‘Dirty Pig Thug Bro’ Devin Totter, aka Deviant Otter

devin totter, deviant otterWhether you call him Devin Totter or Deviant Otter (his alias as well as the name of his studio), this sexy man is an increasingly big name in gay porn, and with good reason. This hot, bearded otter loves both topping and bottoming. He’s kind of a former frat boy type who loves fucking other bearded bros.

Shady Bathhouse Behavior features Devin in what might be his most hardcore video, partying all night in a bathhouse with a furry stud. This fuck buddy is up for everything and doesn’t mind Devin bringing a friend who can film them in action. Devin’s bottom brings his toys to the bathhouse, including a sling that he climbs into for a deep dicking. This bottom is so slutty and his ass can really take a punishing!

In Big Dick Otter Breeding, we watch what happens after Devin fucks another sexy otter that he met during a party at the Island House in Key West and spent the whole weekend working up the courage to approach. The stud is down for Devin’s offer to film their sucking and fucking shenanigans. Best of all, the greedy bottom tells Devin to take off his condom and keep fucking him bareback! Even though they were both drunk and it was Devin’s first time filming a scene for his own studio, any roughness around the edges only adds to that amateur porn allure.

Devin hooks up with an old college boyfriend in Punk Ass Spunk. The boyfriend, fresh out of the slammer, is just as into rough sex as he was before, and Devin wants him to show no mercy. Devin gets thrown around, choked, and pounded into the pillow, raw and deep. Don’t you just love it when an old lover is just as hot as you remember?

In Tatted Otter Pounding, Devin indulges his weakness for guys with ink. His buddy Ray has a friend named Cam who’s in town for the day. Cam is hot and he wants to get into porn, so Devin agrees to shoot a video with him. Devin has people crashing at his place, but he has a very cool boss who lets him film the fuck video at his house. Cam turns out to be a natural, with plenty of charm and a sexually adventurous spirit. Oh yes, and he’s a great bottom who can take everything Devin gives him.

Deviant Friends is subtitles “The One Where an Otter Fucks a Phoenixxx.” That’s because Devin hooks up with Michael Phoenix, whom he’s been friends with on Vine for a couple of years. Michael is normally a top, but Devin, in Michael’s own words, is “an incredibly sexy, sweet, authentic, dirty pig thug bro otter.” If he was going to bottom for anyone, who better than the Deviant Otter himself? Michael is a hot guy with tattoos, so Devin is naturally attracted to him. They have an awesome chemistry and the result is possibly one of the best Deviant Otter scenes.

Here are some of the most popular Devin Totter flicks. Our viewers have great taste!

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