Michael Boston, bubble-butt power bottom of our dreams

See Michael Boston in action on AEBN!Do you find yourself daydreaming of a clean-cut hunk who loves to let his inner power bottom roam free, but can flip it around and make a great top? If so, you’ll love Michael Boston, who decided to get into performing in December 2017—shortly after having an insanely hot threeway that involved a porn star—and took over fans’ browser histories sometime in 2019.

You may first notice that Michael is good-looking, as gay porn stars are. But it’s not just every guy in the business who has such a phenomenally sculpted bubble butt. It’s one of Michael’s most remarkable features and we’d certainly call it his moneymaker. He credits his good genes for his booty, but plenty of gym time sure keeps it in peak shape. In order to keep that awesome body, Michael starts his day with a couple of hours in the gym. He likes to relax before bed by listening to comedy.

Michael was born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England on September 22nd, 1997. Despite (or perhaps because of) his strict Mormon upbringing, Michael liked watching gay porn and was pretty much over caring about other people’s opinions by his mid-teens. (He would later put that IDGAF energy to good use in “Young Perps 10” from Bareback Network.) When he began his career in earnest, Michael moved to Florida, one of the American porn industry’s hotspots.

Right from the start, when he bottomed for Benjamin Dover in a BrokeStraightBoys scene, Michael felt at home while taking dick in front of cameras. He soon found that the best way for him to deliver the hottest performances was by establishing some kind of personal connection with his scene partner before the cameras rolled, which makes for better chemistry. You can see it written all over Michael’s face when he’s hot for the guy. You can see two of the best examples of this in “7 Minutes in Heaven” from Falcon Studios, a fabulous flick that features two Michael Boston scenes, one with Colton Reece and the other with Pierce Paris.

The newly released “The Stepfather 5” from Iconmale is Michael’s latest movie, and one of his hottest. With a cast that also includes Mason Lear, Jesse Zeppelin, Johnny B. Casey Everett, Dillon Diaz, and Andy Taylor, this taboo film is sure to heat up your summer.

Whether he’s bottoming or topping, Michael likes to be dominant. In addition to those mentioned above, he’s satisfied us plenty in scenes from Man Royale, Iconmale, Boys Halfway House, and more.

These movies and others, available in our VOD Theater, will show you why Michael Boston always satisfies our desires for hot, versatile guys!

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