Featured Movie: Straight Guys Do It Hard

Straight Guys Do It Hard

Straight Guys Do It Hard

Truth be told, most of us gay guys love to see a straight man give it up. Whether it’s for a simple orgasm because his girl won’t put out or they just don’t care where they get their nut. Regardless, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to sneak in a little extra special play time and Straight Guys Do It Hard is an excellent example of taking advantage of these special moments.

James Kelly was told that he would be trying out for a straight porn role. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of women to help him audition for his “new role”. The more than willing male extra in this line up is happy to assist and quickly takes Kelly’s perfect cock in his mouth getting his motor running and keeping his cock hard. After a few moments of reflection and guilt over what he is doing, Kelly gets his second wind and proceeds to fuck the extra on set in an impressive showing of pleasure taking over the straight man. They both work themselves up to some huge loads but you can see Kelly still isn’t sure how he feels about it all in the end.

Next we meet Brandon Monroe. A strapping 6’2 stud that has been a swimmer all of his life. Not quite sure how he feels about this situation, his hard cock tells on him and you can see he is on board. He works himself up into a lather and the gay extra has no issues taking Monroe’s huge cock on. Monroe looks like a kid in a candy store as our model works his dick over almost making him cum several times. Monroe gets into is so much that he sucks cock for the first time and looks amazing doing it. It’s all downhill from there as Monroe takes a walk on the wild side and sits on his buddies hard cock and takes it like he was born to get fucked. After riding that hot cock, he ends up on his back taking it deeper than before and you can tell this is something that will probably happen again during his next night out with his buddies. The model fucks the load right out of him and keeps going to make sure he gets the full effect until he can’t take it anymore. You can see reality hit him as he comes down from the high of getting dicked in his ass and all his face says is he can’t believe what he’s just done.

Bobby Rail showed up for a porn interview and tryout to be with a girl but he was sorely disappointed when she was a “no show”. But with pro gay porn star Drake Jaden on set, there are no worries and the show will go on. Rail was very hesitant to strip down and take things in hand but he rises to the occasion and shows us that straight guys do have huge dicks! We get to see that rock hard cock in fine detail while he settles into this unique situation. But don’t underestimate these guys and their need to get off. Jaden finally goes down on this straight stud and it felt so good, this straight guy had to get a taste for himself. Before long, that straight cock is buried balls deep in Jaden. Looks like someone has a new hobby.

Finally, Braxton is a hot 22 year old straight guy that is all country with blonde hair and blue eyes. This guy is in hog heaven as he gets to play with the female host’s tits and this gets him all riled up. But the other guy in the room has something else in mind. With a little help from his female friend, Braxton lets the gay model wet his dick and you can see he loves the feel of that mouth on his hard cock. Braxton even tries a little taste of cock himself and it’s obvious that sucking dick is not something he has done before. Thankfully, he seems to fuck ass better than he can suck a dick and he really gets into the bottom boys hole until they both bust a heavy load.

Straights Baiting Straights

Straights Baiting Straights

SandBox Buddies

SandBox Buddies

Big Cocked Str8 Studs

Big Cocked Str8 Studs

Bareback Orgy

Bareback OrgyThe uncut swordsmen of Bareback Orgy from William Higgins are all gorgeous and European. Oh, and just as importantly, they all have an insatiable hunger for men much like themselves!

Scene one will make you long for those summer days with its outdoor setting. Have you ever been so lucky as to get tangled up in an orgy on a beautiful, sunny day outside? Even if you haven’t, it will warm the cock…les of your heart to see these guys enjoying themselves and the great outdoors.

Whether they’re at the doctor’s office, out in the waiting room, or even in a dining room, the men in the other scenes have just as much fun fucking each other’s brains out in groups. The action is raw, hot, well-lit, and packed with eye candy for days.

It’s a cliché to say it, but with good reason: European men really know how to fuck. Are you feeling some international action? Watching this cast of men will please you over and over again.

Stars:   Lukas Pribyl   Zdenek Berdak   Mirek Hodbod   Dima Lauren   Jan Sadecky   Tomas Kukal   Martin Bogdan   Milos Zambo   Rado Zuska   Rob Tedeus   Gregor Bortel   Ivan Rowdy
Categories: New Release   Euro   Orgies   International   Bareback   Anal   Uncut   High Definition
Running Time:   175 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   William Higgins
Director:   William Higgins

Raw Gangbang

Raw GangbangGet ready for more bareback action than any one man should be able to handle, no matter how piggy he is!

Raw Gangbang is another example of why SX Video is known as one of the most extreme bareback gay porn studios around today. This movie chronicles an all-day sexual event that should rightfully go down in pig bottom history.

One cum-hungry bottom named Blake Daniels gets screwed and seeded endlessly by eight well-hung and ferociously horny tops. They feed him load after load! It’s hard to believe just one guy could take on all that cock and spunk. This is what you might call a fucking free-for-all.

Even if you’ve never seen Blake Daniels in action before, once you’ve been treated to his awe-inspiring bottoming skills for the first time, we don’t think it will be your last. Blake’s an addictive performer. This man is a shining example for all pig bottoms across the world, and he’s most certainly drained more than a few ball loads from yours truly over the years!

Stars:   Hawk McAllistar   Matt Sizemore   Blake Daniels   Joey   Kamrun Assher   Rowdy McBeal   Steven Shields   Rick Romo   Shawn Mason
Categories: GangBang   Interracial   Bareback   Anal   High Definition
Running Time:   71 minutes
Released:   05/2012
Studio Name:   SX Video

Raw Gangbang
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Czech Guys Gone Bare

Czech Guys Gone BareEuropean men just do sex differently, it seems, at least if porn is to be believed. What, you don’t think life is a 24/7 fuck party for the men of the Czech Republic? Don’t ruin our fantasy, killjoy!

Well, anyway, the cast of Czech Guys Gone Bare gives us a great fantasy about the kind of condom-free sex that we would all be having in a perfect world. They love that skin-on-skin contact and how intimate it feels. Watching such sexy men (one of them is named Cute Cat!) going bareback is an enormous thrill, and I expect I’ll be spending many a cold night this winter warming myself with repeat viewings of my favorite scenes from this movie.

Scene two with Marco Paris and Denis Reed, for one example, had me rewatching right away. Marco Paris is a swarthy stud who takes it up the bunghole with the best of them, and he looks so good with a cock in his mouth that’s just been inside him. You might have a different favorite when you watch Czech Guys Gone Bare, but there’s just something I find enchanting about Marco.

With some of the hottest international raw fuckers around, Czech Guys Gone Bare is already proving to be a hit at our VOD theatre, and it’s easy to see why. You can only find it exclusively on the AEBN theatre network!

Czech Guys Gone Bare
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Stars:   Marco Paris   Petr   Zdenek Zimola   Milos   Martin Love   Cute Cat   Kaja (m)   Toffy   Mark Brown   Marek   Denis Reed
Categories: New Release   Euro   International   Bareback   Anal   Czech   High Definition
Running Time:   105 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:
Director:   Marco Paris