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brett bradley, big dick, huge dick, gay porn, enormous dick, monster cockHouston, Texas native Brett Bradley is a Lone Star stud who made his porn debut last year, right around the time he turned 30. Experience has taught him just how to fuck a man right, so the twinks can learn a thing or two from this lean, well-hung hottie.

In the locker room when he was a teenager, Brett saw for the first time that he had a bigger cock than all the other guys. He measures at least nine inches long when he’s fully hard, and his shaft is thick and mouth-watering. Not every guy can handle that kind of length and girth, but he certainly was born for porn. That huge dick is his claim to fame in the industry, but he’s also got a cute face, pretty eyes, and a well-toned body. Though mostly smooth, Brett has a light sprinkling of hair on his chest and happy trail.

On camera and in his personal life, Brett is mostly a top. Watch him take some of the hungriest holes! Lots of times the guy on the receiving end is younger and doesn’t look like he can handle such a monster, but they always come through (and just plain come) for Brett.

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Brett has a condomless suck-and-fuck with young Trit Tyler in Raw Fuckin’ Heat from Bareback RT.

A Monster Inside Me 5: Swamp Ass Breeders from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club features Brett topping hungry young holes in two scenes, one of which is a fantastic orgy.

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