Featured Star: Cole Connor

See Cole Connor in action on AEBNWith his salt-and-pepper hair, lean muscles, several sexy tattoos, and mouth-watering big dick, Cole Connor is a masc Daddy from Kentucky who has made a big impression since the start of his career in 2020. Aged 38 when he made his debut, Cole already had the sexual skills and confidence to dominate any bottom lucky enough to be on the end of his dick. He’s a cam performer/porn star who turns heads and wins over fans every time he steps in front of a camera.

Cole might not have that many movies released as of this writing, but we’ve loved seeing his sexy muscles, big dick, and versatile sexual skills on display in every scene.

In Raging Stallion Studios’ “Show Hard,” Cole plays an undercover cop on a stakeout at a notoriously seedy rest stop bathroom where men like to hook up for anonymous sex. The job certainly has a way of inspiring lustful thoughts, however, and it presents opportunities to watch that he might not get otherwise. When Beau Butler and Romeo Davis start going at it, Cole just can’t help himself any longer. He soon winds up tag-teaming Beau with Romeo. That’s one way to give it your all when you’re on the job!

As a horny coach with a lot of even hornier student athletes, Cole gets two exciting scenes in “Making the Grade” from Falcon Studios, one of which is an orgy that brings the movie to an epic conclusion.

Even with less than 10 movies available on VOD so far, Cole Connor has already become one of our favorite studs to watch.

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