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Movie Review: Yes, Father: Sins of the Flesh

Watch Yes, Father: Sins of the Flesh

The priest theme in porn is one of the deepest (and sweetest!) taboos, and that’s part of what makes it so satisfying. “Yes, Father: Sins of the Flesh” is an exquisite new release from Bareback Network, one of the studios that does the taboo subjects best of all. Anyone can appreciate the gorgeous men and twinks, even if they never set foot in a church, but for those who ever fantasized in a confessional booth or get aroused at the smell of incense and the rustle of robes, it’s even hotter.

Father Fiore believes that young Mason Anderson will be the perfect firm believer and a warm receiver. When they’re alone together, Fiore puts the boy to the test. The questioning turns more intimate and physical, until Mason is getting his first taste of priestly dick and submitting to his Father’s probing fingers. This is a memorable moment of discovery for both of them, and hopefully one that they can keep between themselves.

Cute, deceptively clean-cut Marcus Rivers is struggling with his lustful thoughts and feelings, which he understands are forbidden in the church. (more…)

Movie Review: Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang

Watch Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang BangDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club loves to give total dick pigs all the meat they can eat. They’re happy to give Jackson Radiz, a notorious Australian power bottom, the gang bang of his wildest fantasies. “Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang” is the recorded result of that six-on-one action, with one extra scene to grow on after the main event.

Jackson proves to be more than up to the challenge of taking on half a dozen men: Sean Duran, Drew Sebastian, Jack Andy, Riley Mitchel, Aaron Trainer, and Fabio Duran. When the six of them circle him in a locker room and present their hard-ons, Jackson hungrily sucks on each one in turn, sometimes more than one at a time. The way he sucks, it’s like he’s had nothing to eat or drink for days. Eventually, his other hole gets to have some fun. He takes each and every big dick in every available orifice, he loves getting drenched in hot golden juice, and you can tell by Jackson’s face and body language that all of this is more than living up to his kinky fantasies. (more…)