Featured Movie: Big Dick Explosion

Big Dick Explosion

Big Dick Explosion

PitBull Productions

PitBull Productions

These bruthaz pack the biggest dicks out there and Big Dick Explosion is a properly named title of Dawgpound USA’s latest release. This spin off studio of the very popular, urban oriented Pitbull Productions, Big Dick Explosion brings to the table men with humongous cocks lusting after big, bubble butted boy booty. Good luck surviving this one without blowing your own load.

Out for a delivery, U$H is hit up by his tattooed friend Cassidy for a quick proposal. Upon arrival, Cassidy makes his intentions clear on what he is looking for and that is U$H’s huge black cock. Going in the back for a little more privacy, Cassidy wastes no time getting down to business and seducing U$H, taking his time to undress and quickly getting down to service U$H’s perfect fat cock. U$H has no problem at all with this and is slapping Cassidy’s ass as Cassidy continues to work U$H’s cock with his mouth. Before long, U$H is eating out Cassidy’s fine bubble butt and slapping his cock on his eager hole. Lined up and ready to go, U$H proceeds to fuck him with all 10 inches without missing a beat. Cassidy is loving every inch and is more than happy to be the bottom bitch with U$H. These two are matched perfectly and meet in the middle blow by blow until U$H blows his hot load on Cassidy’s jiggly ass.

Next we have our heavy swinging top heading out for a day on the beach but his is always looking for a hustle. His buddy has him over for some R&R time which only means one thing, it’s time to worship some big black cock. This hustler has one of the most beautiful and perfect cocks you will ever see and you can tell that both he and his bottom boy love every inch of it. After some extensive cock sucking, it’s time to check out that bottoms ass and damn what an ass it is. Nothing but muscle and, judging by the way the hustler is wanting up in that ass, tight too. These two go at it like men should… no beating around the bush and straight to the goody. Not many men would have the balls to take on a muscled bottom like this one but this hustler is more than happy to and fucks him every way possible building up his pace as he goes. With a lot of laughs and dirty talking matching the fucking taking place, these guys blow their huge loads and are all smiles. Who wouldn’t be after taking that fine cock.

The next scene is titled “Angry Big Dick” and that couldn’t be more accurate. Meeting up for some quality man on man time, Don and Izzy are a sexy match. Don’s ass is so horny, he immediate rolls over so that Izzy can play with his beautiful bubble butt. Izzy takes his time appreciating that fine as while getting himself hard and ready. Don waste no time devouring Izzy’s perfect black cock down to the base while Izzy starts to take over control and guides his cock sucking friend down on his fat dick just the way he likes it. Don is no light weight though and is taking all of Izzy up his ass in no time and taking it like the well seasoned bottom that he is. Over and over Izzy feeds Don’s eager hole with his fat cock and it just gets better as they get into their rhythm. Izzy takes out his frustrations on that ass until he can’t stand it any longer and has Don sit on his cock so that he can get as deep in that ass as possible. Izzy fucks Don hard in every position while both loose themselves in the physical bliss of that tight ass. Izzy picks up his pace even more totally trashing Don’s hole while they both edge closer to that cum explosion. Don loses his nut first as Izzy fucks it right out of him. Don’s ass tightens down on Izzy’s cock, taking him over the edge resulting in him busting his huge load all over Don’s freshly fucked ass.

The next scene is titled You Broke My Heart In A Thousand Ways and by the time this scene is over, you will think there was a lot more broken that just a heart. In this 3-way, Soulja and Tower take on the insatiable bottom Seduction. These three are warming up to each other on the couch with Soulja’s cock being the center of attention. Tower and Seduction are more than happy to share Soulja’s big black cock and his muscled up body. As one sucks dick, the other is licking balls while servicing this stud. Seduction’s ass pops right in the air and Soulja takes full advantage by fucking it hard and rough while Tower feeds his thick meat to Seduction from the other end. They both take turns fucking Seduction’s perfect little ass and Seduction is loving every second of this ass pounding adventure. This is too much for Soulja to handle and he is the first to lose his load. Tower takes over control of Seductions hole, fucking him in some amazing positions leading up to Tower tossing off in Seductions face.

Finally, U$H is back and he is ready to collect some payments in ass. Krave is ready for this challenge and looks amazing doing it. These guys waste no time getting down and dirty and Krave can’t keep his mouth off of U$H’s perfect black cock. U$H has Krave worshiping his hung meet begging for that cock up Krave’s hole. Krave get’s just what he is looking for as U$H goes balls deep inside Krave’s tight hole. U$H fucks Krave like he owns his hole and you can see that Krave is loving every long stroke. These two fuck in every position possible ending in a toe curling cum shot by Krave followed by U$H shooting his on Krave’s already cum covered stomach.

Don and Izzy - Big Dick Explosion

Don and Izzy – Big Dick Explosion

Soulja, Tower and Seduction - Big Dick Explosion

Soulja, Tower and Seduction – Big Dick Explosion