Featured Star: Beau Reed

See Beau Reed in action on AEBNA native of Petrolia, Ontario, Beau Reed is one of our favorite Canadian hunks. Beau reminds us of a Mountie we’d love to mount, at a height of six foot three with a solid, athletic build. Since making his debut in the gay porn business in 2015, Beau has appeared in dozens of hot scenes from studios such as Falcon, RawJOXXX, and Next Door Studios.

“Property Lovers” from Falcon Studios has remained one of Beau’s popular movies since its release in 2017. Beau is a contractor who comes in to work on the bathroom when he catches homeowner JJ Knight naked in the shower. The natural attraction between these two hot, muscular, mature men is undeniable, and soon Beau is kneeling in front of JJ with that big dick in his mouth.

“Lost in Temptation: Seeded Slut Boy” from Big Daddy’s Big Media is another favorite. Beau is a slut bottom who is desperately craving some seed in his ass. His Daddy isn’t around, but they have an agreement that Beau can loan his ass out to other men for a seeding as long as he gets Daddy’s permission. That day, Daddy isn’t answering his phone. Beau is so desperate that he risks incurring his Daddy’s wrath by going to see his former Daddy, Luke Harrington. As soon as that hot load is dripping out of his hole, Beau rushes back home, feeling guilty and knowing that his Daddy is going to find out somehow. But the sex was too good to resist.

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Although Beau is primarily a bottom (he’s such a fine one that his scene in “Rocco Steele Homemade: Fuck Beau Reed” is one of the longest and hottest scenes from My 10 Inches), you can occasionally see him show off his versatile skills. “Elder Terrant” from Missionary Boyz puts Beau in a position of authority as the sexy President Reed and gives all of those with a thing for religious-themed porn a lot to be happy about. President Reed becomes a sexual fantasy figure for the horny, cute Elder Terrant, and we certainly can’t blame the boy. We’d be masturbating a lot after a hot older man tied us up and examined our bodies, too! Beau knows just what to do with this insubordinate teen and his impure thoughts, but the punishment is only going to make it worse… or better, depending on your point of view. It’s not hard to see why this is Beau’s most popular movie on the theater right now.

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