Featured Star: Thyle Knoxx

Versatile bottom Thyle Knoxx is a Canadian who brings the heat! Based in Montreal, Quebec, Thyle was born in the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast. He’s been exciting audiences with his performances for major studios since 2017.

Whether you’re heading for warmer weather in the northern hemisphere or already missing swimsuit days in the southern hemisphere, it’s always time to ogle sexy guys under the sun. “Hot Boy Summer” from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club pits Thyle against Boomer Banks, the Latin super stud whose fat cock is the stuff of legend.

“My Boss Is A Dick” from Raging Stallion Studios is one of Thyle’s most popular movies. Thyle and his coworker Beau Reed didn’t meet the deadline, so their boss, Jason Vario, takes it out of their asses!

If you really want to get a sense of Thyle in his native habitat, then the rugged “Into the Woods” from Falcon Studios will make you feel like you’re in the great outdoors spying on a threesome. Thyle and his boyfriend, Jeremy London, go for a hike and run across Gabriel Clark, a sexy mountain man who takes great pleasure in nailing both of them raw and eating their cum. If you have a thing for Canadian guys, then we invite you to feast your eyes on all nine of the gorgeous men in this hot flick.

“Cheaters” by Men puts a little psychological thriller angle on an exciting case of mistaken identity and deception—perfect for April Fool’s Day, come to think of it—when Thyle disguises himself as his hot new neighbor Dante Colle’s wife. That’s got to be the most realistic bodysuit and mask ever, or maybe Dante is just willing to be deceived. Either way, Dante decides to take this opportunity to fuck another man. His wife will never have to know…

We’ve got all of Thyle Knoxx’s hottest movies in our adult VOD theater for you!

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