Featured Star: Gabriel Phoenix

See Gabriel Phoenix in action on AEBNGabriel Phoenix is a versatile, handsome English stud whose porn debut in 2015 made us stand at attention. The tattoos on Gabriel’s arm and the piercings in his ears and nose give him a hint of edge, while his lightly furry torso is all muscle. This Londoner has a big, uncut dick and a look in his blue-green eyes that invites you to come and get it, because you both want the same thing from each other.

In “Barebacking in Public” from Lucas Entertainment, we see Gabriel thoroughly lose himself in the pleasure of two different big dicks, the first one belonging to long-haired surfer Dan Saxon and the second to beefy blond Tomas Brand. Each top brings out something different in Gabriel, and we love it all.

Lucas has given us some of Gabriel’s most scintillating performances, including “Banging Ruslan’s Bubble Butt.” When Gabriel and Latin daddy Rafael Alencar team up, Swedish bottom Ruslan Angelo’s ass can’t help quivering with orgasm after orgasm.

Another top studio that has made excellent use of Gabriel’s talents is NakedSword Originals. Anglophiles, get ready to have a fabulous time with two movies we’re recommending here. “Guyspotting” gives us a wild orgy scene in which Gabriel plays with his equally, uh, chemically altered buddies, Matthew Anders, Mickey Taylor, and Billy Rock; it’s a whole lot of fun to watch, especially for those of you who love “Trainspotting.” “Psycho Joe,” which takes us to Manchester, is a bloody fun psychosexual thriller wherein the titular character, played by Mickey Taylor, pits Gabriel and Wade Mathews against each other in a threeway where the stakes are high.

If you’ve got a fetish for vampires or just want a brooding, sensual tale of danger and darkness, get ready for all that and more in “Blood Brothers” from RidleyDovarez. Gabriel is a vamp with lots of personality and a powerful taste for virgins. Get ready for sharp fangs and some hard wood in this one.

With dozens of movies in our adult VOD theater, Gabriel Phoenix is a worthy porn star crush. Here are just four titles we’re confident you will love!

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