Featured star: Markie More

markie more, gay, pornNext Door Studios exclusive Markie More has met many hopeful models on the casting couch, and we’re jealous of every single one of them. This blue-eyed, brown-haired stud has a body that’s been sculpted to perfection in the gym, and he’s been an important part of our favorite movies from the popular studio.

The company’s popular Next Door Casting series features Markie as the presenter and audition scene partner. In his hosting duties, Markie shows that he’s got a lot more than sexual skills. He engages the hopeful new models with his charm before they even start fucking. Markie’s so confident and generous as a performer that he’s happy to share the spotlight. In Next Door Casting 6, the most recent installment, he tries out a cute redhead named Alex Tanner, a hairy vet named Damien Michaels, a cocky jock named Jordan, a shy straight boy named Scotty B, and a bubble-butt hottie named Blake Ryan.

It’s not just the Casting series that has made us love Markie. In Bareback My Boyfriend he’s a delicious birthday surprise for Jake Davis, whose boyfriend Ty Thomas has hired him to come over and bareback Jake. The next time Ty calls Markie, though, he wants to find out for himself what his boyfriend got to enjoy.

Dudes, Muscles, and Cocks stars Markie and his “stepbrother” Brendan Phillips fucking out their frustrations after Brendan catches Markie jerking off while huffing his jockstrap.

In his most recent film, Straight Guys Try Cock, Markie is a man married to a woman who acts on his repressed desires for other men with his therapist, sexy Blake Barnes.

We’ve got all the hottest Markie More titles for you to get off to, and here are five of our customers’ favorite movies to get you started. We think you’re going to become every bit as obsessed with him as we already are!

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