Featured Star: Wade Wolfgar

See Wade Wolfgar in action on AEBN VODWith a name like Wade Wolfgar and blond good looks, this week’s featured stud conjures up images of broad-chested Vikings and Thor wielding his hammer. Wade can surely lay claim to worthiness, as the fuck-hammer between his legs is mighty indeed, measuring eight inches long. Standing six feet tall and weighing around 195 pounds, he has a body we love to watch.

Since he began performing in 2018, Wade has become known for his versatile performances for major studios such as Treasure Island Media, Raging Stallion Studios, and Dark Alley Media.

From his hole-smashing debut in “Dark Alley Breeders 2” to inducting superstar Boomer Banks to the Raw Fuck Club with an awesome flip-fuck in “Resurgence,” Wade’s performance for Dark Alley Media are always great fantasy fuel.

Tattooed daddies Ryan Carter and Pup Digger are a married couple who love to share new partners. In “Muscle Cock 3Way” from their own RC&Digger studio, they welcome Wade with a bareback threesome that gets hot and rough! The two husbands make out with Wade and take turns sucking his cock, eating his ass, and flip-fucking with him.

A mixture of political satire, sex, a cute setting, and gorgeous men who love to fuck all make “Cake Shop” one of our favorite Raging Stallion movies of the year. There’s a special recipe for all that frosting and cream, and the cakes are always moist and delicious. Wade and Jake Nicola play ex-lovers who run a cake shop together. The clientele gets frisky, the health inspector takes issue with the food play, and eventually the fun-loving gay-owned bakery gets turned into a porn studio in this over-the-top sex comedy.

Wade gets one year closer to Daddy status on July 1st. Off the set and away from cameras, Wade spends a lot of time painting.

We have all of Wade Wolfgar’s hottest scenes for you on the VOD theater.

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