Featured star: hot, nerdy Will Braun

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Will Braun is the hot, nerdy boy of our wettest dreams. No longer a twink, he is blooming into a twunk who sometimes sports a little bit of facial hair. Like a lot of guys in their twenties, Will loves skateboarding and video games. But the thing he’s into most of all is fucking.

He’s got a cute smile, bright blue eyes, and dark hair that add up to an attractive face. His toned muscles and seven-inch cock are definitely our favorite features. Will’s versatility is just one more reason we’ve got such a crush on him!

As a Men exclusive, he has delivered some of the most delicious older/younger scenes in recent years. Dad’s Diary from earlier this year is one of the best. He’s all over this movie, which costars Wesley Woods, Zane Anders, and JJ Knight. Big Bro with Dirk Caber is another fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why—these two performers look amazing together, and both of them are fantastic fuckers in general. You might look at the two of them and expect Dirk to be the top, but instead he takes Will’s hard young dick up his hairy ass in a scene you will want to watch repeatedly.

Watch Will in the orgy in Pop Star: a Gay XXX Parody from Men, starring Johnny Rapid as the title character. Johnny, Will, Tobias, Brendan Phillips, and Wesley Woods throw themselves into the depths of sexual pleasure in a scene that brings the movie to a cum-splashing conclusion.

Slut Cash is one of Will’s newest and hottest movies. He’s got an awesome threeway with Jacob Peterson and Noah, and his ass gets a real pounding.

As the title character in Men’s Spiderman: A Gay XXX Parody, Will has lots of charisma and his characteristic need to fuck and get fucked.

AEBN has a selection of Will Braun’s hottest movies that are sure to make you lose your load for him!

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