Movie Review: Mexican Brother-Fuckers

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Eddy X is cocky, but with a lot of cock to back it up. His big dick, swagger, and good looks are enough to put Xavier in a lustful trance. Xavier is a bottom with a hole that’s not just hungry, but voracious, and he can’t wait for Eddy to fill him up with it and leave him dripping with seed.

Mike’s big, uncut dick makes it easy for him to get a blowjob (a “mamar,” as the locals say) whenever he wants, and to be paid for it. Abraham can’t wait to get a taste and feel of that notorious cock. Mike plows into that hole with more aggression and dominance than Abraham expected, leaving no question as to who’s in charge. In the end, Mike is satisfied and Abraham is seeded.

Outside on a patio, intense sexual need takes hold of Eric Alonso and David. David soon finds that Eric’s hairy hole is so greedy for cock that it sucks him inside. When David wants to rest for a minute, Eric does all the work of slamming his ass down over and over. David resumes the pounding and eventually inseminates Eric with a huge, thick load.

Leo Ing, a lean top with a slightly curved cock, gets Xavier lubed up with his slobber and drives in to the hilt. This fuck is even hotter because Leo gets off on watching Xavier’s face.

Bruno and Joss team up on Dilan, a bottom who will do everything in pursuit of a load. Like Eric in scene three, Dilan isn’t passive. When both tops need a rest, he rides them hard. After everyone has jizzed, Joss uses Dilan’s cum as lube to fuck him even more, leaving Dilan’s hole stretched and sore.

El Malas and Lalo Santos have a field day with a bottom named Jimmy, who has a chest tattoo that says “Just Give Me a Reason.” Jimmy’s got a reputation as one of the city’s best bottoms and this threeway shows why. That hole is so awesome that El Malas cums immediately. He’s soon back at it, though, and he and Lalo completely empty their balls inside Jimmy by the time they’re through. The two tops have unsuspecting girlfriends waiting at home, but one suspects that they’ll be fucking Jimmy again.

Finally we come to the scene that gives the movie its title. It’s a pairing of Tom Perez and Jairo Perez, a couple of hot farm-boy brothers who are a hit at sex clubs and parties in Mexico City. Taboo has become one of porn’s hottest categories, and true exhibitionistic family-fuckers like Tom and Jairo are a spectacle to behold. These muscular brothers flip-fuck with an intimate knowledge of each other’s bodies that comes from years of secretly exploring sex together. They’re not twins, but they look so alike that sometimes it’s like one man banging his mirror image.

Mexican Brother-Fuckers is an AEBN exclusive from Treasure Island Media. It’ll make you feel dirty yet satisfied!

Stars:   Tom Perez   Jairo Perez   Mike (TIM)   Lalo Santos   El Malas   Dilan (TIM)   Jimmy   Bruno   Xavier   David (TIM)   Eddy X   Joss   Abraham (TIM)   Leo-Ing   Eric Alonso  
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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