Naked Sword Original “A Wicked Game” Now Streaming Exclusively!

AEBN and Naked Sword bring you our joint release of the porn thriller, A Wicked Game. The first episode, Pool Boy Perpetrator, is available now. Check back weekly for episodes 2, 3, and 4, with a new episode going live each Wednesday!

This suspenseful film features a newly married couple, played by Ryan Rose and Duncan Black. Their romance turns gruesome when the happy couple is torn apart by murder. The film also stars steamy scenes with Jarec Wenthworth as the detective tasked with solving the case, Rikk York, Valentin Petrov, Ty Royal, and Jake Hamilton. Directed by Mr. Pam with Executive Producer Tim Valenti.


Jarec Wentworth and Rikk York in A Wiked Game

Detective Jarec Wentworth catches his man Rikk York.

Pool Boy Perpetrator (Available NOW)

We start off with Detective Jarec Wentworth on a hunt to find his man, Rikk York.

The sauve detective discovers him out by the pool making drinks and things turn steamy as Jarec takes a hold of Rikk and has him start sucking his large uncut cock. Rikk loves it so much he is willing to take it in his ass and bends over to receive whatever the detective gives him.

The scene ends with Detective Wentworth cleaning up and getting a call, he leaves his beau and we see him enter a gruesome crime scene. There’s a body and a weapon, and the detective questions the man crying at the scene, Ryan Rose.

With three more episodes to go, will we find out who killed Ryan’s husband?

NSV032_S1_JarecWentworth_RikkYork_horzAffil14 Jarec Wentworth and Rikk York in A Wicked Game

Ryan Rose & Duncan Black - A Wicked Game

Duncan Black kisses his new husband Ryan Rose.

 Stormy Seas (Available Feb 11, 2015)

A flashback to their honeymoon shows the happy couple on a boat getaway in the Florida sunshine.  They swim in the nude and make love on the rolling seas. Duncan Black is all smiles as his man fucks him on the side of the boat, the horizon off in the distance. Duncan greedily takes his lover’s load as Ryan cums in his mouth.

As the sun sets the couple heads back towards the coast and returns home to spend the rest of their lives together, not knowing how short their time will be.











Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal - A Wicked Game

Neighbors Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal have a HOT flip flop session

Reading Between The Blinds (Available Feb 18, 2015)

In episode three the movie gets dark and we see a masked voyeur, played by James Hamilton, watch his neighbors Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal.

 They start off with a fervent make-out session and Ty loves to tease his partner with kissing and licking all over his hairless muscular body. Not knowing they are being watched, they take turns topping each other in a passionate and intimate fuck session.













Ryan Rose and his husband Duncan Black are held captive by Jake Hamilton.

Fucked To Be Tied (Available Feb 25, 2015)

Once again we see our masked mystery man and get a glimpse into his twisted world. He’s not alone as he adorns his fetishistic disguise.  It turns out he likes to do more than just watch. Duncan has to endure watching his husband get fucked by another man. What will he do to stop him? Who will win this Wicked Game?











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