Movie review: Elder Stewart Chapters 1-5

elder stewart, mormonboyz, gay, porn, mormonElder Stewart is a cute, sweet-faced, good-natured missionary who has caught the eye of his companion, leaders of the priesthood, and even non-members of the church. Everyone wants a piece of this handsome young man, as we see in Elder Stewart Chapters 1-5 from Mormon Boyz.

At first there are curious, tentative kisses, gropes, and cock-sucking with his companion, Elder Berry. Watching these two Mormon boys explore each other is exquisite, but there is much more in store.

Now that his curiosity has been piqued, young Elder Stewart brings home Angel, his hot investigator. The boy can’t wait to experience an older man with such smoldering sex appeal. Unbeknownst to Elder Stewart and Angel, they have an audience. The landlord, Brother Clark, has always fantasized about sex with one or more of these youthful missionaries. He’s waiting in the apartment now to meet with Elder Stewart and his roommate, but he has to hide in the next room when it turns out the boy has a special visitor. Brother Clark leaves the door cracked so he can spy on the action. The scene before him is hotter than his fantasies and he decides to record it on his phone for later. Angel’s dick is the biggest that Brother Clark has ever seen and he has a perfect view of Elder Stewart sucking it and taking it in his ass. The horny voyeur can’t resist furtively masturbating as the young men fuck.

Afterward, Elder Stewart and Angel have had so much fun exploring each other’s firm young bodies that they do it again, one-on-one. Who could blame Elder Stewart for being so attracted to the swarthy, tattooed stud?

Anonymous members of the Order have been keeping an eye on Elder Stewart all this time, considering him for initiation. Soon they decide that he’ll make a fine boy toy. They bring Elder Stewart into a dark, chilly room, where he finds himself facing an ominous-looking bench topped with black phallic objects. This is the Priesthood Stretcher, which will prepare the boy to take full membership—pun intended. Elder Stewart complies with whatever these masked men in suits ask him to do, letting them remove his clothes and sacred garments, and then easing his tight hole down into the series of butt plugs.

Patriarch Smith asks Elder Stewart and Elder Berry to help him anoint Brother Angel in the movie’s stunning conclusion. Angel is going to be adopted into the church, and Patriarch Smith has specially chosen the missionaries who will claim him as their brother. Stewart and Berry kiss on the couch as Smith slowly undresses Angel, fondling his muscles and big dick. When Smith has stroked Angel until there’s pre-cum on the young man’s cockhead, he instructs Angel to begin undressing the boys. Stewart and Berry can hardly wait for Angel to push his rock-hard cock into their tender holes, and Smith’s erection is as hard as can be while he watches the threeway unfold.

Elder Stewart Chapters 1-5, a new exclusive this week on AEBN, is an orgasmic sensory feast for everyone with a penchant for the sacred, salacious rituals of this unorthodox Mormon sect.

Stars:   Elder Stewart   Patriarch Smith   Elder Berry   Brother Clark   President Olsen   Calvin King  
Studio Name:   Mormon Boyz

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