Featured Star: Dillon Diaz

See Dillon Diaz in action on AEBNThe muscles on Dillon Diaz are some of the most beautifully sculpted we’ve seen in a while. His handsome face belongs on magazine covers, but we’re fortunate to see it onscreen in pornos.

Dillon is an almost supernaturally hot Taurus who caught our eye when we first saw him in “Hot Tub Fourgy,” a Noir Male group sex scene that you can see in “A Group Thing.” Even in this early scene with Deep Dic, Manuel Skye, and Nico Santino, Dillon holds his own and it’s just the beginning of a career full of sensual hardcore performances.

Noir Male has given us some of our most favorite Dillon Diaz performances. It’s no mystery why “Sexual Healing 3” is currently Dillon’s biggest hit, as he and DeAngelo Jackson have an abundance of sexual chemistry and they look amazing together. “Sin City” and “Hard at Work 2” are also high on viewers’ list of favorites.

In “Tales from the Locker Room” (Falcon Studios), one of his latest movies, Dillon is a coach who catches sexy towel boy Avery Jones stealing used jockstraps and socks from the dirty laundry. Getting busted turns out to be one of the best things that ever happened to the pervy twink, as Dillon wants to give him something much hotter than jerkoff material.

BDSM fans can get plenty of satisfaction from Dillon’s filmography. He subs for the gorgeous Arad Winwin in “Dillon Diaz Serves the House” and is equally adept at topping in “Archer Croft: Ripped, Roped, and Ready” (both from KinkMen/Men on Edge).

The bisexual category is growing increasingly popular lately. Dillon has given some of his hottest performances in this kind of movie, including “Bifuck: Bisexual Anal Threesomes” from PervOut and “Bisexual Bros-in-Law” from Devil’s Film (with Draven Navarro and Daizy Cooper).

Dillon Diaz sets the screen on fire whether the genre of the scene is Black, bisexual, interracial, orgy, fetish, or something else entirely.
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