Francesco D’Macho

Stag Perverts

Stag PervertsStag Perverts is no-nonsense, Spanish man sex from Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho’s Stag Homme Studios.

The divine Antonio Aguilera admires his smooth body in the bathroom mirror. He steps into the shower, his hard cock bouncing with every step. When the equally sexy Damien Crosse sees Antonio soaping up and jerking his cock, he joins the fun. Antonio happily fucks Damien’s face for a bit in the shower, but they move to a couch for the main event. Antonio is so hard he can’t help himself – he drives his dick into Damien so hard the couch wobbles. Damien shoots an enormous load that covers his own six pack, while Antonio’s cream paints Damien’s face.

In the desert, Francesco D’Macho and Alejandro Mango pull their car to the side of the road and go at each other right there. They could be caught at any moment, and that makes it even better. Alejandro’s lean, brown body is half the size of Francesco’s bulky frame. While he plunges his face up and down on Francesco’s dick, Alejandro plays with his own hard nipples. Once Francesco is naked, Alejandro delivers a pounding that results in a cummy mess on the desert sand.

Damien Crosse is sleeping when Goran gets home, and his lover’s slumbering body turns Goran on so much that he can’t help caressing him. Goran sees that his attentions have made Damien hard, so he slurps him like a popsicle and kisses him awake. They take turns passionately sucking each other, and by the time Goran is ready to fuck, Damien is wild for cock inside him. Their sex is slamming and searing, and almost guaranteed to make you explode.

Feeling horny and exhibitionistic, straight muscle-god Antonio Aguilera masturbates on his balcony and watches pedestrians on the street. Inside, he strokes off to some porn until his roommate, Francesco, wakes up and catches him. Francesco talks Antonio into a blindfold and then shows the straight guy everything he knows about giving the best head and riding even the thickest dick. This leads to exciting straight-trade fucking, sucking, and a big facial.

Francesco returns in the last scene. Kneeling naked and blindfolded on the bed, he’s getting hard in preparation for a visitor, giving us an unparalleled view of his fine buttocks. An anonymous fuck buddy enters and offers his dick to be sucked. Francesco is ready for the faceful of cock and goes for it until Anonymous is ready to sink into Francesco’s delicious ass. Anonymous thrusts into Francesco doggy style, but he decides he wants the submissive bottom to make him cum with his expert mouth. After taking the anonymous load in his face, Francesco grabs the unknown cock and shoots his own spooge onto it.

Stag Perverts serves up load after thick load.

Running Time:   83 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios  Stag Homme Studios
Director:   Francesco D’Macho
Stars:   Damien Crosse   Goran   Francesco D’Macho   Antonio Aguilera   Alejandro Mango
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Spunk Rush

Spunk RushAvailable on demand exclusively on AEBN theatres, Spunk Rush is a creamy smorgasbord, served up European style. Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho, who created the crowd-pleasing Stag Homme line, have a home base in Madrid where lots of gorgeous, sexy European men go to be gay porn stars. As co-stars and co-directors, Damien and Francesco get their pick of these studs. Five scenes are here for your enjoyment, each of them a relentless display of cock, ass, and spunk.

Damien’s scenes are all based on classic porn stories. First, Felix Barca is the sexy, furry pizza boy who delivers a sausage pie to Damien. Next, Damien and a hottie named Goran are a couple of artists who take one look at their aesthetically perfect nude model, Donato Reyes, and then decide to ravish him both separately and in a threeway. In the fourth scene, Jessy Ares and Damien flip-fuck in the archetypal massage scene. Later on, in the final scene, Damien gets to show hot straight guy Bruno what a real blow job should be.

Francesco only gets one scene this time, but any scene with Jessy is worth at least two fucks from most other men. Unaware that there’s a secret camera recording everything, Jessy easily gives in to Francesco’s advances. Jessy doesn’t see that Francesco winks at the camera while Jessy is giving it to him in the ass.

This is a whole lot of cum from a bunch of magnificent men. You’ll be making a mess yourself as you watch them in action, so you might as well get that towel ready ahead of time!

Running Time:   87 minutes
Released:   06/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Damien Crosse  Francesco D’Macho
Stars:   Jessy Ares   Donato Reyes   Bruno   Damien Crosse   Goran   Francesco D’Macho   Felix Barca
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition


AddictedFrancesco D’Macho will go to great lengths to get his fix. As a voyeur, he’s Addicted to the thrill of stalking a hot man with his binoculars in one hand and his cock in the other hand. It’s a stronger thrill than any drug or drink, but the problem is he still has to have more and more.

Just by watching Damien Crosse and Alex Marte kiss, and seeing the tents they’re making in their pants, Francesco feels the rush of knowing that they’ll be fucking soon. Francesco’s shaven head, muscles, and bright tattoos make him highly visible, so he uses high-powered binoculars for close-up views of these toned studs engaged in a flip-fuck.

Next, Francesco’s addiction compels him to plant cameras in an apartment so he can catch its inhabitants, Sergi Serrano and Scott Carter, in the act of fucking. When the gym-heads come home from a workout, they get hot for each other while they’re showering off. Watching tall, swarthy, smooth-bodied Sergi and furry, pale-skinned Scott fuck is the reward for Francesco’s patience. After some hot blowing and rimming, Scott ends up driving his ass up and down as he sits on Sergi’s thick pole! It’s so sweaty and cummy that they need another shower when they’re finished.

Getting bolder, Francesco next decides to hide in Massimo Blade and Goran’s bedroom one night and wait for them to come to bed. They don’t hear him lose his clothes at the same time they drop theirs. As Massimo deep-throats Goran and as Goran thumbs Massimo’s ass, Francesco gets even harder. Massimo sits on Goran’s cock and you can practically hear Francesco swelling. The objects of Francesco’s spying don’t hear him cry out in orgasm because of their own ecstatic moans. The voyeur sneaks out after the men fall asleep.

Tommy Hawk and Lucio Saint are so into each other that they don’t notice Francesco outside taking video of them on his smartphone. These guys are alike in their smooth bodies, facial stubble, hard muscles, and taste in bright underwear. Lucio and Tommy take turns sucking and fucking each other, their bodies dancing in perpetual sexual motion, until Francesco gets too close and they see him. His cover blown, now he is “punished” when both guys fuck his face in a threeway!

Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond filmed this intense action on their trip to Madrid and now you can take your own virtual vacation.

Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Steve Cruz  Bruno Bond
Stars:   Goran   Tommy Hawk   Alex Marte   Sergi Serrano   Massimo Blade   Damien Crosse   Francesco D’Macho   Lucio Saint   Scott Carter
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex