Series Review: “Lost in Temptation,” Alpha One Media

lost in temptation, seeded slut boy, alpha one media, big daddy's big media, bareback, gay, porn, daddy, beau reed, luke harringtonThe fiery new Lost in Temptation series from Big Daddy’s Big Media/Alpha One Media is streaming exclusively on AEBN right now. We’re excited to bring you this new bareback vignette series! As of this writing there are three scenes, and you can expect two more on the way.

Seeded Slut Boy stars Beau Reed and Luke Harrington. It’s the weekend and all Beau wants is to be seeded, but he can’t get in touch with his Daddy. The agreement that Beau has with his Daddy is that Daddy gets first dibs on Beau’s slutty hole, and if Beau wants any other tops to seed him he has to ask lost in temptation, lost pup, alpha one media, big daddy's big media, gay, porn, daddy, bareback, tyler griz, shane diesel, interracialDaddy’s permission. Increasingly desperate and with no response from his Daddy, Beau finally gets hold of Luke Harrington, his hugely hung former Daddy. Luke is available and happy to fuck Beau’s ass with his 9×6 dick! Beau instantly gets on his knees and gets his mouth around the familiar Daddy dick, and then Luke fucks him hard and deep before dumping cum inside him. Feeling guilty and sure he’s going to get caught, Beau hurries his slutty little ass out of there.

Lost Pup stars Tyler Griz and Ray Diesel. When Tyler is horny and can’t find his Daddy, he’ll start humping legs until he finds a top to fuck his greedy little hole. One day, lost without his Daddy, Tyler calls Ray Diesel so he can feel the full length and girth of that huge Black dick inside him. He lost in temptation, fuck toy, alpha one media, big daddy's big media, brian bonds, damon andros, gay, porn, bareback, daddy knows it’s going to piss his Daddy off if he ever finds out, but Tyler is too horny and Ray just feels too good!

Fuck Toy stars Brian Bonds and Damon Andros. Even though Brian is happy with his Daddy, there’s one day when he can’t get hold of him and he’s just so horny he can’t stand to wait. Brian hits up Damon, his previous Daddy, for a hot, raw reunion. Damon invites Brian over and turns him into his human cum dump, leaving the slutty bottom feeling guilty and used. But was it worth it, since the sex and the seed were so good?

These lost pups are so naughty! Their Daddies won’t be happy with them when they find out what they’ve been up to while Daddy wasn’t looking!

Lost in Temptation is streaming exclusively on AEBN. Keep an eye out for two more blazing hot scenes!