Featured Star: Sean Maygers, versatile and hung

sean maygers, angell, gay, porn, muscles, versatile, daddy, tattoosSexy Sean Maygers has good looks and charisma in abundance. It’s not just his handsome face, sculpted muscles, sly smile, and big cock that we love. In action, his confident strength and warmth radiate like a sun. Whether he’s topping or bottoming, Sean is energetic and loves to fuck.

Sean was an instant sensation when he arrived on the scene in late 2017. Among his first scenes was a cum-tastic performance with Josh Conners in “Private Practice” from Hot House Entertainment. The two gorgeous young men are medical interns who are the last two at the clinic one night. As soon as the last patient leaves, Sean shows Josh his outstanding bedside manner, thrusting his hard cock all up inside that hungry ass.

Kink’s “Ex-Gay Edged to Confession” is a physically and emotionally intense BDSM fantasy in which Sean plays the title role. Sebastian Keys and Brodie Ramirez tie Sean up and edge him until he can’t stop himself from jizzing everywhere. There’s no such thing as an “ex-gay,” as if there were any doubt.

Demonstrating Sean’s piggy side in Hot House Entertainment’s “Gear Play,” he and superstar Ryan Rose portray a pair of horny lacrosse players who work up a sweat and an appetite for each other on the field. Ryan and Sean only get as far as the bleachers before they have to suck and flip-fuck right there on the spot.

“Everybody Fucks” from Muscle Bear Porn features Sean and silver daddies Will and Liam Angell in a bareback flip-fuck that will surely be remembered long after Sean’s reported retirement.

Most recently, Sean and Gunner Canon starred in “Loosen it Up” from Next Door Raw. This playfully hot scene begins in the bathtub, where Sean has used up all the hot water, and leads to the bedroom.

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