Door Ebony

fit for a king, trent king, next door, ebony, black, gay, porn, muscles, latin, interracial, tommy deluca, jordano santoro, jay alexander, daniel floresIn Next Door Ebony’s Fit for a King, the hot and hung Trent King puts on an amazing show of versatility.

Trent King is home early from a deployment and trying to reach his boyfriend, Daniel Flores, on the phone. But Daniel sleeps through the phone call, so Trent has to find another way home. He wakes up Daniel with the best kind of surprise! Their urgent kisses lead to Trent fondling the quickly growing boner in Daniel’s tiny yellow briefs. Trent takes out Daniel’s uncut cock and begins a slow, sensual session of oral sex that could make you pop all on its own. Their fucking is hot and visually pleasing, especially when Daniel climbs on board Trent’s cock, ass muscles flexing as he rises and falls. It’s an equally erotic and tender scene between lovers who have missed each other while they were apart.

Tommy Deluca invites Trent over to play chess, but he has more than strategy on his mind. They’ve only known each other for a few weeks, but Tommy has felt a vibe off Trent and he wants to see where things go when he invites him over. Soon, Tommy notices that Trent is stroking a huge bulge in his pants and gives his new friend a meaningful look as he strokes himself in turn. The guys kiss, stripping off each other’s shirts. Tommy orally engulfs as much of Trent’s enormous dick as he can, and then Trent reciprocates. They lick each other’s winking assholes until Tommy pushes his hard prick into Trent’s ass. After taking a long, masterfully paced pounding from Tommy, Trent flip-fucks him. Checkmate!

After a workout, there’s nothing that Jay Alexander and Trent like more than to work their bodies in a more intimate way. They’ve just been checking out each other’s muscles when Trent notices the swelling in Jay’s shorts. He pulls it out and sucks it to full hardness. Jay takes his turn tasting Trent’s meat and then tickles Trent’s pucker with his tongue. Once Trent’s hole is slick with spit, Jay slides his cock deep inside and gives Trent a long, hard fuck. It’s no wonder they love going to the gym so much!

Jordano Santoro is nervous to be sharing a room with Trent on a vacation in Cancun because, on a previous vacation, Trent was caught jerking off while watching someone nap. Jordano awakens from a snooze to find Trent doing the same thing to him, and even pulling down the covers to take pictures of his bare, tan-lined ass. Soon it’s clear that Jordano was only pretending so he could catch Trent in the act, and he gets turned on in spite of his nerves. Trent figures out that Jordano is into it, so he feeds his fat cock into Jordano’s greedy mouth. Jordano feels Trent getting harder in his mouth and moves so that Trent can give him a handjob while he sucks. Trent flips Jordano over so he can rim his hole and then fuck him. Jordano takes Trent’s dick in several positions, getting closer and closer to popping, and he finally jizzes all over himself with Trent pounding him hard.

After all those cumtastic scenes of Trent demonstrating his sexual versatility, unwind with a solo session of Trent lying in bed and jerking off in front of a mirror.

This interracial fuck fest is streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Trent King   Tommy DeLuca   Jordano Santoro   Jay Alexander   Daniel Flores
Studio Name:   Next Door Ebony

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Mar 31

Featured star: Versatile Latin stud Joey Rico

joey rico, gay, porn, latin

In spite of his edgy, tattooed look, Puerto Rican/San Diego-born porn stud Joey Rico is actually sweet and a little bit shy… at least until he takes off his clothes, that is. When he’s getting pounded in his tight ass or fucking some lucky bottom with his seven-inch uncut cock, Joey loses all of his inhibitions. He especially loves it when a guy nibbles on his foreskin during oral sex. Hot!

Joey got into porn in 2012, first appearing in West Coast Barebackers and Mixing It Up Raw from San Diego Boy Productions.

In the military-themed Glory Days from Dirk Yates, horny Marines stick their dicks through a glory hole, where anonymous dudes on the other side thank them for their service, so to speak. Joey is often seen in these hot military videos, and currently his most popular is Pretty Boy Soldier, a smoking hot gangbang flick from Drill Him.

Falcon Studios’ Down to Business features Joey in a flexing, pounding office fuck session as he fucks Liam Harkmoore’s ass.

Aside from his porn career, Joey is also a personal trainer and has the toned, sculpted body to show for it.

See all of these Joey Rico movies and more in our AEBN VOD theater.

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