Movie Review: Freaky fuckers

freaky fuckers, fuck champ robinson, Alessio Vega, Angel Brady, Hunny Bear, Harlem Jock, Champ Robinson, Joelsomeone, Jake Morgan, Levi BondiDirector/porn stud Champ Robinson and his Fuck Champ Robinson studio have a hot new release this week: “Freaky Fuckers.” Filmed in 4K ultra-high definition, it’s got plenty of great, nasty eye candy for your pervy delight.

Champ Robinson brings Joelsomeone in to surprise his boyfriend, Alessio Vega, in the bath. Joel, a bearded, semi-hipster-looking guy in horn-rimmed glasses, is happy to fuck Alessio, a hot Italian bottom. Champ records the action up close as Alessio sucks Joel off and gets his ass pounded right there in the tub. After blowing his load on Alessio’s ass, Joel slowly pushes his cock back inside for a few more thrusts, and it’s so sensitive that Joel yelps in ecstasy.

Harlem Jock and Jake Morgan bring Jake’s drunken boyfriend into the room and put him to bed to sleep it off. Harlem is about to say goodnight, but neither he nor Jake is tired. Jake invites Harlem to “stay for a little bit.” (more…)

Featured Star: Max Konnor

max konnor, muscles, blackDo any web search for “Max Konnor” and you’ll see right away that he’s got a good handle on how to use social media. This good-looking stud—whose thigh muscles have their own muscles—is all over YouTube and Twitter.

Although he’s compactly built, Max packs a lot of power in that body. He’s usually a top, making great use of his big dick and sculpted build to dominate and thrust.

Max has more than three dozen movies that you can see on our AEBN VOD Theater. Dark Alley Media, Noir Male, Raging Stallion Studios, and Fuck Champ Robinson are just a few of the studios who have cast him in their films since he began performing in 2009.

Noir Male, a studio from Mile High Media and director Chi Chi LaRue that’s all about celebrating the sensuality and beauty of interracial encounters and Black men, has been one of the companies that makes great use of Max’s appeal. (more…)

Movie Review: Dark Alley Endgame

dark alley media, endgame, raw fuck club, orgy, bareback, gay, pornThere are six known infinity holes in the universe, some of which are in the possession of Leo Grin, Romeo Davis, Rogue Status, and Drew Dixon. Meanwhile, Phoenix Fellington, Seamus O’Reilly, and Joe Gillis have dicks that bring new meaning to the word “titan.” It’s the “Dark Alley Endgame Part One” and it proves to be a real blockbuster for Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club, new this week and only on AEBN.

Although not a movie parody the way you might think, there are definitely some heroic fucks in this movie. There’s every bit of the rough and piggy bareback sex that we know and love as part of the signature Dark Alley style. If you’re into jock straps and muscles, sex slings and sneakers, then you’re going to have a great time with these four scorching scenes.

First, Rogue Status gets an interracial pounding from handsome Phoenix Fellington. (more…)

Review: Rocco Steele’s “Dad Goes to Prison”

dad goes to prison, rocco steele, dirk caber, dragon media, barebackWhen you click on Rocco Steele’s Dad Goes to Prison” from Dragon Media, settle in for some deep, hard, rough bareback sex with mature men. You can almost smell the pheromones and feel the smooth, hard metal of the bars through your screen.

Dirk Caber has been thrown in the slammer. By the way, it’s called that for a good reason! The scenes of condom-free ass slamming are so intense that you must see them to believe them. From the moment the cell door closes behind Dirk, a.k.a. Dad, he’s in for a world of butt hurt that is strangely enjoyable for him. It’s definitely enjoyable for us, the audience, as the prison guard takes out his cock, tells Dad that he’s been a bad boy, and gives him a whole other level of punishment.

When men are stuck together behind gates and bars, they look around for some relief from their blue balls. Waking up with wood is a daily occurrence for these inmates. It’s a good thing they and the guards are all down for some raw man sex. (more…)