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With chiseled good looks and a 6’2” tall body, Pierce Paris is a stunning sight. This Montana native towers over most men and his cock is equally big, measuring somewhere close to ten inches long. With no tattoos or piercings, Pierce has a clean-cut image, but when it’s time to fuck, all bets are off.

Pierce began his porn career at age 30, with his body and sexual prowess in prime condition. From the “good boy goes dirty” feel of his threeway with President Oaks and Elder Ivy in “Elder Ivy Chapters 1-4” (Mormon Boyz, where he is known as Brother Hales) to the way he dominates and pounds Lain Kross up against a pool table in “The Fetish Bar” from Raging Stallion Studios, Pierce has always shown a broad range of skills. He’s also versatile when it comes to gender, having given us plenty of satisfying bisexual scenes; one of our favorites is “Bi Fourgies” from Why Not Bi, co-starring sexually fluid stud Dante Colle and the gorgeous ladies known as Sophia Grace and Victoria Voxxx.

Dante and Pierce are back in action again, this time as a pair of sailors enjoying shore leave together, in “A Man in Uniform” from Iconmale. With two powerful, gorgeous stars together in one scene that military porn fans will love, it’s no wonder this is one of Pierce’s most popular movies.

Men has featured Pierce in plenty of his best movies, including the blockbuster hit “Girls Night,” in which three gay men ask a fairy (RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9/All Stars 4 contestant Farrah Moan) to make them beautiful women for a day, so that they can seduce straight men. Mischievous Farrah grants their wishes but also returns them to their male bodies before they get a chance to get fucked as women, for a str8-bait surprise. Jake Porter turns into the stunning MILF Alexis Fawx in order to seduce Pierce, a pool cleaner. Alexis turns back into Jake in the middle of giving head, but Pierce is an open-minded straight man and, fuck it, Jake’s still giving an awesome blowjob. Pierce is horny and curious enough not to let the gender swap stop him from jack-hammering Jake’s ass.

Released at the end of July, “Jizzed” from Men is Pierce’s latest movie. When he and his boyfriends Johnny B and Nate Grimes get together for a threesome, watch out for buckets of cum.

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