Featured star: hot fratboy surfer dude Tom Faulk

tom faulk, cream for me, gay, porn, bromoIf you’re into college guys and surfer dudes, then you’re going to love Tom Faulk. This laid-back, blond, green-eyed hunk looks like he should be carrying a surfboard under his arm or walking across campus with a backpack.

Tom was born in 1993 and was 18 when he started doing porn. At six feet tall and 170 pounds, he’s toned and lean. His sexy smile, seven-inch cock, and sculpted abs alone are enough to make us want to watch him, but there’s even more to this guy than a face and body. He’s a versatile performer who always wants it, whether he’s the fucker or the fucked.

The locker room orgy scene at the end of Team USA from Men is a must see. Tom, Jaxton Wheeler, Travis James, Asher Hawk, and Jake Wilder celebrate another game with a group suck and fuck that’s too hot for you to miss.

Bromo’s smash hit porn parody, Cream for Me, features Tom in the opening scene as the hottie on the phone who answers the call and finds a masked man has entered the house. Unlike the hapless Drew Barrymore character in Scream, Tom has a great time with this hugely hung stranger, getting fucked in the ass and plastered with cum.

When Tom is set up in a room with stranger Quentin Gainz in Str8 Bait Hostel from Next Door Studios, they figure out that somebody put them together in hopes that they would fuck. Well, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good opportunity to experiment sexually with a hot guy, so why not? The sex is fantastic and everyone loses their load, including you when you’re watching it.

We have just over a dozen of Tom’s movies for you to watch on demand. Here are the top five that our viewers watch the most.

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