Featured Star: Donnie Argento

See Donnie Argento in action on AEBNOur star this week is Donnie Argento, a sexy New Yorker who’s up for anything. He’s an authentic exhibitionist, which we consider a favor to the world, because there are a lot of us thirsty viewers who love to ogle his slightly furry torso, big dick that stands erect from his crotch like a flagpole, and firm bubble butt. In 2019 Donnie shot his first scenes, some of which you can see in “Jack Vidra Gang Bang” (Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club) and “Str8 Chaser 20” (Reality Dudes).

Describing himself as a “Pleasure Unit” who’s on a “XXX Identity Quest,” Donnie’s got the sexual skills and thrill-seeking personality to back it up. You can tell by the way he sucks cock, eats ass, fucks, and pushes back while getting pounded.

If you’re just looking for all Donnie, all the time, you can immerse yourself into the flaming-hot goodness that is ”Model Behavior: Fuck Machine” from Fetish Force/NakedSword Originals. When Donnie gets horny at home, he gets his buddy RopeTrainKeep to plug in the fuck machine after Donnie mounts it. Donnie rides the fat dildo attachment through levels of speed and power, edging himself as long as possible and finally jizzing all over the floor. Finding creative ways to shoot porn during lockdown has been a challenge for many studios, but the Model Behavior series has brought us plenty to enjoy. Donnie also stars in “Model Behavior: Sex on Lockdown” with his roommate, Wolfie Braden Shaw.

Most recently, Donnie made us all lose our loads in “Cock Hunter” from Raging Stallion Studios. At a bathhouse where all the hottest fuckers go, Logan Stevens finds Donnie waiting, face-down/ass-up, presenting himself for whatever stud comes along looking to fuck. The attraction between Logan and Donnie is undeniable. They flip-fuck hard and deep, and then paint each other with their sticky loads.

Watch Donnie in these and other scorching movies on our adult VOD theater.

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